Our Best Tips For Giving The Ultimate Relaxing Head Massage

Having your scalp massaged, whether during a spa treatment or at home, is easily one of the most relaxing sensations. A great head massage can leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle everything ahead of you. If you're in search of how to give the best, most relaxing head massage, or how to teach someone how to give you one, then you're in luck because we know the top tips to recommend. 

The most important rule is to remember that comfort is key for the massage receiver, as this will help the muscles of the head and neck relax during the massage. If you're the one performing a head massage on someone else, you'll want to make yourself comfortable as well so you don't tire out mid-massage or find yourself with sore hands the following day.

There are numerous ways to receive a head massage, with options including a self-massage, a professional massage at a spa, or a massage provided by a friend, family member, or partner. But when it comes to being the giver of a head massage, there are some secrets to be spilled to ensure that you'll be the GOAT of head and scalp massagers. Here are the best tips for giving the ultimate head massage that is simultaneously relaxing and rejuvenating.

Know that warmth and water are wonderful

For the perfect head massage, you'll want to start with a very simple ingredient: water. Specifically, you'll want to soak the scalp in warm water. This can be achieved by taking a warm shower prior to the massage, covering the back of the head with a cloth soaked in warm water and allowing it to rest on the scalp for several minutes, or resting the head in a warm bath or basin of water. For added relaxation and softening of the hair and skin on the head, add a few droplets of essential oils or a lactic acid product meant for the head and hair. The latter ingredient can be an excellent exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil prior to the head massage. Using a silicone head massage tool can further aid in exfoliation. 

As the name indicates, a hydromassage involves water and pressure, similar to the shower heads used during the shampooing stage of salon appointments, and it has benefits that include pain reduction and stress relief, as reported by Healthline. If you have a removable shower head that can be adjusted for a higher pressure expulsion of water, then you can perform a DIY at-home hydromassage. Otherwise, opt for the use of warm water to soften hair follicles and loosen the muscles of your head so that they can be massaged in as relaxed a manner as possible. 

Use oil to provide added benefits

After your head has been wet and your scalp has been warmed, settle into a comfortable position for the amazing head massage that awaits you. The second step is to select an oil that suits you. The use of oils during a head massage increases blood flow and circulation, aiding in the relaxation of muscles. Consider using essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, rose, or jasmine, applied to the scalp or the warm cloth used to wet the head. 

Various oils can be exceptionally helpful in giving the ultimate head massage, but always take precautions to ensure that an allergic reaction is unlikely to occur by either avoiding oils completely if there's a concern of an adverse reaction, or by testing the oil on a small area of skin prior to the commencement of the head massage. Healthline recommends diluting any oils you choose to use by combining them with jojoba oil, coconut oil, or another thicker carrier oil so that potential skin irritation can be avoided. Should the all clear be given for the use of oil, then you're on to the second step of giving the GOAT of head massages, though it's important to note that a great head massage can be given regardless of product usage so don't fret if you have sensitive skin or dislike the aromas of specific products.

Choose the correct tools

If you're the one providing the head massage and you plan to massage with your hands, be certain to not only wash your hands before massaging, but also ensure that your hands are relaxed and warmed up. Should your partner love your massage skills after you've employed the techniques for the ultimate head massage, you might find yourself with tired or sore fingers after numerous head massages. 

To avoid potential discomfort, you can use hair tools such as silicone head massagers, scalp massagers with vibrating mechanisms, or other tools verified for safe use on the head. Specifically, a silicone head massager may be your magic wand in conjuring up the perfect head massage, especially if you are performing one on yourself. With its flexible large silicone bristles, the waterproof tool is safe for use in the shower when you wash your hair in the morning, thus allowing you the enjoyment of a gentle self-massage to get your day off to a great start! Or you might choose to utilize the massage tool during a warm evening bath to relax before you tuck in for the night, which just might be the perfect addition to a routine of positive and healthy sleep hygiene. 

Healthline reports that silicone scalp massagers may even have the potential to stimulate hair growth according to the results of previous studies. The bristles can exfoliate your scalp, therefore eliminating the need for excessive shampoo use that can damage your skin and hair. 

Massage in calming circular motions

When giving a head massage, moving your fingers in very small, circular motions that begin at one point of the scalp and slowly move across the head will create the greatest effects and leave your client, friend, or partner raving about your expertise. And this is regardless of whether you're using your fingers, a silicone massage tool, or another assistance item for giving a great head massage. This technique provides optimal cerebral relaxation effects. 

The small, circular motions work to reduce tension and stress held in the muscles of the temples, head, and neck. They are also excellent for relieving pain associated with headaches, and possibly even migraines, and can alleviate other head ailments by increasing the blood flow while decreasing pressure within the head. The small, gentle motions can also increase serotonin and boost mood. 

If you and your partner are exchanging head massages, it's likely you'll find yourselves feeling more connected and intimate as you relax and enjoy the mood-enhancing benefits of stress-related tension release in the muscles of your scalp, face, and neck. A quick use of the same small, circular movements on your head conducted via self-massage can quickly boost your outlook and relieve stress should you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at any point throughout the day. 

Practice healthy aftercare for optimal results

Following the completion of a head massage, the manner in which you go about the aftercare is just as important as the massage itself. If you have used oils to make the massage smoother, you'll want to wash the oily products out using shampoo. Should your hair be wet following the massage, blow drying it or gently towel drying can aid in extended relaxation, especially if you and your partner are exchanging scalp massages. 

Even though it may not seem as though your body has exerted much energy while receiving a head massage, any type of detoxification process can create the possibility of dehydration, according to Holistic Calm. For this reason, be certain to drink plenty of water after you have a head massage, as well as after you've given the ultimate head massage to someone else. It's also common to feel tired or sleepy following a head massage, so be mindful of any need to drive a vehicle, operate machinery, or undertake strenuous tasks afterward. 

Otherwise, by using the GOAT method of head massages, you're practically guaranteed to experience the most exceptional sensations of calmness, relaxation, and peace. Embrace the feelings — both physical and mental — and indulge in the precious moments following the perfect head massage because you definitely deserve it!