The Fourth House In Astrology Can Tell You How You Put Down Roots And Build A Home

The astrological houses make each person's birth chart so different and unique. Each one of the houses (which are based on the 24-hour daily rotation cycle of the earth) represents a particular life theme. The planetary placements residing in each house can reveal how their themes are likely to play out throughout your life. If you were born with Saturn in the third house, for instance, open communication may prove to be a challenging aspect of life for you.


The fourth house, ruled by Cancer, represents the themes of home, family, and maternity. The placement of planets and asteroids (or lack thereof) in this house will determine how these themes may surface in your life and whether or not they should be of particular concern to you. Join us on a deep dive into the many interesting implications you may find hiding inside your chart's fourth house, the house of family and home. 

Physical home

The concept of home can be divided into two categories: the physical home and the psychic or spiritual home. When it comes to the actual structure you call home, your birth chart's fourth house placements can have a surprising amount of influence. For example, a person with a harsh placement like Saturn in their fourth house might struggle to make their house feel like a home. Decorating probably doesn't come naturally to them, and they might be drawn to furnishings that feel cold, minimalist, and impersonal.


On the other hand, an emotional placement like the moon in the fourth house may result in a person who truly relishes their surroundings. These are the people who bring Pinterest to life, decorating every wall of their homes and customizing every color. Friends and family members who always have fresh-cut flowers on display, clean sheets for guests, and matching dishes are likely to have a nurturing water-ruled planet like the moon or Jupiter in their fourth house. 

Spiritual home

The concept of a spiritual home can be a little more challenging to nail down. A person's state of mind when they think about home, their personal history of growing up in a safe or unsafe environment, their relationship with their mother, and their connections to their ancestors are all included in the spiritual aspect of the fourth house. A person with Saturn in their fourth house will not only struggle with a sense of coldness in their physical home, but they will also have a hard time connecting with their family unit and creating a warm emotional environment. They may have been brought up by a distant caregiver who didn't offer affection or pass down a connection from their ancestors.


A maternal placement like the moon in the fourth house also goes far beyond the tendency to create an emotionally nourishing physical home. These folks are likely to have experienced a deep connection with their mother figure and feel a deep connection to their heritage. When you meet someone who instantly feels a bit like a mother or grandmother (regardless of gender), it is likely due to their fourth house placements. If your fourth chart is empty, it doesn't mean you'll never create a home; It only suggests that the theme of home won't be of great importance to you in this life.