The Third House In Your Astrological Chart Can Represent How You Communicate

When you view your astrological birth chart, you'll notice it's divided into 12 equal segments, known as houses. While it's true (and somewhat confusing) that there are also 12 signs of the zodiac, the houses and the signs are separate entities. The houses reflect the 24-hour rotation cycle of the earth rather than the yearly sun cycle that's represented by the zodiac wheel. Each house and the planetary placements within it rule over a specific area of your life — from health to sex to friendship.


The third house is referred to as the house of communication. While the concept of communicating might seem rather simple on the surface, the influence of the third house goes far deeper than basic speaking and writing styles. Communication comes in many forms including teaching, learning, negotiation, and collective consciousness. Come along for a trip through astrology's third house and what its placements can mean for you.

Receptive communication

Reception communication encompasses the way you receive information from outside sources. This includes the way you interpret the words of other people and messages sent by society at large. It also informs the way you process information in the context of learning from others. Look to the placements within your third house for more understanding on how these themes show up for you.


If your natal chart shows you have Saturn — ruler of discipline — in your third house, for instance, it's likely you apply a serious tone to the communications you receive from others. You might find yourself frequently offended or baffled by the comments of your friends and family before eventually realizing they were meant in jest. Keep in mind that if you have no planets or asteroids located in the third house on your birth chart, your life is not necessarily lacking in this area; it just means that communication is likely not one of your major themes in this lifetime. 

Expressive communication

Expressive communication refers to the way you express yourself to other people. This includes your preference between verbal and written communication. It also extends to the specific words and slang terms you choose to use regularly, the way you prepare to communicate with others, and your teaching style. For example, do you delve deep into research before you approach a conversation with your peers or do you operate solely off the cuff?


For those who find watery Neptune in their third house, emotions can run high during the communication process. When expressing yourself, you likely wear your heart on your sleeve. You might also embrace creative forms of expression such as song, poetry, or visual art. Other people who have more stoic third-house placements — such as stern Saturn — might struggle to dig through your sometimes-theatrical presentation to interpret your meaning. When you begin to dig into the significance of the third house, it becomes clear why miscommunications are so incredibly commonplace between individuals at all levels of society.