Switch To Matte Lipstick In Warm Weather For Your Best Bet At A Smudge-Free Summer

Is your lipstick smudging during the summer? The hot weather makes it difficult for makeup to stay in place because your skin begins to sweat, and the heat causes the oil-based products to slide around. No one wants to look in the mirror and see that their lipstick smudged onto their cheek. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent this from happening. When you switch to a matte formula, the lipstick dries down. That way, it won't smudge during the day.


It may sound unbelievable, but this small change can make a big difference in how your lipstick holds up during the day. However, matte lipstick comes with its own caveats. If you've ever worn it before, you'll know how drying it can make your lips feel. That's why it's the perfect product to wear in the summer heat. Although, you can avoid chapped lips by moisturizing them before application. Then you won't risk having your matte lipstick flake off from how dry it made your lips. Once you add exfoliating and applying lip balm to your skincare routine, your summer makeup can turn from a smudged mess to perfection.

Matte lipstick won't smudge in the heat

Matte lipstick serves as your best option if your makeup smudges during the summer. Because of their formula, they'll last longer than lipsticks with a satin finish. In the heat, oil-based products are more likely to melt. When this happens, they slide out of place, ruining the look you worked hard to create. A standard lipstick is 60 percent wax and oil and 25 percent pigment, according to The Petroleum Service Company. Meanwhile, matte formulas are mostly wax and pigment with a small amount of oil to moisturize the lips. Switching to a wax-based product ensures your makeup stays in place regardless of the temperature outside.


When you apply matte lipstick, it goes on as a liquid and then dries down. Since it can change and stick in place, it's not going to move. Satin finish products can't yield the same results because their formula never sets. There's always a possibility that you accidentally brush your hand across your mouth and see that the color has transferred. Once a matte lipstick dries, it sets in place as if you've powdered your foundation. Then you can sweat as much as you want without worrying about smudging.

Exfoliate, moisturize, and line your lips before using a matte lipstick

Wearing matte lipstick doesn't have to be uncomfortable. If you prepare your lips correctly, they can stay moisturized all day while the product remains in place despite the summer heat. Before doing any makeup, exfoliate them with a scrub or wet washcloth. For both options, move it in a circular motion to gently remove any dead skin. This step will also ensure that the matte lipgloss has a smooth base to sit on so it doesn't look flaky or patchy.


Next, apply lip balm and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. You can take this time to do your makeup. When you're ready to work on your lips, blot off any excess product with a tissue. Then use a lip liner and overline them if you wish to act as a primer. Now it's time to apply the matte lipstick. Slowly build up the color, working from the middle of your lips and blending it towards the edges. Doing this creates even coverage. After about a minute, it will dry, and you're ready to go out in the heat without worrying about smudged lipstick.