Obliques: The 'It' Cutout Placement Of The Summer (Who Doesn't Love An Exposed Side Moment?)

As most of us have realized by now (through sweaty trial and error), summer tends to leave little space for creativity in style. In fact, the rule of thumb seems to be that the less fabric draping your body, the better. Because, honestly, how creative can you get when all you really want is to leave the house in your smallest bikini during a heatwave? This is why, as the months grow hotter and hotter, our clothing starts getting smaller and smaller. We shed the sleeves, pull out the off-the-shoulder and halter tops, and bring back the short shorts. At the end of the day, we're all just trying to avoid unnecessary overheating.


But here's something you might not have thought of that will keep you cool and looking fresh during the summer months — strategic cutouts should be a staple in your summer closet. Oblique cutouts (that is to say waist level openings) will save you from a lot of sweat and your stylish reputation with their perfectly placed ventilation and flattering shape. "This particular styling continues to make an interesting statement at all big social soirees. It throws in a hint of oomph and intrigue to any outfit," Latika Kapoor, head of styling at FS Life, told The Free Press Journal.

Pick a side

One way to wear oblique cutouts is to pick a side and stick to it. While cutouts, in general, have been trending for a bit, one-sided cutouts have been dominating the luxury runways in preparation for the hotter months. If you ask us, these cuts create a more interesting shape for the more adventurous dressers.


While shopping for new dresses and tops, you may want to consider opting for one-sided cutouts that conveniently show off your waist as well as your best side. Trying options for both sides will help you see which side flatters you most. 

Two-way street

If asymmetrical clothes aren't your cup of tea, you may want to aim only for two-sided, completely symmetrical cutouts. After all, symmetry in fashion is crucial to some people, and we understand the desire for matching cuts. Depending on the occasion, symmetry is the more elegant and seamless choice. Nonetheless, it all comes down to personal taste.


If what you want is symmetry, double-sided oblique cutouts are just as common and easy to shop for. Try some on, play around with the height and size of the cutouts, and you're sure to find your perfect fit. 

Cutouts on cutouts

Sometimes, certain instances and events just call for cutouts. Plain and simple. But other times, they call for double or triple the cutouts.

While this might seem like a more artistic, less functional form of fashion, it's atually pretty wearable. Some designers stick to traditional cutouts, while others enhance the effect of these "holes" in the fabric by removing a sleeve, adding other less commonly placed cutouts, or even cropping to unconventional lengths. Perfect for sweaty party nights with little breeze, if you ask us. 


One-piece swimsuits, but better

While bikinis are the more popular bathing suit choice, they don't often come in creative shapes and styles. One-piece swimsuits, on the other hand, come in a variety of cuts. Plus, their wider expanse of the fabric allows for cutouts, too.


Bikinis are great for many things (as long as they don't require too much movement), but if you want to change it up this summer, consider the versatility and security of a one-piece suit. Ones with oblique cutouts are extremely flattering on all body types and a sensible choice for relaxing and adventurous vacations. 

Alluring lingerie

If you're of the opinion that lingerie isn't appropriate to be worn outside of the bedroom, we'd argue you're mistaken. Lingerie can be not only refreshingly open during the hotter months but also one of the most elegant options for an evening dinner during any warm summer night, especially when said lingerie has beautifully flattering side cutouts.


One way to wear lingerie and keep a sense of refinement is to wear a bodysuit (open obliques) rather than a two-piece set. Pair this with a longer skirt to bring back some coverage and accessorize as much as you desire.