Glitter Cat Eye: The Sparkly Eyeliner Look Matching The Disco Music Renaissance

Winged eyeliner is a statement that never goes out of style. It reached new heights of popularity in the 1960s and has reigned supreme ever since. The women of the time loved using eyeliner to create gorgeous cat eyes, double wings, and so much more. Years later not only are we still rocking the cat eye but we are putting our own modern-meets-retro spin on the technique.

Colorful looks have replaced basic black and brown eyeliner – including glitter-based designs that perfectly embody the spirit of the disco music comeback solidified by Beyoncé's 2022 "Renaissance" album. Sparkles look just as great during the day as they do shining in the pulsing light of the dance floor. While there is a learning curve for every makeup technique, once you get a handle on the glitter cat eye, you'll be ready to dance the night away.

A pop of green

Green is a great color to add to your collection, especially if you want to offset a warm eyeshadow look. This shade is amazing because it adds a pop that is sure to grab everyone's attention without requiring much effort. For the best outcome, keep the lines of your cate eye crisp by cleaning them up with concealer.

Layer your eyeliner

If you're attached to the classic cat eye, consider layering your winged eyeliner instead. This can create a gorgeous graphic look that needs a minimal time investment. To achieve this style, create your cat eye as usual and then line the top of it with liquid glitter eyeliner.

Consider a floating cat eye

If you're looking for ideas for your next bold graphic liner look, consider getting a little wilder and placing your winged eyeliner above your eyelid. Pick the color that works best for you, and use glitter eyeliner to create the cat eye shape. It's best to apply an eyeshadow base first to get rid of discoloration and ensure the makeup lasts longer.

Double eyeliner

If just one cat eye is not enough, maybe you should go with two. "The great thing about this makeup is it works on absolutely everyone, no matter the shape of the eye, and always photographs beautifully," makeup artist Erin Parsons told Vogue. For this look, it's best to create the shape with eyeliner, and then cover it with glitter.

Add chunky glitter

If you try the glitter cat eye trend and still feel like you need more shine, consider adding chunky glitter to your makeup look. The bigger the glitter you use, the more eye-catching and disco-ball-like it will be, especially in the light. You can make it stand out even more with a contrasting shadow shade.

Mix and match colors

Just because you decided to add glitter to your cat eye doesn't mean you're stuck using only one color. Play around with different glitter tones to achieve a fun ombre creation that's sure to be memorable. For a seamless transition consider using shades that are similar to each other to easily create a gradient effect.