The Summer Activity You'll Love Most Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Happy summer! If you're like us, you probably have a boatload (pun intended) of activities you want to do this season. From hiking to traveling and spending endless days in the sun, we're sure your summer is off to a great start. But sometimes, you might want a little something extra to spice things up.

Why not plan an activity based on your zodiac sign? It's a great way to add some variety to the mix if you find yourself in a summer slump. Air signs might like activities that get them up in the clouds, like skydiving or mountainous hikes, or anything that lets them learn something new. Water signs are probably already spending time in the water, like boating, tubing, or just getting some quality time at the beach. Fire signs would probably love some adventure and competition, while Earth signs may feel revitalized by becoming more at one with nature.

If you're in the market for some new summer activities to add to your to-do list, planning them based on your zodiac sign may just be the perfect way to go.

Competitive Aries should do a Tough Mudder

Aries, if you love anything, it's competition. You'll do whatever it takes to get a leg up on your opponents, and winning sparks a fire in you like no other. If this sounds like your Aries personality, you probably have a summer of thrill-seeking activities planned. If none of them are event-based, you should definitely sign up for a Tough Mudder. 

You can register for the Tough Mudder as a team or an individual, perfect for social Aries or those who want to fly solo. Though you no longer win money for placing, they still offer prizes like medals, shirts, and other Mudder merch, making it an enjoyable activity for you and anyone you may team up with. The event consists of a series of obstacles you and your teammates must pass through to finish, and you're guaranteed to get plenty dirty in the process. Active Aries will love being a valuable player when helping their teammates overcome some of the Mudder's tougher obstacles, while easier obstacles will allow them to get a little intra-team competition going on. However you play it, doing a Tough Mudder is a great summer activity for any thrill-seeking Aries looking for a little competition and adventure.

Luxe-loving Taurus should book a serene getaway

Taurus, you are incredibly sensitive, sensual, and self-indulgent. While the latter may be viewed as a weakness by those who don't "get" you, we say that summer is the perfect time to indulge in the things that spark joy. As a sign that loves luxury, what better way to indulge than by booking a luxe, serene, quiet getaway? 

Take some time this summer to get away — and we truly mean get away. Book that vacation you've been dreaming of taking and spare no expense (as long as it's within budget, that is). An over-water cabana would probably be right up your alley, and you should find a place where you can relax as you enjoy plenty of sunshine, quiet time, and room service. Look for somewhere away from crowds, and bonus points if you can find a spot with your own private pool. Indulge in some spa time by getting a massage (or two) or facial, and of course, you'll want to spend plenty of time in the water while you're there. 

Social Gemini should host dinner parties galore

Gemini, you love spending quality time with your friends during the summer. You probably have a host of community-centric activities planned, from boat rides together to maybe even a vacation or two. Want to get even more quality friend time? We have a little suggestion: throw all of your friends the best summer backyard dinner party. 

If finances are a concern, don't worry. It's easy to throw a classy dinner party on a budget. Consider asking all of your guests to contribute by bringing a side dish or a bottle of wine while you take care of the main course. Instead of buying decor and centerpieces from the store, take a cue from nature and decorate your tables with foliage and flowers you may be able to find in your neighborhood (a nice neighbor may even let you take cuttings from their garden). As far as place settings go, it's easy to find elegant disposable dinnerware. If space is a concern, consider ditching the tables entirely and opting to eat outside on picnic blankets instead. However you do it, we're sure you'll love connecting with your friends through good food and conversation.

Cancers should go on a beach birthday trip

Happy birthday season, Cancer! Summer is probably your favorite season for more reasons than one. Aside from the obvious time spent in the summer sun, you also get to celebrate a birthday. We bet you already have some fun birthday fun planned, but if you don't, it's the perfect time to take a little birthday vacation to the beach. Even if you don't live near a coast, a getaway to your closest body of water will probably do your soul some good and help you relax and indulge on your special day.

Cancers are known for being compassionate and nurturing, and as someone who's naturally self-protective, your beach birthday getaway is the perfect time to direct all this gentle, restorative energy to yourself. Make sure your beach trip will be relaxing for you by avoiding planning an excessive amount of activities in favor of taking things day by day. If you love to read, go ahead and pick a summer beach read based on your zodiac sign too. Get plenty of rest, take lots of baths, sleep in, and enjoy engaging in whatever forms of self-care feel most restorative to you. This will be a beach birthday trip for the books.

Passionate, loyal Leo should have a movie night with their SO

Fiery Leo, you possess many energetic characteristics: you're incredibly enthusiastic, creative, and ambitious. However, the one trait your friends like appreciate most about you (which you may overlook) is your loyal and romantic energy. You're fierce when it comes to your loved ones, and they know you'll always be by their side through thick and thin. This summer, take some time to tap into this energy by spending quality time with your partner. We suggest an outdoor movie night during the warmer months. 

Backyard movie nights can be very romantic, especially if you take the time to set everything up and surprise your significant other. Getting an outdoor projector and screen is only the first step; you'll also want to make the space cozy with blankets, outdoor chairs, or even some inflatable furniture and pillows. Pour each of you a glass of wine and pop some popcorn, or if you want to score bonus points with your SO, put together a charcuterie board complete with deluxe chocolates for dessert. Your partner is sure to love the evening, but even more, they'll be swooning over all the energy you put into creating a special night for them.

Hardworking Virgo should take a break and go on a road trip

Virgo, if there's one thing you probably haven't done in eons, it's taking an actual break. That's right: no work, minimal responsibilities, and no planning anything new. If this sounds horrible to you, what if we told you there's a way to take a vacation and still keep your hustle going at the same time? The key is to indulge in a vacation that still needs plenty of planning and coordinating — like, for example, a road trip.

One great thing about road trips is their flexibility. You can customize them to fit any available time frame you have. A three-day road trip could just mean hopping through different states, while a longer road trip may allow you to drive up the coast or even across the country. Whatever you choose, there will be plenty of coordinating involved, including planning each day's route, figuring out accommodations and dining options, and deciding on sights to see along the way. Need even more to do? Don't forget to come prepared with a few pre-planned playlists, audiobooks, or podcasts to listen to.

Libras can regain equilibrium by indulging in self-care

Libra, your friends appreciate your sensitivity, honesty, and caring nature. You're skilled at mediating disputes and restoring harmony and balance to your environment. We bet every place you visit is a little calmer once you leave it. But sometimes being the agreeable, harmonious one can get a little taxing. When was the last time you took care of your own needs? If this strikes a chord with you, go ahead and dedicate some time this summer to indulging in self-care. 

We know you're always concerned with the happiness and well-being of others, which might make it feel selfish to focus on yourself. But self-care is nothing to feel guilty about. Everyone needs time to rest and recuperate, including you, Libra. Make this summer your time to indulge in activities that restore you, like taking baths, going on hikes, traveling, reading copious amounts of books, or having a quiet tea time to yourself every day. What you do depends on what feels most restful to you, but the result will be a renewed, restored Libra who's ready to tackle life head-on once summer is over.

Scorpios might enjoy reflecting on life via a nature hike

As naturally guarded individuals who are very charismatic and energetic, Scorpios can struggle to find a balance between their self-protected inner world and their emotional, intense, social exterior. At times, you may even find yourself feeling like a bit of an enigma, as your domineering side clashes with your emotional, sensitive, intuitive side. If you need some time to gather your thoughts and find some equilibrium in the process, you may love the valuable reflection time that a hike can offer.

Whether you go on a hike solo or with a few trusted friends is up to you. You could make it a multi-day excursion or just a regular part of your summer plans. The most important thing is that you give yourself some quiet time to reflect. If you do go with friends, consider telling them about your need for reflection time before you head out. Ditch the podcasts and music in favor of listening to a breeze blowing through the trees, birds chirping, and the sound of your own boots walking along the ground. Hiking, and spending time in nature in general, is a spiritual experience for many, and it wouldn't be surprising if you leave your hike with a newfound sense of who you are.

Adventurous Sagittarius can indulge in an international vacation

Sagittarius, if there's one thing you love, it's a good adventure. Nothing gets you going more than unexplored horizons with new people, languages, food, and scenery to take in. As an adventurous soul, you likely already have plenty of summer trips planned, but you should definitely consider adding an international vacation into the mix.

If you're really tapping into your Sagittarius energy, you could plan your vacation destination based on your zodiac sign (our recommendation for Sagittarius is Seoul, South Korea). Alternatively, perhaps there's a vacation spot that's been calling your name for years now — it's time to take the plunge. Whatever you decide, make sure to go somewhere with plenty of vibrant energy. A big city is perfect for a Sagittarius to roam around in, meet new people, and try the best local cuisine. Avoid quiet, small-town getaways, as they probably won't satisfy your thirst for adventure. Staying in a hostel will let you meet plenty of other travelers and given your nature, we'd be surprised if you didn't leave your vacation with a new long-distance friend or two.

Capricorns may enjoy getting their hands dirty in a home garden

Capricorns, you are naturally incredibly hard workers, which may make it difficult for you to take a break and engage in some typical summer activities. Spending a day lounging on a boat or digging your toes into the sand just doesn't sound appealing, and you're looking for something a little more active that will allow you to reap the rewards of your labor. If this sounds right up your alley, consider starting a backyard garden as soon as possible.

Yes, gardens, involve a lot of hard work, but luckily, you're no stranger to getting your hands dirty. Plus, as an Earth sign, you probably already love connecting with the outdoors. Planting a fruit and vegetable garden, or even a gorgeous pollinator garden, will give you something to put all your energy into that isn't work-related. Plus, once your fruits and vegetables ripen and those flowers bloom, you'll love seeing firsthand the literal fruits of your labor.

Offbeat Aquarius will feel at home camping at a music festival

Aquarius, you've always felt a little bit quirky and offbeat, and we love this about you. You swim upstream and refuse to go with the flow, meaning we wouldn't be surprised if standard summer activities just aren't cutting it for you — they're simply too "been there, done that." If this is the metaphorical boat you're in, we have the perfect summer activity for you that's just as fun as you are: go camping at a music festival.

Is there anything more free-spirited than a summer music festival? We don't think so. Festivals offer an opportunity to toss your daily cares to the side and truly live in the moment, which is something that would really feed your Aquarius soul. Grab some friends, sleeping bags, a tent, and tickets to a local music festival. Even the smallest of festivals, with bands you may not have heard of, is sure to provide an enjoyable environment for your eccentric, social soul. You can even take the time to let your creative side out by planning fun, quirky outfits and makeup to wear for the duration of the festival.

Pisces should get plenty of pool time with loved ones

Pisces, as a water sign, we bet you've already spent plenty of time in the water this summer. We think you should keep on doing it, but this time, add some friends into the mix. They appreciate your empathetic, compassionate, and generous nature, and spending some quality time in the pool together will let you bond and relax at the same time.

Your intuition tends to be incredibly strong, and you're wise beyond your years, which makes you the go-to friend for advice. That's all well and good, but it can be draining, even for the hardiest Pisces. So, we say take the convo to the pool. Being in a pool with a cocktail in hand is already an excellent way to relax, no matter who's joining you. If you have your own pool, invite some friends over and ask them to bring snacks, cocktails, and pool toys. You could even set up a poolside projector screen for a nighttime movie. Pool days are perfect for relaxing with the ones you love most, and we're sure you'll grow even closer to them as you unwind together.