Over-Saturated Blue Nails Are The Fall 2023 Transition Color For Your Mermaidcore Manicure

While "Barbie" is the newest hit on the block, early summer left us with all the mermaidcore feels from the live-action "The Little Mermaid" that we just can't shake. "Mermaidcore is a really fun and fresh trend inspired by oceanic colors and things like shells, pearls, and crystals," says fashion designer and content creator Jenny Rojinski in an interview with The New York Post. And we'll still be dreaming of the sand and sea as we transition into fall. 

Luckily, some of our favorite mermaidcore tones are versatile enough to carry over into the next season. One of our favorites is over-saturated blue, a gem-tone shade that is bright enough to shine like the sea while being dark enough to fit perfectly into fall. A pop of color for your favorite neutral outfits that instantly becomes a telling sign of mermaidcore, bright blue nails are an essential nail color to try this fall.

French tips

French tips are an ageless nail design that's known for being classy and elegant. Put a twist on your traditional French manicure by switching out the classic white tip for an over-saturated blue shade. This is a great option for the woman who wants an understated nail look but loves a touch of color.

Bold and blue

Go all the way with solid blue and bold nails. It's the most obvious way to take on the trend, but many wouldn't dare. Far from minimal, these nails will brighten up even the gloomiest of fall days. Surprisingly, they pair well with both neutrals and other common fall colors, like burnt orange and olive green.

Paired with white polish

White and blue is a common color pairing that leaves many of us thinking of our grandmother's fine china. The bright blue is unique in itself, but this color duo makes for a traditional nail look that can be worn year-round. To add some flair to this design, use blue for a full-colored accent nail while creating a blue design on white French tips for your other nails.

Wave after wave

If you are looking for a nail design as unique as you are, try a marble nail combination that creates the look of waves. A mermaidcore design at heart, this will cure your need for sea even as the air gets crisper. Try this look with marble nail art at home or head to a nail artist who can replicate the design.

Minimal lines

If you are looking for a minimalist look while still trying out the bold blue trend, try out a favorite of Gen-Z: thin, squiggly lines. Simply add these blue squiggly lines across your bare nails. One or two lines per nail will suffice and leave you with the perfect amount of color.