The Best Clothing Colors To Complement Gray Hair

The toughest part about going gray is deciding to do it (and possibly dealing with other people being oh-so-judgy). Once it's all said and done, however, many women enjoy the freedom from the neverending (and very expensive) hair dye cycle, not to mention gorgeous silver locks that can't be realistically bought and paid for. The main benefit, however, is that ditching the dye is healthier than using it. 

Nevertheless, once the hair has transitioned into its newly embraced glory, it can be a little bit jarring to discover that the fashion color palette that once worked so well with your dyed hair is falling a bit flat in context with the grays. Fortunately, it's nothing that a little know-how and a light shopping spree can't fix. While you're out shopping, you'll want to focus on clothing pieces with colors that enhance your natural gray hair, such as black or green.

Rock some red

Gray hair often makes people look washed out if paired with the wrong shades, like baby pink or light green. No matter what shade of gray you sport or what skin tone you are, red is most likely a fail-safe clothing color for the silver sisters out there. 

Blue beauty

Do you know how it's standard practice to coordinate jewelry pieces with each other? This is a similar concept with lots of potential. Women with blue or light eyes can tie it all together with blue fashion pieces. This will make those peepers stand out extra, preventing unwanted washout from the lighter hair. Choose from any of the more vibrant blues to really stand out, like sapphire, navy, or royal blue.

It's easy being green

If you're noticing a trend toward jewel tones for gray-haired ladies, you're not far off base. Emerald green is yet another one that goes well with most eye colors and shades of gray, whether light or dark. After all, emerald green naturally pops, especially with the sharp, complimentary contrast with gray or silver hair. Forest, Hunter, and kelly green are other surefire winners.

Shades of orange

People with warm skin undertones and gray hair look especially fetching in shades of orange, such as true orange, terra cotta, and rust-inspired hues. Although anyone can try this combination, people with warm-colored eyes are likely to look extra vibrant in this color family. Just be sure to coordinate makeup accordingly to avoid a serious clash.

Basic black

No color provides better contrast with gray or silver hair than the classic black. Its sister color, charcoal, is also always a solid option. Just be sure to pair black clothing with a pop of color somewhere, preferably on the lip or with a vibrant eye. This will help you from looking washed out, but will most definitely maximize the dramatic effect of gray hair to the nth degree.