Make Sure To Stay Out Of The Sauna After A Bikini Wax

While getting a Brazilian or bikini wax is likely not high on the list of the most favorite activities, or even grooming maintenance rituals, the end result is much desired for many. Without cumbersome and endless shaving, you can achieve smooth and hairless skin with much less effort.


Though it can be painful or at the very least uncomfortable, there are some rules to follow to make the session as easy as possible. You must allow your hair to grow out at least ¼ inch before the wax (via Healthline). That will give the hair enough length to adhere to the wax and pull out from the root. It also helps to exfoliate in a nice warm shower to help the pores loosen up which can make the experience more tolerable.

While you may think once the wax is over, you're done, there are specific rules to follow for post-bikini wax care, including avoiding saunas.

What saunas can do after a bikini wax

Getting a bikini wax is the ultimate in supreme exfoliation. Not only does it remove dead skin cells but as it pulls the hairs out of their follicles, it leaves the pores exposed. That means the skin is more susceptible to bacteria descending on it since it is in such a vulnerable state. Part of post-bikini wax care is protecting it from bacteria.


Consequently, saunas are off-limits. The bacteria found in a sauna can easily get into sensitive opened pores and start replicating. If bacteria overwhelms the pores and skin, it can result in a skin infection.

Another reason to avoid saunas after a bikini wax is that since the hot, humid air opens pores, it can make any remaining hair more visible. "Steam opens your pores, which helps to push hair out," Noemi Grupenmager, founder of Uni K Wax Center, told Glamour. "It might make you think the wax service wasn't done correctly."

More things to avoid after a bikini wax

Since skin is left in a vulnerable state, be careful what you expose it to after a bikini wax. Aesthetics specialist Rhea Souhleris Grous told Byrdie that it's best to be careful of what you wear, and advises to "avoid wearing tight clothes that occlude the waxed areas for the first 48 hours [after waxing], as they will encourage breakouts and ingrown hairs."


For at least 48 hours after the treatment, keep the skin out of the sun after a bikini wax. The exfoliation from the wax will leave it with a tendency to burn and become irritated since the extra layer which normally forms a boundary to the outside elements will be gone. Ideally, it's best to wait until all of the resulting irritation from the wax has subsided.

You should also avoid any exercise that causes friction. Not only will the friction further irritate the area but it can introduce sweat and bacteria into sensitive pores. Try not to schedule spin classes or hot yoga for a few days after a wax. Ultimately, these are just a few simple waxing mistakes to avoid, and your skin and body will thank you if you do.