Pumpkin Spice Makeup Is The Warm, Glowy Fall Look We Can't Get Enough Of In 2023

Sweaters, pumpkins, and leaves — oh my! The first signs of fall are officially on the horizon. While it is a no-brainer that our wardrobes need an upgrade for the chillier months, sometimes our makeup bag is left untouched. Makeup is just as important to a look as the clothing pieces you choose.

While all makeup items are seasonless, it is simple to change up details in your routine and add a new element to your favorite fall looks. Simple details such as the color of your eyeshadow or blush can completely change the seasonal feel of your makeup look.

This fall, our new favorite makeup look is inspired by the most popular flavor of the season — pumpkin spice. Anything pumpkin spice is worth fawning over, whether it's a latte, pie, or even a fabulous makeup look. Pumpkin spice makeup is the perfect look for the fall season as it is composed of autumnal rust colors, odes to nature, and a warm glow.

A bronzed glow

Picture the glow of the fireplace on your skin: That is the glow we are looking to achieve with our pumpkin spice makeup look. It's all about "bringing as much warmth and glow as possible to the high points," says Who What Wear assistant beauty editor Maya Thomas when speaking about the pumpkin spice makeup look.

Shimmering eyeshadows

With every warm and glowy makeup look comes the need for shimmer. Shimmering eyeshadows in the shades of autumn leaves, such as gold, orange, and brown, are a great way to bring a new element to the look. On the chilliest of fall days, your lids will still be warm and glowing.

Pumpkin-colored blush

You can't have a pumpkin spice makeup look without a warm, pumpkin-colored blush. Orange blush is a fall must-have. "Orange is a really lovely warm color and an orange blush will suit most people," says celebrity makeup artist Pauline Briscoe in an interview with Glamour UK. For a more natural look, darker skin tones should stick with more pigmented orange hues, whereas lighter skin tones should opt for more muted orange tones.

Brown lips

Brown lips are trending for the upcoming fall season, which is no surprise considering the current fascination with early aughts beauty trends. Not only is the brown lip great for a Y2K look, but it also fits perfectly into the pumpkin spice makeup routine. A brown lip undoubtedly creates the mood for a warm, fall makeup look.

Fluffy brows

Fluffy brows are a great way to add a natural element to your pumpkin spice makeup. To get the fluffy brow look, consider lightly filling in your brows with wispy strokes rather than focusing on each brow being perfectly drawn on. Then, brush them upward with a brow gel. This will leave you with natural-looking brows that provide perfect contrast with the rest of your makeup look.

Brown eyeliner

Brown is the color of the fall season. The hue often gets a bad rap, but it is truly the color of many of our favorite things, such as autumn leaves and lattes. Now it is also the color of our favorite fall eyeliner. For a softer way to round out your pumpkin spice eye look, embrace brown eyeliner.