Pearl Nail Art Ideas To Step Up Your Manicure

Pearls are timeless and beautiful, not only as jewelry but on nails, too. If you enjoy wearing pearls and experimenting with nail art, it's time to explore pearl nail designs. The pearl-like details will elevate every manicure for a glamorous look, and applying the embellishments doesn't have to be as stressful as you may initially assume, as long as you're careful. "Smaller pearls are better for nails, and you should try to find ones with flat backs ... These are best for design as they stay put ... When placing pearls, crystals, or studs, you can use a white-colored pencil to pick them up," nail artist Madeline Poole told POPSUGAR.

If you don't want to stick genuine, expensive pearls on your nails, fake pearl decals are a more affordable option. For example, this 4.6-star Flat Back Pearls Kit offers 2,700 pearl nail accents in two different colors and sells for $6.99 on Amazon. Consider using them to take your nail art to the next level!

Try a polka dot effect

Pointillism nails are bringing polka dots back, so get the best of both looks with a pearly polka dot manicure. Plus, the effect shouldn't be too stressful to achieve, as you can place the pearl details anywhere and spread them out unevenly for the polka dot look.

Embellish a French manicure with small pearl details

There's arguably no better way to elevate an elegant French manicure than adding dainty pearls. French manicures are as classic as a manicure can get, and if you want to keep it looking timeless but make it appear more exciting, classy pearls are the perfect addition.

Get swirly with the pearl touches

If you want to create lines with the pearl details, those lines don't have to be straight. Instead of trying to arrange the pearls in as clean of a line as possible, have fun with it, and make the lines curved or swirly! Those details should make the manicure appear a bit more free-spirited.

Make it romantic

Don't wait until Valentine's Day for heart-inspired nail art! There's nothing more romantic than tiny pearls in the shape of hearts on your nails. Creating the heart shape with the pearl details is somewhat advanced, so this idea is best for more experienced nail artists or anyone willing to go to a professional.

Add color to the look

While pearls offer a classic, sophisticated look, you don't have to stick to neutral, glossy, and minimalist manicures with these nail accents. If you want a livelier manicure, incorporate your pearls into colorful nail designs. The mixture of your chosen colors and the pearl touches will create the perfect balance of fun and elegance.

You don't have to use a lot of pearls

Don't feel pressured to go overboard with your pearls! If you want a more understated look, there's nothing wrong with using only one pearl or pearl-like decal per nail. With just a small nail accent, your manicure will be tasteful, intriguing, and no less eye-catching.