Heart-Inspired Nail Art Is Trending For Fall - So Don't Wait Until Valentine's Day To Try It

Whether we're single, taken, or anything else at the moment, one of our favorite parts of Valentine's Day is wearing cute heart details. From tops with playful heart designs to jewelry, heart details are beautiful and fun to wear, but the best is heart-inspired nail art! Wearing heart-influenced nail designs makes us happy, as we enjoy the lighthearted, romantic look. Luckily for you — and anyone else who appreciates these adorable designs — you don't have to wait until Valentine's Day anymore to flaunt heart-influenced manicures in 2023. As it turns out, heart details are the new rosettes. 

Heart-inspired details are no longer reserved for Valentine's Day only. The coquette fashion trend is all over TikTok, encouraging fashion enthusiasts to embrace hyper-feminine designs like hearts. Perhaps girly and graphic Y2K fashion is simply back, but either way, we're not going to question it — we're just going to enjoy it and wear our hearts on our nails.  

Go minimalistic with tiny hearts

Do you typically prefer minimalistic nail designs and worry that the heart nail art might appear too bold? Try flaunting petite hearts! Your heart-inspired nail art doesn't have to be dramatic and statement-making with huge designs. If that's not your vibe, opt for a micro-heart on each nail for a subtle yet sweet look.

Try a purple or pink heart design

Anyone who likes purple fashion and nail polish should rock heart-inspired designs in that beautiful hue. Purple heart-inspired nail art will appear significantly less cliché than the expected red heart look, but it will still look sweet and romantic. If you want something not quite as common as red but slightly more traditionally girly than purple, wear a pink heart for the perfect compromise.

Let the hearts embellish a French manicure

Are you looking for an adorable way to add a more romantic touch to your classic French manicure? Try some hearts! Whether you add a bunch of flirty micro-hearts to the bottoms of your nails or a big, bold heart in the center of each of your nails, these heart-inspired touches will elevate your French manicure.

Rock negative space hearts

We love rocking the negative space trend in fashion, makeup, and manicures. Why not go for an ultra-modern spin on the romantic heart-inspired nail trend by flaunting a heart made out of negative space? If you want to sport a negative space heart look, it may help if buy a heart-shaped stencil to guide you or just ask for the design at a nail salon.

Get edgy with black hearts

If you enjoy frequently using the black heart emoji when texting and want an edgier, more non-traditional look than more classically romantic colors for heart details, go for black heart nail art instead. Perfect for goth and punk outfits, manicures featuring black heart details will make a statement for a striking, sexy twist.

Bring your hearts to life with fun details

Unique details can help your heart-inspired nail art appear more exciting. For example, try adding sparkle to make the adorable manicure appear more glamorous — or why not be daring and give your heart designs smile faces and big eyes? With such a bold spin on the trendy manicure, you'll stand out anywhere!