Tips For Rocking The Provocative Negative Space Trend

If you're the kind of person that loves fashion that's a little bit edgy and extremely stylish, then you may be interested in embracing a look that's also artistic in an alluring kind of way. You can do just that by hopping on the negative space trend. For creative context, negative space is any area that has been left empty, according to My Modern Met. Although it can sometimes simply be a blank spot, it can also be used to enhance or fully capture a design by focusing on what's not there. Just think of an optical illusion.

When it comes to style-savvy folks, they've picked up on the funky effects that the negative space can create and have used that aesthetic in eye-catching ways. Along with nail designs that take advantage of negative space, you may have also spotted makeup that uses the technique, such as negative space eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Fashion-wise, this trend has taken the cutout look and put a distinctive twist on it. Instead of just focusing on a cut-out, the negative space trend uses the bare spots in creative ways that take the style up a notch. Although it's not necessarily as bold as a body-baring naked dress or wardrobe-malfunction-prone high-slit dress, the negative space trend can still be relatively risqué — of course, in the best sort of way.

If you're intrigued, then you'll surely be interested to find out how you can rock the provocative negative space trend.

Abstract shapes

There's a reason why abstract art is so popular. Thanks to the dynamic shapes and eye-pleasing compositions, the seemingly random designs are captivating and, when used for items of clothing, incredibly flattering. This shirt uses multiple sections of negative space that are all different and have been added in almost surprising spots. Of course, these areas are strategically placed to cover certain parts of the body while leaving others bare. Although the same kind of shapes could be used for other kinds of clothes, there's no doubt it perfectly suits this top.

Rows of rounded slits

While you can probably track down clothing at stores that boast rounded slits, this is also something that you can do yourself if you aren't afraid of a little DIY action. All you need to do is find a shirt — or dress, skirt, or pants if you prefer — and cut small holes into the fabric using sharp scissors. With the ability to add just one or two slits in a single spot or multiple lines of slits around the entire garment, you can make this option as subtle or as hardcore as you want.

Midsection flair

Your outfit doesn't have to be filled with negative space to put the effect to good use. For instance, this long-sleeved, form-fitting mini-dress has been given an extra element of visual interest with the help of just three empty spaces. At the same time, these relatively small areas have a big impact on the outfit due to the combination of both their particular placement and specific shapes. With two tear or petal-shaped areas on each side and a single circle in the center, the middle of the dress is adorably accentuated.

Deep V-shape

Another option that makes a statement without needing plenty of negative space sections, this dress does the trick with a deep V-shape that's been incorporated into the middle of the torso. While this one doesn't go down quite as far as the famous celebrity-associated dress, this still might remind you of the epic green Versace piece that Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys back in 2000. With a V that reached down to her belly button, it certainly proved that negative space and a less-is-more aesthetic can be a key part of a photo-worthy style.

Intricate artistic design

Elaborate patterns and intricate designs can be printed on fabric or woven into materials. Granted, they can also be made by creating holes in a piece. In the same way that a stunning example of lace comes together, this skirt features both lines and a diamond pattern that have all been made with negative space. For this item, it's been added to the hem of a skirt; however, it would look just as incredible as an accent for the bottom of a shirt, the ends of sleeves, or even a full item like an entire jacket.

Single line of dots

Dots are a simple but stellar way to incorporate negative space into your fashionable outfit. While covering a piece of clothing in dots would certainly give you a cute result, these pants offer you an idea of how a single line of dots in just the right place can be an eye-catching option. Granted, there's a very good chance that there's an identical row on the other leg; however, that would add a sense of symmetry that will make it pleasing to the eye.

Straight lines

It may be true that straight lines can be rather boring at times, but they're undoubtedly something that can be exciting when used as negative space. Just take a peek at this swimsuit that has bare lines interspersed with lines of fabric. Offering a tiny peek at the skin on the shoulder area and larger bands both across the chest and belly, it ends up with a unique effect. A fun option that has a sultry side, it would surely make you feel just as fabulous as you would look.