Heart Details Are The New Rosettes - How To Wear The Whimsical Trend

Although logomania is gone and quiet luxury is set to take over the fashion world, there's still room for some of our favorite motifs and symbols in our closets. Not long ago, the rosette trend was the latest fashion symbol to take over the industry in full force. From necklaces to details on clothing, there were a few places that rosettes didn't reach. With spring season closing up, rosettes are moving over for a new darling: hearts, the newest trend to fill our closets with more than just love.

Although heart details may seem common and normal, they can be used in unique ways to create a statement high-fashion moment. The trend is not just about sporting red or pink hearts all day, either. These new heart details are all about embracing haute couture in your day-to-day. Even celebrities like Rihanna have fallen in love with the heart trend and made it their own with their ensemble choices.

Whether you opt for a subtle nod or are ready to dive head-first into it, the heart trend will slowly start to creep up into your social media feeds and the runways soon. Before becoming overwhelmed with the options, consider how you want to best represent this trend and how to blend it into your wardrobe without a hitch.

Heart jewelry

Today's high-fashion heart jewelry is nothing like the ones you used to wear in your childhood. Although resin and clear jewelry are popular right now, silver and gold heart-shaped jewelry is a chic and subtle nod to the trend that you can wear long after it passes. Like with rosettes, you'll want to start small before investing in bigger pieces, so heart-shaped jewelry is the perfect place to begin playing with the trend.

Heart-printed pieces

The easiest way to incorporate the heart motif into your wardrobe is with heart-printed clothing. These pieces are relatively common and easily accessible to suit many styles and budgets. To avoid blending in with the crowd, look for colors outside of typical black, white, and red, and choose something more unique. Uncommon details — like sheer fabrics — will also ensure you rock this trend the best.

Heart-shaped clothing

If heart-printed items aren't enough of the motif for you, you could always step out of the box for something that makes more of a statement. Heart-shaped dresses and jackets are currently headlining the trend by creating a spectacular fashion moment. Instead of relying on the common print, these frocks have the actual shape of a heart, adding a bit of haute couture to your daily activities. Although it's far from subtle, you can't help but embrace the fun nature of the heart motif with these items.

Heart-shaped bags

Heart-shaped purses and bags have long embraced the heart motif, way before it became a trend. Not only do they add a sweet touch to any look, but you also don't need to sacrifice your style preferences to seamlessly work them into your wardrobe. Simply find a heart-shaped bag in any color that best represents your style for a natural transition into your closet. Look for neutral hues to turn the bag into a chic and minimalist accessory.

Heart sunglasses

Heart-shaped sunglasses may initially seem like part of a costume, but more are embracing their unique vibes. Everyone loves a good pair of sunglasses, and choosing one that has heart-shaped frames will give you a more playful feel than your average square or rectangular shape. Reach for these if you're in the mood to add a bit of flair to your outfit. Not only are they practical, but sunglasses can also be used during all seasons and for most events.

Heart details

Not every heart motif has to be obvious or loud. You can also opt for a piece with heart details that won't overtake your look. Whether it's a heart brooch or a piece with an embellished or embroidered heart, there are many ways you can avoid having hearts be your outfit's entire focal point. Look for items that incorporate other details and not just hearts. This way you can rock the heart trend in a subtle way.