The Benefits Of A Concealer That Comes With A Metal Applicator

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When a pimple or dark circles make their unwanted presence known, there is no cosmetic more valued than concealer. Thicker than foundation, this miracle product has saved many a face over the years. However, there's always a way to make something better, and the experts in the makeup applicator space have developed a new one that could be a literal game-changer.


Rummage through anyone's makeup drawer and you'll likely pull out at least a couple different types of concealer. The version that resembles a lipstick tube is often dabbed on and then blended with a concealer brush, or a finger in a pinch. Then there's the liquid concealer option that comes with a dip-in sponge applicator, which is easy to use because it's an all-in-one option. Powder compact concealers applied with a sponge applicator are also popular. Recently, however, some brands have begun to outfit their liquid concealers with metal applicators. The potential results are fabulous at not only covering up blemishes but also giving the eyes an oft-needed boost, as well!  

Low or no waste metal tip applicator

Makeup — especially the higher-end variety — is pretty expensive. So it becomes something of a practice for many people to see how far they can stretch a given cosmetic. However, some applicators tend to use more product than is really necessary when dipped or swabbed, leaving it to go quite literally and mournfully down the drain. Milabu Beauty Review recently tested the new metal applicator included in the Dominique Cosmetics concealer and noted that it was perfection at depositing just the right amount of concealer to get the job done. 


That said, anyone who needs extra coverage can simply keep adding layers to the area without fear of unnecessary and costly waste, as Milabu Beauty Review notes that the concealer has "buildable medium coverage." This should turn out a look that isn't cakey or overly thick and will work together with foundation to provide a natural finish

A metal applicator that's literally eye-opening

No one likes having puffy eyes, but we don't always have cucumbers on hand to soothe them. Dominique Cosmetics sells their Wide Awake Full Cover Concealer with a metal applicator that they bill as, "the first ever de-puffing cooling wand to awaken tired eyes." The tester at Milabu Beauty Review seems to think that the wand delivers on its promises, saying that it helps to de-puff and cool the eyes.  


That said, it's likely not the applicator on its own that's working the magic. "The formula is infused with caffeine to boost circulation and minimize the appearance of dark circles plus antioxidants and vitamin E to protect against environmental stressors," the reviewer explains. So it's a combination of metal applicator plus strategic formula that gets the job done and wakes up those weary eyes. Now that copycat metal applicators are starting to trickle into the market, it's a good idea to temper expectations of metal applicators because they may not come with a product that provides the same get-up-and-go as Dominique's. 

Cool metal can be invigorating

Metal applicators are so effective at cooling and de-puffing in large part because the metal itself always feels cool to the touch. Seriously, go grab a couple of spoons and press them to your face, and you'll see what we mean. This is because metal conducts heat, which means it draws it away from the surface, per Exploratorium


The metal most often used in cosmetic tools is actually a conglomeration of alloys like zinc, aluminum, and magnesium. This combination is known as Zamac (also known as Zamak). Emily Algar with Grazia sampled a high-end concealer with a metal tip and found the applicator to be invigorating. "I like to move from the inner corner of my eye outwards for a mini-massage," she explained. Because of this, it's easy to see why people would appreciate the one-two punch of coverage plus effective, cooling massage.

Metal applicators aren't just for concealers

The metal applicator for concealers is likely built on the backs of other products before them. For example, Dior released an eye serum in early 2022 with a cooling metal tip designed to reduce under-eye puffiness, among other benefits. Now that word is out about the reviving properties of metal applicators, other concealers have followed suit. Case in point — Jane Iredale has since launched the Enlighten Plus Under-Eye Concealer with a metal applicator, although their version is not one that is dipped into the product; rather, it's attached at the end of the tube.  


If you really love your current concealer, eye cream, or other type of cosmetic, a different option is to purchase reusable metal applicators independent of a product. One option is the Lisapack Metal Eye Cream Applicator Wand Stick and Massager Tool, available on Amazon, which can be cleaned and reused. Plus, it comes in an attractive rose gold, which is always a lovely addition to anyone's makeup counter.