Can't Decide If You'd Look Good With Bangs? Let TikTok Help You

There are TikTok filters for what seems like everything — including hairstyles. For example, have you tried the TikTok middle-part filter yet? Not only does the social media platform offer various filters that let you see how you'd look with a plethora of hair colors and parts, but it also can help you finally make one of the most challenging hair-related decisions: whether or not to get bangs.

Sometimes the TikTok bangs filter looks so good on TikTok users that the individuals decide to commit to genuine bangs. For instance, Holly Storey — a TikToker with over 30,000 followers — posted a video starting with a full and long bang filter that was a bit darker than the rest of her hair with the text, "Maybe a fringe would suit me!" Then, the TikToker revealed that she got bangs cut in the same style as the filter — but in her hair color. Impressed viewers commented, "I've never seen bangs suit someone so well omg."

There are many TikTok bang filters available

The classic full-bang look isn't the only TikTok fringe filter available — the social media platform lets users explore a wide variety of bangs to see which variation they like best. For example, TikToker @zumipau showed viewers some of the many TikTok bang filters available, including light feathered bangs, the curtain style, fuller bangs, super short micro bangs, and wispy bangs — all in one video.

There are so many bang filters to experiment with on TikTok that you may want to get opinions regarding which fringe looks better than others. For instance, TikTok user @iambibibarts posted a video trying filters for wavy-ish dainty bangs, side-swept bangs, full bangs, and micro bangs, with the text asking viewers, "Which bangs [suit] me best?" Many viewers voted on their favorite looks, writing comments such as "1 or 3" and "def first." That said, if you want to try a super bold look, TikToker Annie Truong shared a video where she found a pink bangs filter.

Use the filters for some guidance, but don't expect them to be 100% realistic

The TikTok bang filters are perfect starting points to see what a fringe could look like. However, you may not want to base your final decision on how the digital filter looks. TikTok user @marfhiemae uploaded an expectations vs. reality video showing how the wispy bangs TikTok filter appears to have more movement than her actual bangs, which looked flatter and thinner, captioning the video, "Don't do it, it's not worth it." While many commenters thought the TikTok user's genuine bangs still looked beautiful, the TikToker made an accurate point about how you shouldn't expect a true fringe to look 100% like the filters.

It can't hurt to get opinions outside of TikTok or your loved ones for more perspectives after trying the filters. For instance, in a now-archived Reddit post, a woman shared side-by-side pictures of herself — one without bangs and one with the full TikTok bangs filter, asking, "This TikTok filter is making me want to get a fringe! Does it suit me or will I regret it?" Many commenters loved the bangs, but a few noted how a fringe can require maintenance, unlike filters.

Also, don't forget that TikTok filters don't give you the sensation of how a fringe can feel. So, if you're not sure whether you'd be okay with constantly having hair rubbing against your forehead, you might want to rock clip-in bangs to test-drive the drastic hair change.