24 Celestial Nail Ideas To Manifest Witchy Vibes This Fall

Whether you're looking to manifest witchy vibes just for spooky season or you want to have that sense of magic year-round, you're in the right place: We scoured the best celestial nail art ideas out there to bring you inspiration that's sure to make you want to invest in a cauldron and a crystal ball — if you don't already have them, that is. When it comes to celestial themes, we looked at everything, including colors that gave us celestial chills. 

While most people think about the moon and stars — and perhaps the planets — when thinking of celestial bodies, we can't forget our own planet and all of the other goodness out there in the cosmos, including the sun, the clouds, and all of the gorgeous colors in the sky. Sunrise and sunset would like to say hello, too. No matter which idea puts a spell on you, we're certain at least one of these pieces of nail inspo will have you digging out your polish and getting started on an out-of-this-world manicure.

Zodiac French tips

Our zodiac signs are based on the position of planets at our time of birth, so zodiac-inspired nails are fitting when you're looking for celestial nail inspo. You can go as simple or as complex as you'd like to by either opting to use decals or to paint on your different signs. If you're a Scorpio, instead of only painting the "m" with the pointy tail, try your hand at a simple scorpion, as well. You can also use whatever color you'd like for the French tips, but silver with a bluish hue looks otherworldly. 

Gorgeous galaxies

If you're looking for something colorful, consider a brighter nail design that has you feeling as though you're looking directly into the sunlight. Stack the colors starting with blue tips, then paint in the order of a rainbow, ending with yellow at your cuticles — the color combo will offer a warm and comforting feeling. Then add your planets and stars on top — go for a subtler application here, using white or light-colored planets if you want your colorful base to be the main focal point.

Celestial clouds

Clouds can be annoying when they block out the sun, but they offer unique skybound beauty. For your nail art, you can opt for simple cloud designs, or have a little fun by trying to create your clouds in the shapes of animals, planes, or anything else you imagine. Add a few stars and a moon into your cloud-inspired mani, and you'll have all you need to rock a witchy celestial look. 

Colorful stars

Stars are one of the first things we see in the sky as night sets — that is, aside from the moon. Of course, we see white lights glowing in the sky, but you can make your nail art stars any color you like. Use one color or mix and match with a whole rainbow of colors or shades. To really get into the fall mood, match your stars to the colors of falling leaves. 

From the light of the moon

If you're head over heels for the moon and stars, throw some hearts in your mani to show that love. To make it feel like you're on the moon, go for a milky base color with a celestial shimmer that somewhat resembles an aura quartz. To keep things shiny, like the moon and stars, use iridescent decals — you can even think of it as a fun way to usher in icier days.

Glittery goodness

If you're looking for simplistic nail designs that still have a fall vibe, we highly suggest glittery nails. Reminiscent of a shiny, star-filled sky, opt for a simple but glittery French mani. It's a subtle look that's easy to accomplish even for the beginner nail artist, and you can switch out your base color for a light pink or blue to call to mind the magical sunset of a fall day.

Colorful moon and stars

Just because it's fall doesn't mean you won't still see a rainbow from time to time. Despite shorter days, the sun will still be out, and you know that there's going to be some rain (though it may be mixed with snow, depending on where you live). You don't always have to pair your celestial nail art with dark backgrounds — an exuberant multi-colored background can be truly divine.

Clouds and cherubs

If you loved the idea of incorporating clouds in your witchy fall mani, as there are plenty of them in the sky this time of year, you can switch things up. Instead of a pastel backdrop, try something clear. And, instead of just stars, add some cute and oh-so-heavenly cherub decals.

As the sun fades

Sitting around the glowing embers of a bonfire on a chilly fall evening, you might just spot a bat flying through the moon and star-filled sky — and it's the perfect nail art to bring out your witchy vibes. Consider an orange base that gives a warm, sunset-like feel to any celestial manicure. For extra spookiness, add a spiderweb or two. 

Star shine

Want to make the stars jump right off your nails? Start with a glittery base — and while you can use whatever glitter polish you want, consider some fall colors to evoke the season, like browns, golds, reds, yellows, or oranges. To make your celestial accents really pop, add a layer of nude polish to the center of your nails before applying your star art with white polish. Don't forget to make a wish. 

Earthly delights

Of all the celestial bodies out there, you definitely don't want to forget Earth. Consider making the green land mottled with some fall colors for a more autumnal vibe and a witchier look. If you put the earth on your thumb, include some of the other planets on your remaining fingers, or you can stay land-based and really dive into the seasonal spirit by adding some spooky forest scenes.

Sunny nails

Whether you opt to have your sun dropping behind some blue waters, autumn trees, green grass, or something else entirely, the setting sun offers a nice goodbye to the brighter days of the year and a fine hello to autumn months. Add in some oranges, yellows, or other ochre-inspired shades for more depth and realism.

Feeling batty

If you really want to get deep into witchy vibes, add bats to your celestial nails — they're not just for Halloween. Using a white base will make the black glittery bats, moon, and stars stand out, but you could also opt for a glow-in-the-dark base as well. Place the moon centerstage on your middle finger to let it stand out as the magnificently celestial creation it is. 

Sunrise solitude

If you're looking for more colors and something that looks like wall art to put on your fingers, we think that you should look to the mountains. This gives you the chance to combine cool colors like the blues and purples of the mountains with warm colors like pink and orange hues from the sky. You'll find yourself longing to get up early to watch the sunrise each morning whenever you glance at your mani. You can make it even more fall-centric by snow-capping the mountains.

Stars and gems

If you're looking for a witchy fall idea that is simple but stylish, it's as easy as adding some gem decals to your starry nails. Pick a gem color that makes you think of autumn, or pick your birthstone, like peridot, for those born in the month of August. Or, you could also opt for something more star-like, such as white, silver, or gold.

Planetary fun

Make your planets pop with a dark background. You can fill your fingernails with busy designs that give you a lot to look at and will surely have people in awe of your celestial mani. Try to include each planet in the solar system along with stars and a moon or two for a fantastic look.

Rings in the night sky

If you don't want all of the planets, consider the planet that rules your zodiac sign or your favorite planet. Whether you prefer the rings of Saturn or Uranus or want something deep and fiery, like the red planet Mars, your chosen planet will make a wonderful cosmic centerpiece on some dark nails with glittery accents. Plus, not every nail needs to look the same — you can add abstract designs or stars to your other nails, or simply leave your base color alone to let your art accents pop. 

Brilliant blue

If you want nails that feel like a perfect night sky and make a great change from the black backgrounds, pick a bright but deep blue. This will still offer you something a bit darker, but when you add your gold moon and stars, they'll really stand out on the blue hue. Not into gold? Paint your moon and stars silver instead.

Ouija inspired

For nails that scream witchy aesthetic and still fit the celestial theme, think of the Ouija board. If you've ever seen one of these spirit communication tools, you know that most of them have sun and moon art on them. Using a tan or gold background makes the black art pop, and it makes the design more reminiscent of the typical Ouija board background.

Pink sky in the morning

Here's another chance to go with simplicity and still come out with something that feels celestial. Pick a holographic nail polish in just the right shade to make you think of pink skies in the morning. If you want your heavenly manicure to be a little more detailed, adding something as simple as a few stars can add more depth to the design.

Orbiting French tips

You don't have to do the same thing on every nail when it comes to being artistic with your celestial designs. Mixing and matching nail art, from solid nail colors to French tips, is a great way to have it all. Keep some of your nails solid black, but then add planets, stars, moons, and even galaxies to some French-tipped nails.

Magnificent moths

If you're looking for nails that feel like cozy fall nights, consider moons, florals, mushrooms, and more. The addition of some beautiful moths gives us witchy vibes all around. Instead of just moons, add moon phases as well. Fall shades like brown keep the look comfortable and warm, but the addition of some red and blue flowers and perhaps a blue moth tucked on the thumb will add to the beauty of the whole hand.

Mystical nails

Whether you opt to create your mystical nails with some foil or you pick a metallic nail polish that gives the appearance of foil, the end result with be shining nails that look rich and inviting. To mix it up, make each nail a different metallic color — adding to the witchy vibes. Then, to make the nail art even more magical, cover each nail in witchy symbols and celestial goodness. You can do this with decals or by painting on your chosen designs.

Pastel pretties

To evoke your inner witchiness, you don't just have to stick to dark colors. If you're aiming for a brighter, more whimsical celestial mani, opt for pastel-colored nail polish rather than black or deep blues. As for your sky-inspired nail art, double-down on the cuteness by painting on rainbows, stars, and moons peppered with multi-colored dots for a splash of fun.