Celestial Shimmer Nails: The Glittery Take On The Milk Bath Manicure Trend

This latest nail trend is literally out of this world. A remix on the milk-bath manicure trend, celestial shimmer nails are the perfect option if you want to have a minimalist nail design for your next manicure. Created by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, the nails were a beautiful ombré with a shimmering coat that would wow anyone. The nail tech debuted the neutral nail on none other than Jennifer Lopez herself, during her premiere for "Mother," and they definitely made a big impression.

While we don't all have celebrity nail artists ready to do our nails, it doesn't mean we can't capture the essence of celestial shimmer nails ourselves. According to his Instagram, he used Après Neutrals Gel-X Natural Nail Extensions to create her long almond nails, then coated them with pink nail polish and a shimmer base. Not only can this be recreated, but we at Glam found multiple ways to do this if you want to add your own spin on this fun nail trend.

Shorten your nails

If Jennifer Lopez's long almond nails aren't for you, consider shortening the nail. Have your nail tech create a pink base with a light ombré finish to create the illusion of the French manicure. Afterward, have them finish with a beautiful shimmer top coat to create a similar style with a suitable length.

See-through French tip

Believe it or not, the white ombré French is completely optional. If you want to go for a futuristic look, consider having your nail tech create translucent nails for you. This could be done by using clear nail tips and using pink gel over the natural nail, and a light layer of creamy white gel along the tips. From there add the glitter top coat and voilà!

Create the look on your natural nails

There are no rules to nail trends, and celestial shimmer tips are no exception. If you don't want to add acrylics to the mix, you can create this look on your actual nail. With two quick swipes of glitter shimmer on your nails, you can have the look with none of the hassle.

Go bold with white

How you ombré your nails are clearly up to you. If you want to add a milky look to your tips, have your nail tech only use pink acrylic at the base and have the rest be a stark white acrylic. Of course, after the look is created, add your top coat to complete the finish.

Add a few dazzling jewels

If the celestial shimmer nails are too minimalist for you, consider adding a few gems. Create the look as usual and have your nail tech bedazzle your tips how you choose. Even consider mixing the gem design with celestial symbols to create an interesting effect for your new nails.