Priscilla Presley's Signature Eyeliner Style Is Making A Comeback

With the plethora of Elvis Presley content available to us, it's no shock that everyone is enjoying the return to the '60s vibe. Along with the renaissance of the Elvis aesthetic, fashion and beauty lovers are adoring the resurgence of trends inspired by Priscilla Presley. The once-wife of the King of Rock and Roll, Priscilla Presley is much more than just a chapter in the rockstar's biography. In her own right, she has made waves with her iconic looks and beauty choices, which still have a hold on us today. We may first remember Presley's beehive hair, however, it's her signature eyeliner returning in full force to beauty trends today.

While they might not quite match the intensity of the graphic eyeliner movement, Presley's looks were classic and made a statement. Even though her eyeliner wasn't complex by any means, it was heavy and noticeable from far away. Categorized as a sharp cat eye, Presley's eyeliner look consisted of a crisp feline shape that drew all the attention to the eyes. While numerous tutorials on social media help mimic Presley's exact eyeliner style, some variations will make this look more personal to your preferences.

Top and bottom liners

To get Priscilla Presley's signature eyeliner, you need to focus on making your eyes the star of the show. A cat wing is vital for this look, and you can turn up the drama even more by adding a double wing to the bottom lash line. Pair with striking thick 1960s lashes and you'll have an eye-catching look Mrs. Presley would be proud of.

Don't shy away from metallics

While the spotlight is all on the cat eyeliner, you can always add some shimmer for more sparkle. When it comes to the eye area, add metallic shadow or liner for a sparkly version of this classic look. Although Priscilla Presley's jet-black eyeliner is a focal point, you can still achieve that statement with a metallic or glittery cat liner that makes it much more apt for a fun night out.

Cat eye with modern trimmings

Although Priscilla Presley's eyeliner was dramatic, a sense of naturalness about the rest of her look made it pop even more. Besides her dramatic eyes and a bold lip, Presley's makeup seemed minimal and almost natural. To modernize this look and add more color to your overall makeup, incorporate some contour and blush. And while you're at it, opt for a bit of bronze eyeshadow to add more depth to your eyes. This remix will create a more updated version of this retro beauty staple.

Add some bold shadows

Adding saturated eyeshadow to your look will channel a '60s vibe to your cat eye, which is perfect for paying tribute to Priscilla Presley. Instead of a neutral eyeshadow shade, reach for a bold, vibrant hue that'll give you even more impact. Though matte pastels were popular in the '60s, a bolder shade paired with a shiny-black cat eye will stand out even more.

Understated cat eyes

While Priscella Presley's cat eye was dramatic and helped inspire a lasting eye look, you can also tone it down for a more low-key vibe. Instead of a thick cat eye, make a thinner line that doesn't extend as far as Presley's. By toning it down, you can have the ultimate go-to beauty look ideal for every day.