The Sharpest Cat Eye Ever Just Came Into Reach With TikTok's Segmented Liner Hack

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Picture this: You're getting ready to meet some friends or co-workers. Your outfit is on point, your hairstyle decided to play along for once, and you're just putting the finishing touches on that cat eyeliner when it happens. You've made a mistake. Now neither eye looks quite even, and the wings are just getting bigger and bigger in an attempt to salvage them. Everyone who has ever tried cat eye makeup has had to deal with the dreaded mess up, and there is nothing more frustrating than having to start from scratch (after a mini meltdown, that is). Since the 1950s, when Shiseido notes the feline flick became popular, people have been trying to nail it and mostly succeeding, though it can sometimes take a few tries.

What if the "oops" moment was no longer a threat, though? With the rise in social media makeup hacks, there is a trick for just about every application when it comes to eyeshadow, mascara, bronzer, and of course, eyeliner. Well-known makeup artists and novices alike have taken to the internet to share their secrets on how to get the ideal wing or lines, and there is nothing more comforting than finding out cat eyes don't have to be that hard or technical at all. One TikTokker has found a hack so easy, you'll wonder why it hasn't become the norm for eyeliner application. If you're ready to ditch the "oh no" for "meeeow," check out this trick for getting the sexiest cat eye with no muss or fuss.

Create segments for guidance

Ever since TikTok became a world phenomenon, makeup connoisseurs have flocked to the platform to share their wisdom with viewers. A person could spend hours, if not days, scrolling through the best tips for complexion care, eye shadow tutorials, and the simplest ways to contour your nose into any shape. But maybe one of the best videos to come off this site is by @cassiie_mua, who has laid out a segmented plan for achieving the ideal cat eye with your liner. In the video, Casandra starts by drawing a line with liquid eyeliner starting from the corner of her eye outwards. She notes to use the end of the eyebrow as a measure for where to draw.

Once the first line has been drawn, she adds three dots just above the base of her lashes on the end of the eye, farthest from her nose. These are "guiding" marks to help you determine where to fill in the cat eye. After the dots are in place, Casandra starts another line at the end of the first and pulls it down toward the lash line, using the dots as a map for the top of the wing or cat eye. She finishes up this hack by filling in the open space between the triangle created by the two lines and dots, then adds one more horizontal stripe across the lash line on the remainder of the lid. Flekk Cosmetics attributes cat eye blunders to the need for a very precise outline, but with this trick, you can achieve the lewk in no time flat.

Find the best eyeliner for precision

You can use many different eyeliners to get a cat eye, but some are easier than others to manage. According to CVS, pharmacy brand options like Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner make feline flicks easier and more precise, while Sephora recommends Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner and Anastasia Beverly Hills Darkside Waterproof Liner if you're looking to splurge a bit. On the cosmetic market, you can find hundreds of eyeliners offering easy cat eye lines, but it does come down to preference.

The good news is everybody can rock a wing, but MasterClass notes that every eye shape is different, so the placement of the lines will vary. Once you know your shape, then you can determine where the tips should go and how thick the lines should be. For example, wide eyes can benefit from shorter wings, while deep-set eyes should display a thicker stripe so it can be seen. Practice is the best way to conquer the cat eye, and with this hack in your armory, you should have it nailed quickly. May your eyeliner wings be forever even from now on!