How The Shape You Apply Blush In Can Alter Your Whole Look

Everyone knows blush is used to add color to your cheeks, but the placement itself does wonders to drastically change your face. We were once told to apply blush to the apples of our cheeks only to give ourselves a healthy flush, or place color underneath our cheekbones to sculpt them. While these traditional ways are still used, makeup aficionados have discovered innovative shapes that will have you looking at blush placement in a very different way.


Lately, makeup gurus have been placing blush underneath the eyes, which is the secret to banishing dark circles. The pink or peach hues counter the dark hues we often get when we're tired. Many also started bringing blush from our cheeks all the way to our lower lids to get that fresh, almost-sunburned glow. These tricks definitely had an altering effect on makeup lovers and if you're a blush-lover, there are other hacks you can try to change up your look.

Apply blush according to your face shape

We can't physically change the shapes of our faces but we can use blush to tweak our appearance. If your face is on the round side and you want to give it a lift, Instagram user Froartistry suggests making a line high on your cheekbones and blending it up toward your temples. The result was an elongated, snatched look, like model Bella Hadid. This works best with a cream or liquid blush so that you can manipulate the product for precise placement. You'll need a synthetic brush for this style, preferably flat or slightly angled.


On the other hand, if your face is on the narrow side and you want to add fullness to its shape, apply your blush in an O shape right on the apples of your cheeks, like YouTube content creator Karima McKimmie. Apply a cream formula where your cheeks are the fullest, being careful not to dot the blush too low or it'll bring your features down. Be sure not to place the color too close to the sides of your nose, either. As a guide, don't go past the inner part of your pupils. While these methods are more traditional, social media users have shown that other letters of the alphabet provide a unique, fresh take on blush.

Other alphabet-inspired shapes to apply blush

When it comes to the latest trendy cream blush makeup techniques, TikTok users never fail to deliver. One of the newest ways to apply blush has been making the rounds amongst content creators — and it's to make a W shape across your face for a pretty, flushed look without an actual sunburn. TikTok beauty maven @Brighterdarling demonstrated the technique using a cream blush in a rosy pink shade and drawing a W, starting on her cheeks from just right below her temple. She then extended the shape across the bridge of her nose toward her other temple and blended the blush with a fluffy brush.


Applying blush in a C shape is another way to get a pretty halo-like effect on your face. Simply apply blush starting from just underneath your browbone and make a half circle toward your cheeks, per Fenty Beauty. If you're using a cream formula, blend the color with a sponge. You can even start the color over your brows right by your temples for a soft, sun-kissed effect. Just remember, with these methods, it's always important to blend well so that the shapes aren't obvious.