Your Guide To Properly Applying Trendy Cream Blush

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Who doesn't love a good blush to complete their look? Blush is a fun and simple way to add a touch of color no matter what type of look you are going for. Nowadays, there are so many ways to incorporate blush into your makeup routine that there is always one that works best for you.


One of the most popular versions of blush that has recently gained popularity is the cream blush. Cream blushes help had a bit of dewy color to a look without making it look heavy or matte. As per Maybelline, cream blush can work for any skin type but is ideal for those who are looking to add the appearance of hydration to the cheeks. Those who have oily skin may need to find better results in powder blushes, but can still use cream blushes if used properly.

No matter the skin type, cream blushes are great for anyone as long as you apply them correctly. Giving you a fresh and natural color, cream blushes are perfect if you want something more subtle.

Prepping the skin

Like any makeup product, you want to focus on making sure you create the perfect base for it. Having prepped skin lets the product sit on your skin better and look more natural.

According to Byrdie, you want to start with a hydrating moisturizer and primer. When working with cream blush you want to avoid using any powder products beforehand. Using powder and cream formulas generally does not mix well and won't give you the look that you are going for. Adding other dewy products such as face oil will help the cream blush mix into your skin better and look more natural.


Byrdie also recommends going for liquid foundations rather than powder products as well. Just like skincare products, liquid foundations will help keep your face dewy, which makes for the perfect canvas for cream blush. Because cream blush helps give subtle color to the cheeks, the foundation isn't a necessary step. With or without foundation, you can get a subtle or vivid color.

Where to apply cream blush

Applying any type of blush in the correct spot is important but when using cream blush you want to make sure to hit all of the best spots for a natural finish. If you apply cream blush in the wrong location you risk having it look out of place and could affect the rest of your routine.


According to Beauty Review, the best place to start your application is in the apple of your cheeks. Blush should help pull your face up, giving you the look of a fresh, youthful look. After applying it to the cheeks, keep moving it up towards your temples. Moving the blush upwards gives you the look of a natural facelift. Moving it in the natural path from cheeks to temples emphasizes the youthful structure. 

Avoid placing cream blush below the apples of your cheeks as it's going to pull your face downwards. You can also slightly apply it across the bridge of your nose to give the illusion of a sun kissed color.

Choosing the right tool for the application

One of the best parts about cream blush is how flexible it is when in use. With cream blush, you can use either a beauty sponge, brush, or your fingers when applying blush.

According to Undone Beauty, cream blush is a highly pigmented product. With that being said, you don't need to pick up much product to create a more intense look. Undone recommends gradually adding more blush as you go along to avoid overdoing it in the beginning.


Although you can apply cream blush with almost any tool, Charlotte Tilbury recommends using your fingers. The idea is that using your fingers will warm up the cream blush before applying it to your skin. A warmed-up cream blush will mix in and melt into your skin in a more natural and smooth finish than with a brush.

With any tool or when you use your fingers, you should apply in a circular motion upwards. This spreads out the blush in a natural matter without seeming too caked on in one area.

Setting your blush in place

Like any other makeup product, setting it in place is important for a long-lasting finish.

However, one of the tips recommends is setting your blush with a powder blush. The idea is to set your cream blush in the same way you would set foundation or concealer with setting powder. Adding a bit of powder brush on top of the cream blush lets you not only build up the color but ensure that it lasts for a long time.


On the other hand, if you find that you've applied too much cream blush on your cheeks, use a regular setting powder on top to soften the color and set your blush at the same time. Oprah Daily states that you want to be sure you are finished applying your cream blush before using any powder. Using any sort of powder before creams will cause the cream product to lose its effectiveness.

Other uses for cream blush

Nowadays with a natural "no-makeup makeup" look becoming the trend, the less makeup the better. Cream blushes help you by serving as a multitasking product that can be used in other areas of the face.

According to Glowsly, cream blush can also act as a beautiful soft lip color. Using a small amount can give you a barely there lip color that will bring out the natural texture of your lips. As well, Glowsly reports that you can use it as an eyeshadow for a monochromatic makeup look. If you use an orange-tinted cream blush, you can also use it underneath your concealer as a color corrector.


Net-A-Porter also recommends using your fingers to apply it on other areas of skin to make sure it doesn't look too packed on or overly pigmented. You want to repeat the same steps of warming up the cream blush to make sure it melts into the skin better.