Makeup Hacks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Beauty is skin deep, but how we look on the outside can affect how we are perceived in the outside world. According to the BBC, it seems that having bigger eyes can give you some advantages in the real world, such as getting ahead in life and getting away with things. That is because our eyes are fully grown when we are born, and huge eyes remind us of cute babies, so when an adult has big eyes, others see it as an attractive quality representing innocence and youthfulness. You can blame evolutionary biology for that, but having a baby face with large eyes can apparently get strangers to help you more, succeed more in your career, and you could be perceived as more trustworthy.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology revealed that large eyes are associated with "babyfacedness," which is automatically perceived as cute and associated with appealing traits like "kindness and warmth." That makes women with large eyes more attractive to men because they appear younger. Interesting, right? While some people are born with Bambi's eyes, nowadays, we can use filters on social media to make our eyes look bigger than they really are. However, you can always try these makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger if you want to skip the filters.

Slightly arch your brows

How you shape your brows can make your eyes look bigger or smaller. Allure compared the shape of the brows to the ceiling and shared that a straighter brow can make the eyes look smaller and adding a little arch can have the opposite effect. Celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff told the outlet, "To expand the eye area, I brush up the brows and tweeze in a slight arch." Ipsy agreed that "lifting the ceiling of the eye area" can open up your eyes and make them look larger. Ipsy recommends laminating your brows or trying a brow gel to keep your brow hairs lifted at an arch.

Try the cut crease trend

A cut crease is an easy makeup technique to make your eyes look bigger and brighter with eyeshadow or concealer, per Bustle. With the right colors and a little blending, you can add dimension to any eye shape and make them appear doe-like. The simple technique of using light and shadow where you accentuate your eyelid crease gives it more depth, and the results make your eyes look bigger and more open (via Cosmopolitan). You can literally change the shape of your eyes and make them pop with a properly blended line.

Add a little shimmer or sparkle at the inner corner of your eyes

Adding a little illuminating eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes catches the light and reflects it in a magical way to make your eyes look more awake — and gives the illusion of bigger eyes. Makeup artist Lennie Billy told Ipsy, "I always recommend adding a hint of shimmer or light matte shade to the brow bone and inner corners to return light to the eyes." Billy added that this little trick works whether you keep your eye makeup minimal or are rocking a sexy smoky eye.

Use a light eye pencil on your waterline

Allure recommends using white eyeliner on your waterline to instantly brighten your eyes and make them look more prominent, and it is so easy. If you want to add a little sparkle, you can also try this with a rose gold eye pencil. New York City-based makeup artist Kelli J. Bartlett told Byrdie, "Waterline eyeliner can be a very effective way to help brighten and open up the eyes when you use a flesh-toned liner." This little hack works because it gives the illusion that "the whites of your eyes extend farther," which makes your eyes look naturally bigger, per More. People will think you were born with those big eye, but that's just one reason that you should incorporate white eyeliner into your beauty routine.

Use the magic of mascara

You can always turn to mascara if you weren't born with long, luscious lashes. According to MasterClass, wearing a volumizing or lengthening mascara can give the illusion of thicker and longer lashes that automatically opens up your eyes, making them look significantly bigger. If your lashes are short and straight, try curling them with an eyelash curler to make the eye area appear wider, per Allure. Want to go a little extra? Try false lashes to add a little drama because they will make your eyes look like a Disney princess (via MasterClass). We at Glam have even curated a list of the best mascaras for extra volume.