8 Products To Prevent Painful Thigh Chafing This Summer – And Beyond

thigh chafing

Yes, we’re talking about that scorching pain between your legs. Unless you are one of the few women with a thigh gap, you’ve likely experienced this uncomfortable sensation. Thigh chafing occurs as the result of skin-to-skin friction on the inner thighs, causing irritation and rashes that burn — bad. What’s more, moisture from sweat or slippery lotions exacerbates the problem, making thigh chafe one of the most unpleasant side effects of summer.

The good news: If you’re prone to thigh chafing, there are plenty of products that help prevent it, as well as ones that will any soothe discomfort, stat. Of course, you could stick to pants and leggings, but why let fire thighs interfere with your summer fun? Here, some tried-and-true products for thigh chafing.

thigh chafing

1 Megababe Thigh Rescue ($14; ulta.com)

Created by style influencer Katie Sturino, this body balm is a crowd favorite for thigh chafing. Packaged like a deodorant stick, it glides on smooth without tugging at the skin (key if it's already slightly irritated) and creates an invisible barrier. Plus, it contains all-natural ingredients like vitamin E, aloe, and grapeseed oil to nourish and soothe.

thigh chafing

2 Body Glide for Her Anti-Chafe Balm ($8; amazon.com)

Formulated by the OG of anti-chafe balms, this plant-based skin protectant minimizes friction without stripping it of moisture, thanks to a blend of coconut and almond oils. Don't get it twisted, though — this stuff isn't heavy or greasy. It has a silky finish that still allows sweat to escape and skin to breathe.

thigh chafing

3 Vaseline Petroleum Jelly ($4; target.com)

In a pinch, good old Vaseline works. Apply a thin layer to the insides of thighs, and it will provide the lubrication needed for them to glide past each other without tugging. Bonus: The healing jelly also provides a protective seal that helps treat already-chafed or raw skin.

4 Dove Cool Essentials Deodorant Wipes ($6 for 25; target.com)

Because sweating can make chafing worse, it's important to keep the area as dry as possible. Discreetly wipe away excess moisture while you're out and about with these alcohol-free, non-irritating sheets.

5 Queen V Swipe Right Wipes ($5 for 32; amazon.com)

If you tend to experience chafing closer to your Queen V, try these pH-neutral, coconut oil-enriched wipes designed specifically for the sensitive area. They also contain aloe and vitamin E to help soothe irritation.

thigh chafing

6 Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands ($19; amazon.com)

Made from a stretchy microfiber material and designed with slip-resistant silicone strips, these thigh bands stay in place and provide all-day protection — even on your sweatiest summer day. They are ideal when wearing dresses, but also work well with athletic shorts, and are comfortable enough that you'll likely forget you have them on.

thigh chafing

7 Jockey Skimmies Cooling Slipshort ($24; barenecessities.com)

Another great option for summer dresses, these thin, non-constricting shorts provide a breathable barrier between your thighs. As an added bonus, they soften the look of lumps and bumps but aren't as snug as shapewear. You can get them in a variety of colors and lengths.

thigh chafing

8 Skinfix Remedy+ 911 Ointment ($24; sephora.com)

As its name implies, this stuff literally fixes damaged skin. The thick ointment protects skin that's already chafed from bacteria, yeast, and infection, enhancing its ability to repair itself. It uses allantoin, an ingredient that's clinically-proven to heal burns and raw skin, and cupuaçu butter to hydrate. Apply it at night after showering, since it is on the thicker side.

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