Five Ways to Get Your Significant Other Into Better Skincare


SOME GUYS JUST NATURALLY GET IT. Your skin is your body's largest organ, it needs special daily care, and there are highly specialized products made it to deal with your skins daily needs—point blank. But then there are the guys that don't care, and think avoiding skincare altogether is what a macho man does.

If the love of your life could use some additional skincare but stubbornly refuses to try it for whatever reason, don't let it kill your vibe. There are subtle, smart ways you can start implanting helpful skincare suggestions without steering your boo away from all creams, serums and cleansers. Here's some specialty skincare advice from this married lady’s experience.

Rule number 1:

Don't bring it up yourself, let them do it first. I've learned that the men in my life generally hate talking about skin, hair, fingernails, fashion—anything that could be conceived as too feminine. Those conversations make them tune out. If the dude in your life asks about a particular skincare question or problem, then feel free to share your insight and wisdom. Otherwise, find other ways to get to the point. Just like you would hate it if somebody came up to you and said, “hey, your skin looks dry, you should try this”, men generally respond the same way. Nobody wants to hear it (unless they ask about it first).

Rule number 2:

Two in one skincare products are your friend. In my experience most of the men in my life would rather fight a pit bull with their bare hands than ever wear a face mask. But what if the mask could really help their skin? What if the person you love has a chronic acne problem that can truly benefit from a good clay mask to draw out the impurities, or a moisturizing mask to come back their flaky dryness? That's where a good two in one product comes in. Find a good cleanser/mask hybrid and put it in your shower. Clean and Clear and Neutrogena both make really good cleansers that also act as masks when left on for a bit longer. You may never see him wear it, however, when he is alone in the bathroom the odds are way more likely that your man will try the mask that his skin needs if it’s in there.

Rule number 3:

Talk about him as if you were talking about yourself. Remember rule number 1—don't bring it up yourself! However, if your man has a significant skincare issue that you cannot help but want to help, then try this. Casually mention your own skin care predicaments that strangely enough will sound a lot like his. For example, saying “OMG, my backne is driving me crazy! But luckily I found the perfect cream to get rid of my zits, and it’s totally helping”, will keep his interest just enough to perhaps strike up the conversation that you’re hoping to have.

Rule number 4:

Mention which products are the BEST. With traditional favorite guy topics like cars, A/V equipment and electronics, you'll notice that guys are really into high-quality performance for good price. They love to talk about that stuff. Take note of that if you find yourself making a skincare suggestion. If you purchased a new skincare product you plan to tell your guy about, make sure it’s high quality and has good online reviews so you can share information about how amazing the product is in terms of quality, performance, and price—the holy trinity of stuff guys want to know about any product, if you will. Knowing that what they're using or what they have is the best/most award winning/most expensive/greatest quality for the price, could make a difference.

Rule number 5:

Strike up a discussion with that one friend who's down to try anything in a social setting. You know that friend who's always up for trying something crazy before anyone else? That friend, who will mention the awesome new workout they’re trying or that cool new pair of shoes they just bought or that new restaurant they went to? That open minded friend who tries new things all the time and loves sharing details? If you find an opportune time to discuss skincare with that friend in a comfortable social setting, it could lead to a discussion with the larger group of guys about the topic. Then you plant the seed of suggestion, walk away and watch it grow.

When you love somebody, you don't want to change them—nobody is here for that. But at the same time, you naturally want to see your loved ones look and feel their best and be healthy both inside and out. Here’s hoping your gentle skincare suggestions hit the mark!

Contributing Editor, Patrice Grell Yursik is the creator of, one of the first blogs to celebrate the beauty of natural hair and ladies of all skin tones and sizes. Affectionately called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, Patrice takes her readers inside unique beauty, fashion and cultural experiences.