Glam Girls Skip the Sweats, Jet Set in Joggers


We have no problem with comfortable style. We repeat: we are all for comfort. Especially when we finds ourselves sitting in a cramped, confined airplane seat in the upright position for (seemingly) multiple hours without end. In that instance, a glam girl is going to need all the comfort she can get. That being said, there's just something undeniably sloppy about an oversized pair of sport sweatpants. We propose a better solution that promotes both convenience and style. Enter the celeb favorite of jet setter jams: a more fitted, slimming pair of joggers. This similar option still offers room and breathability, with a low sling drawstring or stretch top, but are cut in more of a trouser inspired fit that make for a flattering result. Elle Fanningwent the extra fashion mile and picked up her personal pair in a trendy faux leather material while traveling early this year. If you're feeling as bold, skip the cotton and try a pair like hers, matched with an easy V-neck tee and cute zip up.

1. Paul Smith Trousers Grey Romantic Rose Print Sweat Pants, available at for $310
2. Zoe Karssen Loose Fit Bat Sweat Pant, available at for $149
3. Leather Coated Look Joggers, available at for $76
4. Dip Dye Sweatpants, available at for $99
5. Helmut Lang Acid Wash Sweats, available at for $85
6. Raif Cashmere Sweat Pants, available at for $1317
7. Zoolan Sweatpants, available at for $46