Making Maleficent: Beauty Secrets from the Set


Ever since the first images from Maleficent were released, we've been fascinated by Angelina Jolie’s ethereal yet almost effortless look in the Sleeping Beauty remake. In reality, the actress underwent 3 hours of prosthetics and makeup for 70 days to transform into the iconic Disney villain.

“Angie convinced them [on the prosthetics] with the first makeup test,” Arjen Tuiten, the main prosthetics and makeup artist, told “It showed them that it’s still her, but a fantasy version of her—they were sold! She fought really hard for it.” The set included not just her sharp cheekbones (inspired by Lady Gaga’s Born this Way album cover) but also pointed ears and a bump for her nose. “In her mind she was a creature,” said Rick Baker, Jolie’s special effects makeup artist for the flick.

The hardest element to handle on her costume was the horns. “The creation of [the horns] took a little time to figure out,” Jolie said at a press event for the film. It took many trials to create a contraption that made the headpieces light enough to wear throughout the day and find a way to remove them safely. The result was a skullcap with strong magnets so the horns could easily pop off. “It took about two months of molding and sculpting to find the right products—it was one of the most difficult things Rick, Toni [G, Jolie’s go-to makeup guru] and I had ever done!” Tuiten explained.

To top off the look, the actress brought in renowned British milliner Justin Smith and worked closely with him to craft six custom cowls to go over the horns. “[Angelina and I] met every day to discuss the different pieces,” Smith tells “She helped me push the boundaries and create things I’ve never created before.” The finishing touches included the colored contacts, a classic red lip, fresh skin, and ivory acrylic nails with a Louboutin effect to add to the character’s viciousness.

But even with all the elements in place, Jolie's natural beauty shone through. “It’s hard to not make that face beautiful,” Baker concluded. And we couldn’t agree more!