Playing Dress Up With WHIT

Whitney Pozgay of WHIT based her latest collection on the idea of little girls playing dress up in their mother’s closet. Everyone can relate to this phenomenon, and Pozgay’s cheerful confections made you feel years younger just looking at them. Bird prints and bright, bold hues felt playful and sophisticated at the same time. We chatted with the designer (who also happens to be Kate Spade’s niece) about what’s on her mind these days.

What prompted this collection?
I was thinking of a girl playing dress up, because so many of of us were fascinated with their mother’s closets growing up. There are also some Hitchcock themes. We tied them both together with fun shapes and unexpected elements.

Which Hitchcock films, in particular?
There is a bird print, inspired by “The Birds,” which I love. There is also some “Rear Window” in there. My favorite Hitchcock movie is “Marnie.” I was thinking, how would I dress Tippi Hedren?

What did you raid in your mother’s closet?
My mother was a very Ralph Lauren girl. And I also would play in my grandmother’s closet. She was very ladylike, so I would drape myself in her pearls and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

If you could play dress up in anyone’s closet today, who would it be?
I really like the way Michelle Williams dresses. It’s so effortless.