Star Scoop: Coldplay Maps Out ‘Hunger Games,’ Amy Poehler’s ‘Inside Out,’ Remembering Whitney


Coldplay may have formed in the late ’90s, but the British band is making a major debut later this year. Chris Martin and his award-winning crew recorded “Atlas,” their first original song for a movie soundtrack, which we will hear in TheHunger Games: Catching Fireon August 26. [Variety]

Amy Poehler is stepping inside your head for Up director Pete Docter's next Oscars hopeful. Docter is heading Pixar's next big project, Inside Out, starring Poehler, Mindy KalingBill Hader, and Phyllis Smith as different emotions inside an 11-year-old girl's head. [The Hollywood Reporter]

If Whitney Houston was still alive today, she would have turned 50 years old. Though we all know her as the glamourous diva who delivered some of the best anthemic performances of our time, photographer Jack Mitchell, now 85, first encountered her in a different light. “I certainly didn’t see that stardom; it was not written all over her face,” said Mitchell, who shot the icon when she was still singing in her church choir at 18. “She didn’t have the glitz she had later in her career. But what do you expect of a high school student?” [CNN]

Following the recent release of Blackfish, a startling documentary about what really happens to orcas in captivity, Pixar has decided to alter the ending of its Nemo sequel Finding Dory. The film, currently in pre-production, “initially had an ending that involved a marine park,” and will now give its aquatic characters the option to return to the wild, according to an unnamed Pixar employee. Dory, starring Oscars 2014 host Ellen DeGeneres, will drop in 2015. [New York Times]

Speaking of alternate endings, this is how The Hills series finale could have gone down. How's that for reality TV?! [Vulture]

Record companies tend to go to extreme measures to keep their artists’ new music under wraps until it's primed for public ears. What happens, then, when it's the artist who threatens to rage against the machine? “Who would stop MATANGI from coming out?,” tweeted M.I.A., who's been reportedly at odds with her label's delay on setting a release date. “If Interscope takes longer I can always leak this next week and make a new one by the time they are ready.” Not surprisingly, Interscope set a November 5 date shortly thereafter. [Huffington Post]