20 Summer Romance Novels To Read At The Beach This Year

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There's nothing better than a romance book to cozy up with at the beach. After splashing around in the water, a great way to unwind underneath the sweltering sun is to grab an ice-cold fruity drink and a great story that you'll be sure to get lost in. In fact, the 20 books listed below are sure to put you in the summer mood and will make you feel, well, all the feels. Whether you want something lighthearted, cheesy, or a literary masterpiece, we at Glam have you covered. From stories like "It Happened One Summer" by Tessa Bailey and "Part of Your World" by Abby Jiminez, these books are sure to make you laugh, cry, and swoon. 


What's more, did you know that reading is considered one of the ultimate forms of meditation and relaxation? According to Psychology Today, getting lost in a good book can greatly reduce stress and even heal symptoms of anxiety and depression. Honestly, what can't reading do? So, kick back, relax, and enjoy these total beach-worthy summer reads. 

Warning: Some of these books might even make you blush!

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Fans of "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" will swoon over author Jenny Han's new novel, "The Summer I Turned Pretty." In this coming of age story, Belly must decide between not two love interests, but a whopping three. Who will she choose? The brooding misunderstood boy? The soft spoken sweetheart? The adventurous older guy? The options seem endless! And now that she's no longer the gawky, awkward looking girl from her youth, she is finally able to live the summer romance that she has always secretly yearned for. If you're looking for a fun, swoon-worthy, comfort read, this book is definitely a good option. 


Once you finish reading the popular novel, be sure to check out the Amazon Prime TV series adaption. Just like the book, it is sure to put you in a feel-good mood. 

Lauren Myracle, best known for her "TTYL" series, offers her rave review: "If I could live inside this amazing book, I would," the author said (via Barnes and Noble.) "I would inhale the ocean air and soak up the sun, and I would hang out all day with kind-wonderful-funny-awkward Belly and her two known-'em-forever buds, Jeremiah and Conrad. I'd watch the three of them stop being kids and start being more...and I'd hope hope hope that when Belly falls in love — 'cause you know she will — she'd give her heart to the exact right boy." Purchase "The Summer I Turned Pretty" on Amazon for $9.23.


It Happened One Summer

"It Happened One Summer" is all the rage, and for very good reason. Tessa Bailey's "Schitt's Creek" inspired novel centers around the privileged Jenner-esque socialite, Piper Bellinger, who has never had to work a single day in her life. Because her family is so well off, Piper has nothing to aspire to. This M.C. only cares about how many Instagram likes she gets on her latest selfie, and where the next party is. But when she singlehandedly causes a media scandal that nearly destroys her family's name, Piper's father forces her to spend time in Westport, Washington, the town where he was born and raised. 


Of course, Westport is the total opposite of Los Angeles, where Piper resides. This small town has salt-of-the-earth values that take Piper by full surprise and offer a total whiplash of culture shock. Yet when this sparkly blonde heiress is forced to live in close quarters with the scruffy small-town fisherman, Brendan, tensions rise to extreme proportions. Naturally, these two despise each other due to their inherently opposite personas. While Brendan is grumpy and down to earth, Piper is a diamond-encrusted ball of sunshine. And as much as they both try to resist their sizzling attraction to one another, there's no way to avoid it. They're totally, unfathomably smitten.

Essentials while reading this book: A travel-sized fan. Why the fan? Because this book is as hot and steamy as it gets.


USA Today said in a rave review of Bailey's novel: "Fans of 'Schitt's Creek' will love the premise of Bailey's latest work. [A] sexy, drama-filled love story. 'It Happened One Summer' is another great beach read. Plus, laying out in the sun is a perfect excuse for the blush-inducing scenes scattered throughout." Purchase "It Happened One Summer" on Amazon for $12.32

Hook, Line, and Sinker

"Hook, Line, and Sinker" is the follow-up book to Tessa Bailey's "It Happened One Summer," but you don't have to read the first book to adore the latter. In this story, Hannah is a hardworking musician with a good head on her shoulders. She is incredibly driven and career-focused, so she has no time for flirty heartthrobs like Fox, who have reputations of being total players. And that's exactly what Fox is: A player. But when an unlikely friendship develops between Fox and Hannah, both have no choice but to challenge their initial beliefs about how they perceive the other. In time, they learn that they're actually not all that different. In fact, there's a good chance they might be destined for one another.


Buzzfeed says of the feel-good novel, "Get a beach towel, a comfy chair, a summer drink, and sink your whole self into this breezy rom-com for an hour or two of total relaxation. Tessa Bailey's writing stands out in all the right sexy ways. It is truly nice to find a funny romance that sinks into complicated feelings about self-worth, giving way to a heartfelt story about the love we give ourselves... a tearjerker, and the tension is to die for. Tessa Bailey's writing made every little scream I inflicted on my blanket worth it." 

Purchase "Hook, Line, and Sinker" on Amazon for $12.99.

Call Me By Your Name

Warning: André Aciman's literary masterpiece will make you sob onto the parchment in a way that few other books ever can. This Italy-based novel centers around the bookish Elio and the charismatic Oliver, who are living together for the summer of 1983. At first, Elio tries with every fiber of his being to swallow down his feelings for his new houseguest. Not only is Oliver a total flirt with all the girls in town, but he's also arrogant, cold, and distant toward Elio. But as much as he tries to fight it, Elio can't deny the fact that he worships the very ground that Oliver walks. But does Oliver feel the same way? And even if he does, why even bother? He'll be gone as soon as the summer ends, back to America where he came from. This book pegs the question of whether or not it's worth it to pursue forbidden love, even if you know it will leave you heartbroken in the end.


The book also turned into a major motion picture in 2017, launching a career for Timothée Chalamet. Even if you've already seen the movie, we highly recommend not skipping out on the book. It's a real tear-jerker, so if you're looking for something lighter, you might want to skip this one until you're in the mood for a good ol' soul-shattering cry.

"A great love story," says Michael Upchurch of The Seattle Times. "Every phrase, every ache, every giddy rush of sensation in this beautiful novel rings true."

Purchase "Call Me By Your Name" on Amazon for $7.80. 

One Day

Practically speaking, Dexter and Emma shouldn't be best friends. Emma is bookish, cultured, worldly, and actually cares about making a difference in the world. Meanwhile, the only thing that Dexter cares about is how good his hair looks at any given moment. Emma spends her days hiding behind Dostoevsky novels, while Dexter spends his hooking up with one girl after the other. Yet despite Dexter's reputation as the popular playboy on campus, and Emma being the dorky bookworm that she is, the two can't seem to get the other off their brain. 


On graduation night, after a failed attempt at a one-night stand, Dexter and Emma decide that they're better off as friends. Regardless of life taking the two in totally different directions, they make the effort to stay in each other's lives. And although they form romantic relationships with other respective partners, no one is able to measure up to the bond that Dexter and Emma share. This "friends to lovers" literary triumph is filled with twists and turns that will make you laugh, cry, and smile in a way that few others can.

"One Day" was made into a film in 2011 starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess as Emma and Dexter. It was met with mixed reviews, with many people claiming that the book, written by David Nicholls, was far superior. Fortunately, the novel is set to be adapted into a Netflix mini series which will likely come out in 2023 (per What's On Netflix.)


According to a review by The Guardian, Nicholls has created a novel that is "not only roaringly funny but also memorable, moving and, in its own unassuming, unpretentious way, rather profound." 

Purchase "One Day" on Amazon Prime for $17.95.


By the same author of "One Day," David Nicholls offers another exciting romance book advertised as "what happens after the happily ever after." It's a nice change of pace from the average romance book that focuses entirely on the origin story. In this sun-soaked summer romance novel, we get a peak into the lives of longtime married couple, Connie and Douglas, who couldn't be more different from one another. While Connie is a creative and open-minded artist, Douglas is a straightlaced, buttoned-up scientist who doesn't have an artistic bone in his body. 


One day — decades into their relationship — Connie announces to Douglas that she no longer wants to be married to him. Douglas, who is still madly in love with Connie, is willing to do anything to save the marriage. Will their family trip around Europe repair what has been lost over time? This heartwarming story is filled with twists and turns that offer readers hope, tears, and a whole lot of laughs. It may not be the most traditional romance novel on this list, but it is sure to be one of the most heartfelt stories on romantic love as well as familial love. Plus, the sun-soaked European backdrops are perfect for summer.

According to a review by The Independent, "the novel warms you up from inside and makes you feel." And really, what more can you want from a book? 


Purchase "Us" on Amazon for $13.39.

Sweet Sorrow

Next on the list is another book by David Nicholls! What can we say? He really is the master of sun-soaked romance novels! In this book, fresh-out-of-high-school Charlie falls madly in love with Fran Fisher. The only problem is, in order to spend time with her, he has to join that summer's drama production of "Romeo & Juliet." But Charlie's biggest nightmare, however, is "theatre kids" and anything that is remotely artistic in nature. But what terrifies him even more than acting in a stage performance is what his bro-ish friends would say if they found out he was secretly participating in a Shakespeare play. Charlie knows without a single doubt that his group of friends would hold it against him until his last dying breath. Is he willing to risk his reputation in order to spend time with Fran? Read this heartfelt coming-of-age summer romance to find out.


The Washington Post says of the hit book, "the new novel from David Nicholls that just might be the sweetest book to brighten your late summer."

Purchase "Sweet Sorrow" on Amazon for $13.19.

The Notebook

Ah, "The Notebook." A classic tale of boy meets girl. But instead of simply providing the origin story for main characters Ally and Noah, this novella uncovers their romantic journey throughout their entire lifetime.


Many are familiar with the movie starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, but the novella by Nicholas Sparks is pretty different from the film. Yet just like the movie, the book is sure to bring out the waterworks. So be sure to get those tissues and get lost in the classic love story of these small-town star-crossed lovers, Ally and Noah. They may come from totally opposite walks of life, but they do have one thing in common: They're mad about each other.

According to USA Today (per Barnes and Noble) the book is, "A one-night read. If you are in need of a good cry, The Notebook is absolutely the right book."

Purchase "The Notebook" on Amazon for $9.99.

The Hating Game

For those who are looking for a genuine enemies to lovers romance, look no further than "The Hating Game" by Sally Thorne. This scrappy little novel takes a look into the lives of co-workers Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman, who are battling tooth and nail for the same promotion. Competing against each other poses no issue, considering that Lucy and Joshua despise each other. While Lucy is a colorful and bubbly ball of sunshine, Joshua is much too buttoned-up and bad-tempered for Lucy to like. For years, the two have been making it clear (in the office) how much they can't stand each other. But eventually, these foes are forced to get to know each other on a deeper level, far beyond the surface. What happens when they start developing feelings for each other that don't involve pure and unadulterated hatred?


"Sally Thorne satisfies hearts longing for laughter in their love stories," one review by The Washington Post declares. "Their battle of wits is tremendously fun—acerbic and sexy and filled with tension. The result is a wicked, witty romance that will capture readers' hearts long before Joshua manages to capture Lucy's."

Purchase "The Hating Game" on Amazon for $10.39.

Park Avenue Summer

"Park Avenue Summer" by Renée Rosen is the perfect novel for those who want to relive the "Mad Men" aesthetic of New York City in the 1960s. This book takes a look into the life of Alice Weiss, a 20-something who is just getting her start in the big apple. She ends up landing a job as an assistant for controversial figure Helen Gurley Brown, aka the creator of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Along the way, Alice finds love in several unexpected places, and with more than one suitor. But will she choose the sweet, salt-of-the-earth gentleman who sees the real her? Or will she pick the bad boy "Don Juan" type who may not be as reliable but is intoxicatingly fun? Follow Alice's journey as she navigates joy, heartbreak, and the entire roller coaster of emotions that come from young adulthood.


PopSugar reviews this hit novel as "'Mad Men meets The Devil Wears Prada,' which might as well be saying 'put me in your cart immediately.'"

Purchase "Park Avenue Summer" on Amazon for $11.29. 

By the Book

Attention all Disney fans: This one's for you.

There's nothing more enchanting than a retelling of a classic fairytale, and "By The Book: A Meant To Be Novel" is certainly no exception. This heartfelt romance book by Jasmine Guillory offers a modern-day retelling of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." In the book, Isabelle is upset over the fact that at 25 years old, she's not where she thought she would be at her publishing firm. Not only is her pay lower than her co-workers, but she's also the only black woman at the company.


Just when things begin to feel hopeless at work, an opportunity arises for Isabelle to finally get the long-awaited promotion she has been yearning for. Isabelle jumps at the chance, but unfortunately, doing-so will require her to spend time with the beastly recluse of a writer, Beau Towers. While she's hesitant at first, Isabelle learns that she and Beau share so much in common — the main thing being that they're both wildly crushing on each other. But, like any good slow-burn romance, it takes some time for them to admit their feelings; both to each other, and to themselves.

According to a review by E! Online, "Sure, you know what is going to happen and it's a tale as old as time, but that doesn't make it any less fun getting there. Oh, the power of Guillory's storytelling!" 


Purchase "By the Book" on Amazon for $12.30.  

If The Shoe Fits

"If The Shoe Fits: A Meant To Be Novel" is another magical retelling of a Disney Fairytale. Unsurprisingly, this breezy New York based romance novel offers a modern day retelling of "Cinderella." But before you skip over this one (because you might be thinking, 'What other possible way can you retell this story?') author Julie Murphy successfully finds a way. In this version of "Cinderella," Cindy is a 22-year-old plus-sized designer, who has a soft spot for shoes. In order to promote her design work, she joins a reality TV show similar to "The Bachelor." Along the way, she begins to fall for the modern-day equivalent of "Prince Charming." This fun summer read is sure to offer all the magic and enchantment from the original Disney fairytale.


Best-selling author Colleen Hoover had nothing but rave reviews for the book. She said the hit novel, "Encompasses everything I love about rom-coms. I laughed, I swooned, I smiled. Another hit for Julie Murphy!"

Purchase "If The Shoe Fits: A Meant To Be Novel" on Amazon for $11.25. 

Part of Your World

"Part of Your World" by Abby Jimenez is one of the top-rated romance novels of the year, and for very good reason. In this rom-com (which is equal parts funny as it is swoon-worthy) Alexis Montgomery and Daniel Grant come from polar opposite walks of life. While Alexis comes from an impossibly wealthy and image-obsessed family full of doctors, Daniel struggles to cope with his abusive drug-addicted mother who had him at the age of 16. And although he is a true country boy and she is a city girl by heart, these two can't help but cherish each other's company. Oh, and did we mention she's 10 years older than him?


Will Alexis follow her parents' wishes to pursue a wealthy and respectable doctor? Or will she follow her heart which belongs to Daniel Grant?

Harlequin Junkie reviews this book as "nothing short of inspiring as well as irresistibly sweet."

Purchase "Part of Your World" on Amazon for $9.98.

One True Loves

For those of you who adore a genuine love triangle, "One True Loves" by Taylor Jenkins Reid is the perfect book for you. In this novel (written by the author of the best-selling "Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo") Emma thinks her entire life is set out for her. She is married to the love of her life, Jesse, who is just as cultured, exciting, and worldly as she is. They have the perfect life together, until Jesse unexpectedly goes missing in a tragic helicopter accident. Distraught, Emma is wholly convinced that she will never find love again. Until Sam. While Jesse was well-traveled and full of culture, Sam is a small town salt-of-the-earth man who offers Emma a totally different kind of romance. And while Sam and Emma's romance is much more predictable and perhaps more secure, is it better than the one she shared with Jesse? And what happens when, after she's already engaged to Sam, Emma discovers that Jesse is not, in fact, dead?


Per Simon and Schuster, Cosmopolitan reviews Reid's book as "Earth-shaking... you will flip for this epic love story."

Purchase "One True Loves" on Amazon for $12.49.

The Last Song

If you are longing for a beachy, ocean breeze of a book, "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks is the perfect fit for you. In fact, this novel was practically written to be read while chilling on the hot sand. With the smell of wet stone and salty seawater in the air, "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks is as vital for a beachy getaway as your towel, sunblock, and umbrella. Follow the story of 17-year-old Ronnie as she finds love in the most unexpected of places — and with the most unexpected of suitors.


While Ronnie may be a total city girl who loves to party it up and break the rules, her parents think it's best that she spend some time in the small beach town where her father resides. Although she is totally against it at first, holding the deepest of grudges, she can't help but loosen up around small-town hottie, Will. But is he enough to keep her feet planted in the small beach town?

Purchase "The Last Song" on Amazon Prime for $13.58.

Size 12 Is Not Fat

Meg Cabot's novel "Size 12 is Not Fat" deals with mystery, romance, and a longwinded journey of self acceptance. In this book, Heather is a 28-year-old ex-pop star, who now works as a residence hall manager at New York College. Her peers are constantly struggling to figure out where they know her from, considering she looks so familiar — only now, Heather is a size 12 as opposed to the pint-sized pop star the world knew her as.


When a murder case breaks out on campus, Heather must solve the mystery with the help of her longtime crush, Pete. But does he feel the same way, or does he just regard her as his platonic old friend? Perhaps all Heather needs is a boost of self-confidence in order for Pete to see her as the gem of a woman she truly is.

Townsville Bulletin offers positive reviews (per Harper Collins) saying, "Meg Cabot is one of the most colorful writers on the market right now. In her latest mystery novel 'Size 12 is not fat,' Meg takes three very unlikely subjects: pop stars, dorm directors, and detectives, and blends them into one very intriguing book. Laugh-out-loud funny, it should be read while eating a chocolate bar.


Purchase "Size 12 is Not Fat" on Amazon for $9.59


"Captivated" written by Tessa Bailey and Eve Dangerfield is sure to add some steam into your life. This page-turning rom-com that is truly equal parts hilarious as it is sizzling hot, tells a classic "Grumpy-Sunshine" romance that pays homage to "Beauty and the Beast." Autumn is a 26-year-old ray of sunshine, who wants nothing more than to make people laugh with her stand up comedy routines. Blake, her permanently-scowling landlord, is the dark-souled recluse who barely sees the light of day. But after Autumn's steamy artwork of Blake accidentally gets exposed to the grumpy landlord, their dynamic shifts entirely.


Warning: The steam level in this book is insanely high, so your peers at the beach might be wondering why you're blushing so hard down at your book pages.

Harlequin Junkie says, "This was nothing like expected. It was SO much more. This is a true must read." 

Purchase "Captivated" on Amazon $13.99.

Cool for the Summer

High schooler Lara has been longing for the attention of Chase Harding for years now. He fits the bill of her perfect man to a T, considering he's kind, smart, gorgeous, and the captain of the football team. But when Chase finally starts to return Lara's feelings, why isn't she nearly as psyched as she expected to be? And why, for the life of her, can't she stop thinking about Jasmine, the girl from her past? This LGBTQ Jewish romance is the perfect summer read about self love and discovery.


This book is reviewed by The Seattle Times as "A delightful, lighthearted romantic comedy."

Purchase "Cool For The Summer" on Amazon for $12.00.

Melt My Heart

"Melt My Heart" by Bethany Rutter is the perfect LGBTQ summer read for fans of the Young Adult romance genre. In this story, Lily Rose is known as the "fat twin," while her beautiful sister Daisy is pined after by everyone in town. Yet for some strange reason, the conventionally gorgeous New Zealander, Cal, is absolutely crazy for Lily. And while Cal is seemingly perfect in every way, Lily only has eyes for one person: Her best friend, Cassie.


This book is sure to make you melt even more than the hot summer sun, so be sure to grab a cold drink with this book to prevent you from forming into a puddle. According to Goodreads, "Melt My Heart is a hilarious and inspiring coming-of-age YA novel from Bethany Rutter: influencer, editor and a fierce UK voice in the debate around body positivity."

Purchase "Melt My Heart" on Amazon for $14.65.