Make Your Hazel Eyes Shine With These Eyeshadow Colors

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Hazel is one of the world's rarest eye colors, with an estimated 5% of the population having eyes in this stunning hue (via Healthline). Not only are they less common than brown and blue eyes, but this eye color is special because it's not really one color at all. Hazel eyes contain flecks of both green and brown, and some also have streaks of amber and blue. They tend to fall into two categories: those that are predominantly brown, and those with green as the dominant color (via PrepScholar).


Hazel eyes can transform depending on the conditions that surround them, and while they don't actually change color, people's perception of them changes based on the shades they're paired with. When a hazel-eyed person wears a green outfit, for example, their eyes may seem green rather than hazel. While those with single-colored eyes choose eyeshadow colors to complement their eyes, hazel-eyed beauties can make their eyes seem like different colors with their makeup choices. Most colors on the palette suit hazel eyes, but there are a select few that will make them really pop.

The best neutral eyeshadows for hazel eyes

The best shade of eyeshadow for your hazel eyes will depend on what final look you'd like. Beauty Heaven recommends first choosing whether you'd like to enhance the brown and amber in your eyes, or whether you'd prefer to make the green and blue hues pop. Green, gold, and silver tones will help the natural green specks in hazel eyes stand out (via Charlotte Tilbury). Shades with reddish undertones, such as copper, can also highlight the natural green by creating a contrast. By comparison, to bring out the brown tones in your hazel eyes, opt for brown, plum, and bronze shades. If you don't have a preference and just want to complement your hazel eyes, earthy and autumnal colors will always bring out the warmth in them.


Regardless of whether brown or green is the dominant color, every pair of hazel eyes is unique. As such, there's no single perfect eyeshadow shade for every hazel-eyed person. The eyeshadow tones that do your eyes the most justice will also depend on other factors like your skin tone and hair color, as well as what you're wearing. Start by playing around with these great pairings for hazel eyes and find which color or color combination makes yours shine the most. Designer Brands Cosmetics recommends finishing your look with a creamy brown eyeliner, as black can look too harsh against the warm brown and green tones within the hazel.

Bolder colors for hazel eyes

The general rule of thumb for complementing hazel eyes is to stick to earthy shades. However, bolder hues can also enhance this eye color for a more dramatic look. Some of the best daring colors to pair with hazel eyes are pink and fuchsia, mustard yellow, burnt orange, and rose gold (via Kinder Beauty). Purple shades, including lilac and lavender, also tend to deliver a striking look by creating a contrast with the green flecks. 


L'Oréal points out that rosy tones particularly suit hazel eyes, especially when finished with brown eyeliner and black mascara. Those with hazel eyes are quite lucky as there are very few eyeshadow colors that they can't pull off, even if some tones are more flattering than others. However, the one shade to generally avoid is blue (via Youniquelly Beautiful). Even though many hazel eyes have speckles of blue in them, applying blue eyeshadow, particularly in lighter tones, can make hazel eyes seem dull and won't enhance their most alluring tinges of color.

To find the most complementary makeup looks for your hazel eyes, start off with a palette of fool-proof earthy colors and experiment with bringing out the green and brown streaks. You can also play around with more vibrant shades to create a show-stopping statement.