25 Best Accessories To Wear With A Bikini

Whether you're planning to spend the day at the beach, the pool, a waterpark, or a spa, having a cute bikini is a game-changer. According to Land Send, bikinis have been around since 1946 when an engineer came up with the idea in France. World War II was finally over, and everyone was ready to relax while basking in the freedom of summer weather. Louis Réard noticed women wearing swimsuits that hid the majority of their skin. In fact, they were rolling up the edges of their swimsuits to expose a little more skin in order to properly tan. He realized at that moment that the less fabric a woman was wearing, the more easily she would be able to tan her body. He then designed the first-ever bikini by sewing two small triangles together side-by-side for the top and two larger triangles together in a stacked position for the bottoms. Pretty soon, his design became a total hit, and bikinis have been a summer staple ever since. 


It's always nice to add the perfect accessories to an outfit when you're going on a picnic date or to a work meeting. Why not add the perfect accessories to your bikini also? Shop Your Wardrobe stresses the importance of wearing accessories in the world of fashion. A bikini might not be made of much fabric, but that doesn't mean bikinis don't deserve to be paired with other trendy items that will make your appearance more elevated and complete.

Vintage sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses during hotter seasons is incredibly important for our eye health. Sunglasses protect your eyes from being burned by the sun by shielding them with darkened lenses. Aside from the health benefits of wearing sunglasses, there's also a major fashion benefit that comes from wearing sunglasses, too: sunglasses pair incredibly well with bikinis. Vintage sunglasses are a little more special to consider since they remind people of simpler times in history. 


L'Officiel notes that vintage sunglasses from the '70s, for instance, have become somewhat of a darling trend for fashionistas and influencers today. They provide so much more than UV protection. Vintage sunglasses truly make a bold statement. What's more, TikToker and fashion major @Miks_Tiks posted a video about vintage sunglasses she approves of for the summer, saying that vintage sunglasses with lightly structured silhouettes are one of the most stunning choices.

Colorful shawls

If you've ever thought about wrapping a colorful shawl around your hips while wearing a bikini, your head is certainly in the right place. Colorful shawls are the ideal accessory to wear with a bikini for a multitude of reasons. The first reason is that shawls provide a bit of modesty to anyone who would prefer to hide a little bit of their skin. Bikinis expose a lot of one's legs and thighs, which means shawls can help you feel a little more secure.


The reason colorful shawls and shawls covered in patterned designs are so great is that they can add a splendid pop to any bland bikini. For example, if you're wearing a simple white bathing suit, a bright red shawl will help you stand out in a crowd. Open Water HQ says cover-ups and shawls help bridge the gap between being fully dressed and being splash ready, too. They're essential when it comes to walking back and forth between the water's edge and the tiki bar. 

TikToker @Tiiffxny shared a video with some advice about how to turn a basic scarf into a shawl before the next time you decide to lounge by the pool, advising that you tie your scarf in two separate places to achieve the best results.


Oversized tote bag

Bringing an oversized tote bag along with you during a beach trip is beneficial for more than just its convenience. It's obvious that oversized tote bags are great with holding your most important belongings. The Odyssey Online reveals that women's purses are typically filled with a wide variety of items. 


Since oversized tote bags are so large, they can easily store your phone, wallet, sunscreen, car keys, feminine hygiene products, sunglasses, rubber bands, and more. 

The spacious insides of an oversized tote bag seem almost endless. Along with being able to hold all your essentials, an oversized tote bag also looks amazing with a bikini. Bikinis are tiny without much fabric in the first place. Wearing a tiny bikini with a tiny purse is sort of... boring. Oversized tote bags add a special contrast. TikToker @FeedProjects posted a video walking along the water's edge on the beach with a large tote bag in her hand. Her carefree and fun look was made complete thanks to her tote.

Platform sandals

Wearing platform shoes and sandals is one of the biggest fashion trends to pop up recently. Wearing a bikini with stiletto heels is something reserved for runway models and photoshoots. Platform shoes and sandals, on the other hand, can still be comfortably worn on sand and grass. The problem with heels on sand and grass is that the sharp point will constantly sink into the ground with every step you take. Platform shoes and sandals will give you more height without causing you to sink. The bottoms of platform shoes and sandals are typically flat or made with a very small divot that won't make it difficult for you to walk around. 


TikToker @Jessica.Luevano posted a video about the platform sandals she bought from a brand called Madden Girl. In her caption, she mentions how obsessed she is with her purchase, with her platform sandals ultimately being perfect for women wearing bikinis who want to look a little taller without having to suffer from sinking heels.

Fake belly button piercing (for those who aren't pierced)

Since the entire stomach is typically exposed when a woman wears a bikini, having a belly button piercing in place is another great accessory to consider. For those who don't already have their belly button pierced, there is a simple way you can fake a belly button piercing before your next vacation. TikToker @Angel.Moret explains in her step-by-step guide that you can use clear, waterproof eyelash glue to attach the piercing's ball and dangly portion on top of her belly button hole and inside the belly button crease. This is an easy trick for women who know they would look great with a belly button piercing but would rather not go through the pain of getting a piercing done by an actual professional. Plus, it won't fall off underwater!


Painful Pleasures reveals that belly button piercings are by far the most popular piercings women get above other areas such as eyebrows, lips, and nipples. In 2015, an estimated 33% of women already had their bully buttons pierced either temporarily or long-term. This piercing is as popular as it is for a reason!

Fishnet dress

There's something undeniably chic and sexy about a fishnet dress. Fishnet dresses cover you up entirely while still exposing tons of skin at the same time. Its contradicting nature makes it one of the coolest beach accessories ever. Your fishnet dress might be long-sleeved and long enough to cover your ankles, but that doesn't mean your body isn't still fully on display. Wearing a fishnet dress over your bikini means you're happy to be covered up, yet you're also comfortable strutting your stuff. 


TikToker @theemimideshun posted a video wearing a white fishnet dress to give her viewers a glimpse into what the bikini accessory is all about. The netting over her chest is very open and widespread to reveal a lot of cleavage. The netting over her stomach is a lot smaller with a sweet butterfly design imprinted. The netting on her sides and hips is open and stretched a bit more. After all, fishnet is considered a versatile staple in anyone's closet. For this reason, fishnet dresses pair well with bikinis as accessories. 

Body chain

Women who want to wear jewelry to the beach without having to actually pierce any body parts might want to consider body chains. Body chains can be wrapped around your midsection in a way that elongates your body while adding a pop of flair and charm. Elvie explains that body chains add edginess to looks that would otherwise be basic or casual. You can turn up the heat on any basic two-piece with a body chain added to the mix.


If a bikini of yours looks a little more sporty and athletic than you'd like, adding a body chain will help it look more feminine in an instant. If a bikini of yours looks a little more plain and undecorated than you'd like, adding a body chain will fix that problem right away. For inspiration, TikToker @fromtina2you models a body chain draped over her midsection, right below her belly button — and she looks incredible. Now, you can, too!

Sun hat

Wearing a sun hat during the hot summer months is a must for many women. Sun hats create shade over one of the most important parts of your body –– your face. Too much sun exposure leads to premature aging and wrinkles. Keeping your face safe and protected from the sun is one of the smartest things you can do if you want to maintain a youthful glow forever. Sun hats are ideal when it comes to sun protection because they act like wearable umbrellas. Without a big enough sun hat blocking the UV rays of the sun, your face will have to stand up for itself against the elements. Health Care Utah notes that sun hats made of dense fabrics in darker colors are your best bet. Sun hats are amazing for more than just sun safety though. 


They also look amazing when paired with a bikini. Wearing a sun hat with a bikini makes you look like you are totally ready for a vacation filled with blissful moments and fun excursions. TikToker @keepingkolby shared her ginormous sun hat collection. In her video, she shows off her hats in different colors including black, tan, and white, and they would look good with any bikini. 

Ankle bracelet

Jewelry is fun to add to any bikini when it comes to accessorizing. Most women remove their rings from their fingers and remove their earrings from their ears before hopping into any bodies of water though. Ankle bracelets, also known as anklets, are a bit different in this area. Women know they can leave their ankle bracelets on before hopping into the ocean or splashing into a pool. The reason why? The clasps on ankle bracelets are so excessively tiny that it's incredibly tough for them to fall off. Rings might slide off your fingers under water and earrings might just float away, but ankle bracelets stay right where they belong. For this reason, they are the ideal accessory for a bikini.


Boutique Events Group says anklets have "been around since at least 6000 B.C." There are artifacts that reveal the use of anklets as a trend by women from Babylon. Anklets have even been unearthed in exhumed Sumerian tombs from ancient Mesopotamia. Today, TikTok users love them, too. For instance, TikToker @MaryRenee_W posted her gold chain anklets in a video to showcase how stunning they are. She's got a few anklets that would easily pair well with bikinis, and you can, too.

Denim shorts

Denim shorts are an excellent addition when it comes to getting ready for a day at the beach. The reason denim shorts come in handy is that they provide some coverage for anyone who doesn't want to show too much skin down below. Katy Perry said it best when she wrote the lyrics of "California Gurls" before the song's 2010 release. As noted by Lyrics Box, she sings, "California girls, we're unforgettable. Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top!" 


Daisy Dukes is a popular style of denim shorts that have always paired well with bikinis, even before Perry sang about it. Catherine Bach is the actress who made denim shorts with bikini tops a trend when she starred in "Dukes of Hazzard" in the '80s. She made the role famous before Jessica Simpson picked up the name in 2005. Jessica wore denim shorts with a bikini top in the same exact way. Today, TikToker @Kat.Goldd talks about pairing denim shorts with crop tops and blazers, but at the end of the day, we all know denim shorts look best with bikini tops.

Bucket hat

Just like a sun hat, a bucket hat is a brilliant bikini accessory to wear. Sun hats and bucket hats share two major things in common. The first thing is that they both protect wearers from the harsh reality of too much sun exposure. When your skin is absorbing too much heat and sunshine, it can make your skin age way faster than necessary. Hiding your face from the sun with a good bucket hat is incredibly smart for that reason. 


The second thing sun hats and bucket hats have in common is that they are both super cute when paired with a bikini. Bucket hats have been around for quite some time, making big statements in the world of style. CR Fashion Book says the history of bucket hats dates back to the early 1900s. It was then that farmers and fishermen made them popular as a way of shielding their eyes from rainfall. It's interesting to note how far things have come. Now, bucket hats are worn for their appeal by the younger generations. TikToker @realsileyls notes to her viewers that you can rock bucket hats with a variety of outfits, confirming that the hats do indeed look amazing with nearly everything, including bikinis.


Cotton biker shorts

Kim Kardashian seemingly put biker shorts on the map in 2018. She was photographed going everywhere and anywhere in biker shorts that year. Whether she was stopping at McDonald's for an ice cream cone or spending time with her four little ones, she was frequently spotted wearing biker shorts in an assortment of colors. After that, just about everyone was willing to give them a try. Biker shorts as being great for fitness purposes or lounging around the house. They mention that biker shorts can be worn for a sporty look or a casual one. Since biker shorts are so incredibly comfortable to wear, they can easily be added to any bikini.


One of the models from the @CottonOn TikTok page posted a video highlighting the various ways biker shorts can be styled. For her beach mood section of the video, her bikini is hidden away underneath a loose t-shirt with her biker shorts. In general, a loose t-shirt isn't really needed to complete this look. Biker shorts with bikini tops would look amazing on any woman as she takes a stroll on the beach.

Press-on nails (for those who don't regularly wear acrylics)

Plenty of women go to the nail salon once or twice a month to get their nails professionally done by technicians. There's something so relaxing about going to a salon, sitting in a massage chair, sipping a glass of wine, and getting your nails handled. Clutch Nails says that nail treatments are so popular right now that the market is estimated to surpass $20.9 billion by 2027. Why are women so obsessed with getting their nails done? Social media is easily one of the main culprits. Seeing how nice it looks on other women to have long, lovely nails has acted as a motivating factor to women who wouldn't have considered acrylic nails otherwise. 


Even so, getting your nails done regularly at a salon can be very expensive. That's where the use of press-on nails comes into play. Press-on nails are way more affordable than salon visits, and they often look just as beautiful. TikToker @RoxyNailsParis_Eng showcases just how easy it is to apply faux nails without spending loads of money with a technician. If you want to look like a total baddie at the beach clubs of Vegas or Miami in your bikini, press-on nails are a must.

Sheer top

Sheer tops leave little to the imagination, but that's kind of the point. When you add a sheer top over your bikini before spending a day near the water, you're telling the world that you know you look good and you don't need to hide it. Confidence is key when it comes to a trend like this. The truth of the matter is that sheer tops are popular with or without a bikini involved. Plenty of sheer tops have been worn with bralettes and bandeaus underneath in the past. 


In one video, TikToker @_lucymunro showed off the way she personally chooses to style her favorite sheer top. Underneath her sheer top, she adds a white bralette that looks quite similar to a bikini top with triangle-shaped fabric over each breast. Corporette says sheer tops do not belong in the office since they are far from professional, and that is totally fine. One of the best places to wear a sheer top would be over your bikini at the beach or by the pool, anyway. 

Cowgirl boots

Ever since Kendall Jenner launched her modeling career, she's been considered a true fashion icon. She inspires women all over the globe when it comes to their fashion choices and style senses. When she shared a series of pictures on her Instagram wearing a tan-colored bikini with cowgirl boots, it made a huge statement. Cowgirl boots don't need to be stored away until a night of country line dancing comes along. 


You don't need to ignore your cowgirl boots until a rodeo show is added to your calendar either. You can wear a pair of cowgirl boots with your bikini, just like Jenner. Her pics in a bikini and cowgirl boots have pulled in over 10 million likes in total so far, which means people are undoubtedly loving the combination. In fact, TikTokers like @Wherethadilfsat1 are showing their massive cowgirl boot collections, which would all look perfect with a bikini.


Wedges and platform sandals are similar in two undeniable ways. For one, they are both incredibly comfy for women who want to walk across sand and grass without struggling. Wedges don't have a gap beneath them the way traditional heels do. Anyone who enjoys wearing platform sandals probably likes wearing wedges just as much. They both add a couple of inches of height to women who are on the petite side, which is a win.


The second reason wedges and platforms are similar is that they both look amazing when worn with bikinis. Wedges help elongate your legs without being painful. When you're wearing a bikini, it's best to make sure your legs look as long as possible, especially if you want to land a date. After all, Psychology Today revealed that men find long legs on women to be alluring. Wedges, like platform sandals, can really help in this department.

Maxi dress

It shouldn't come as a surprise that maxi dresses would be considered a top-tier accessory to be worn with a bikini. After all, maxi dresses are ideal for the drive many people must take to get from their home to the beach. They're also great to wear if you need to quickly run into a grocery store or gas station on a casual swimming day. Some maxi dresses offer total coverage for women who are looking to be as modest as possible. These maxi dresses have enough fabric to hide your chest, legs, stomach, arms, and shoulders if need be. Other maxi dresses are more revealing while still looking just as amazing. 


In one video, TikToker @NazJaa modeled a maxi dress in several different ways, inspiring us and her viewers. With a bikini underneath, you can add sandals, purses, jewelry, or anything else you want. Fibre 2 Fashion, too, notes that maxi dresses are very versatile, revealing that maxi dresses rose in popularity during the '60s thanks to a fashion designer named Oscar de la Renta. Now, maxi dresses are worn on top of bikinis very frequently.

Tennis skirt

Tennis skirts do not need to be reserved to be worn only when playing tennis. In fact, they can be worn anywhere and everywhere. You certainly don't need to be an athlete to wear a tennis skirt if you feel like wearing one. One of the best times you can wear a tennis skirt is with your bikini as the perfect fashionable accessory. Adding a tennis skirt to the mix is great for women who want to cover up their lower half a bit more. If you prefer a sense of modesty but feel that wearing shorts would be a little too boring, tennis skirts are the way to go. 


Instagram user @iamjbreton inspired us when she shared photos of herself wearing a white, pleated tennis skirt over her pink bikini bottoms. Her bikini top is still visible, and the style combination is a total winner. What's more, according to NSS G-Club, tennis skirts blew up in popularity during the '80s and '90s. Today, tennis skirts continue to garner just as much attention from fashion lovers. 

Flowy romper

It's easy to love rompers since they are one of the most casual and comfortable items of clothing ever. Rompers slightly resemble dresses, but instead of being totally open at the bottom, they're separated with sewn seams that create shorts. Rompers can have spaghetti straps, sleeves that cover your arms and shoulders, or they can be totally sleeveless. 


Regardless of the style of romper you choose to wear, it's important to note that rompers are an amazing accessory to go along with a bikini. Just like a maxi dress, you can pull a romper on over your bikini before spending a day near the water. College Fashion explains that rompers started off as nothing more than clothing for children. Times have certainly changed! Women wear rompers just as often, if not more often, than small children. Now, too, some are even more perfect for the beach. For example, TikToker @BeccaCinelli showed off a dark blue romper she purchased for herself. The bottom half of her romper looks flowy enough to be a dress even though it's not, and it would pair perfectly with a bikini.


Cowgirl hat

You might think you need to save your cowgirl hat for a special event or a western-themed costume party, but the reality is that cowgirl hats are actually a great accessory with bikinis. Since cowgirl hats are made with enough material to shield your face from the sun, they are just as helpful when it comes to UV protection as typical sun hats and bucket hats. There's something special about cowgirl hats in comparison to other hats you might wear with your bikini though. The way they curl up on the sides and the fact that they typically come with a cute design or ribbon makes cowgirl hats stand out. 


The National Cowboy Museum notes that cowboy hats have been around since 1865. Although they were once considered ordinary, there are seen as trendy fashion statements in this day and age. In fact, TikToker @KathrynKate0077 posted a video tutorial for anyone who wants to learn how to make a pink, rhinestone-covered cowgirl hat. It's exactly the type of hat that would make any bikini absolutely shine, and we can't wait to follow it ourselves.

Short sundress

Wearing a sundress on a sunny day is totally typical. There's nothing surprising at all about a woman choosing to accessorize her bikini with a short sundress. One of the best things about wearing sundresses is that they can look as casual or fancy as you decide. You can decorate a sundress over your bikini with additional accessories for a more interesting look. You can also keep things totally simple and easy without any extra flair. It's fairly common to find sundresses with floral designs or patterns covering them. There are also tons of sundresses available in plain colors to choose from.


Deciding on the right sundress to wear with your bikini comes down to whatever mood you're in for the day. For example, TikToker @KristinTaenzer posted a video showing off a series of her favorite sundresses, with each of the short sundresses she modeled being perfect as a bikini coverup. Recollections explains that the history of sundresses began when fashion designers were brainstorming new sportswear for women. Now, sundresses aren't really considered sporty, but they are definitely thought of as ideal for a day at the pool or beach.

Hoop earrings

Anyone who has seen "Mean Girls" probably remembers the drama between Regina George and Gretchen Wieners. The latter revealed that Regina wouldn't allow her to wear hoop earrings anymore in one of the hilariously iconic scenes. In real life, it truly would be devastating to find out that you weren't allowed to wear hoop earrings anymore. Hoop earrings are incredibly trendy, and they look absolutely stunning when worn with a bikini. 


TikToker @RaniandCo posted a video breaking down the importance of hoop earrings. She revealed that in many cultures, especially ones that have been historically and systematically oppressed, they are worn to represent resistance against discrimination. She also explained that circular hoop earrings represent both strength and wholeness. Jewelry Shopping Guide adds that hoop earrings have been worn by most ancient human societies, including ancient Egypt, Rome, and Mesopotamia. We know that hoop hearings have been around for a while, and now it's time to start wearing them with bikinis, too. They will add a tone of bold ferocity to your overall look.

Crossbody bag

Wearing a crossbody bag or a fanny pack is one of the trendiest and most convenient things you can do with your bikini. The reason why is that crossbody bags provide the same service as any typical purse or tote bag without you having to actually hold anything in your hands or over your shoulder. You can fill your crossbody bag with items such as your phone, cash, gum pack, and more. All the while, it's strapped around your waist or chest, which means you don't have to exert any effort holding onto it. 


According to Lou-Lou Boutiques, crossbody bags have been around since the late 18th century. Thanks to European fashionistas, the slender shape of crossbody bags became incredibly popular. The popularity has certainly lived on. TikToker @BrittanyBoyack showed off her collection of crossbody bags. She has a wide variety in an assortment of colors and patterns, including black, white, lavender, and checkered. Adding any of her crossbody bags to a bikini would work perfectly since the crossbody bags add an instant pop of color.


One of the more inconvenient and annoying things to deal with during a beach trip is having to constantly push your hair out of your face. Fortunately, headbands allow that issue to become a thing of the past. Since headbands are so popular to wear among people with longer hair, they are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns. TikToker @LandCrystal showed off her collection of crystal-covered headbands. Her video simply proves that headbands can make a genuinely bold statement.


Another lovely thing about headbands is that they pair well with a bikini. You don't have to reserve your use of headbands for an athletic day of playing recreational soccer at the park or casual volleyball with your friends. Headbands are intended to be helpful in the sports world, but they are also beloved in this day and age simply for the way they look. Suddora explains that headbands were once used to mark special occasions and important events in ancient Greece. Now, it makes sense to pull one over your hair while wearing a bikini for the aesthetic. 

Oversized hair clip

Oversized hair clips are one of the best accessories for women when it comes to adding something special to your overall appearance. Hair clips are durable and low-impact, and they exist as a trendy way of keeping your hair out of your face. Oversized hair clips are an ideal accessory to add to bikinis for anyone who wants to feel super dressed up without trying too hard. An oversized hair clip with a large flower or gem attached on top looks even more beautiful. 


TikToker @ToniRose.Co showed the way she uses oversized hair clips to hold up her hair in the back. Regardless of how long your natural hair might be, oversized hair clips can really change the game when it comes to the way you look by the water. You might want to hook an oversized hair clip onto your hair in the back, or you might want to pin one to your hair in the front. Either way, they are a top-tier accessory choice for a beach day.