The Best Places To Meet Your Soulmate Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Dating culture is in a weird place these days. This generation knows a lot about swiping left or right on potential matches, but not so much about meeting people face to face. Dating apps might be easy to use on the surface, but they don't always lead to healthy, long-lasting relationships. Crisis Magazine describes dating in 2022 as an abysmal hellscape that destroys any notion of real love. So, many people have horror stories to tell about being used and/or hurt by lovers they once trusted. Would dating someone new feel a little more special and worth fighting for if you met that special someone in real life rather than on an app?

Shondaland explains that each zodiac sign comes with differing romantic nuances and love languages. Knowing the ins and outs of how your personal zodiac sign reacts in the realm of love is a big deal. Based on the personality traits that are connected to your zodiac sign, where should you be spending your free time on the lookout for a potential partner? These are some of the places each zodiac sign has a higher chance of meeting their future soulmate.

Arians will meet potential partners at the airport

Aries is the most adventurous sign in the zodiac. Arians are always traveling to new places to see new sights and enjoy new experiences. Since they're always on the go, airports exist as their second home. If you have someone in your life who's already excited to plan their next vacation before their current vacation is even over, it's very likely you have an Aries on your hands. In fact, they never want to feel like they're being held back or locked in a box. 

What's more, Thought Catalog explains that Arians tend to get bored easily. Repeating the same routine too many days in a row will cause Aries to feel restless and annoyed. For these reasons, Arians are happy to venture out of their comfort zones on a frequent basis. Travel & Leisure adds that travelers spend most of their time inside airports simply waiting. 

You're waiting to purchase your ticket, you're waiting to go through security, and then you're waiting to board your flight. What if Aries spent some of that time waiting with their eyes peeled for a potential partner? Anyone you meet at an airport is obviously already on board with the idea of traveling to new places. Aries can casually spark up a conversation about where they're headed next or where they plan to go on their next adventure.

Taureans will meet potential partners at food and wine festivals

Taureans are sensual and romantic when it comes to love. They take their time to savor each moment with a person they fancy, the same way one might savor a glass of delicious wine. Taureans are known to take things extremely slowly, especially when it comes to their romantic endeavors. They don't feel a sense of urgency if they already feel confident about the person they've set their sights on. explains that since Taureans are slow-moving, sensual people, they know how to connect on deeper emotional levels. They're capable of creating an intimacy that goes beyond the five senses. In comparison, drinking wine is something most people take their time with. Wine lovers appreciate the aroma, the flavor, and the experience of sipping on something so valuable and high-class. Savor Each Glass says meeting other available singles at wine tasting events is far better than trying to search for your true love on a dating app. 

For Taureans who aren't interested in drinking alcohol, wine festivals never just push the wine-drinking agenda. There are also usually gourmet food options to taste along with virgin cocktails that don't have any alcohol mixed in at all. Since wine pairs well with cheese, seafood, vegetables, red meats, and fruits, non-drinking Taureans will have a lot of delicious food options to consider while keeping an eye out for a potential partner.

Geminis will meet potential partners at nightclubs or bars

Geminis are incredibly social beings who love spending their time in busy places surrounded by tons of people. One of the most bustling and exciting places to casually meet others would be a nightclub. Bars are also filled with chatty people who are open to getting to know each other. Nightclubs and bars provide the perfect backdrop for people who love dressing up, listening to good music, and hitting the dance floor. The Times of India describes Geminis as being fun, entertaining, and enthusiastic people. They're not the type to shy away from a crowd or stand aside like wall flowers. 

Vice says that although the idea of a loud, sweaty dance floor with flashing strobe lights might not sound like the most romantic setting ever, couples have successfully found love in nightclubs and bars in the past. The trick when it comes to finding love in nightlife environments is to make sure the person who caught your attention is actually local to where you live. Next, it'd be smart to pull them aside for a talk somewhere a little quieter. From there, you can gauge exactly what they're looking for.

Outgoing Geminis who can't stomach the idea of looking for love in a nightclub can redirect their "social energy" to social media as an alternative. Finding love on social media is not the same thing as finding love on a dating app. Dating apps can be sleazy at times, but social media platforms still exist as places for people to post the highlights of their lives and connect with friends. If you notice someone attractive posting pictures with your local city tagged as their location, it's perfectly fine to start a conversation and see where it goes.

Cancerians will meet potential partners in support groups

Cancerians are known as the zodiac sign that's most in touch with their emotions. Group therapy sessions and support groups are places where people can be vulnerable while fully opening up about how they feel. Since Cancerians love talking about their feelings, support groups and open therapy sessions are places to think about. Zodiac Fire notes that Cancerians often get sentimental as they yearn for memories of the past. Cancerians crave deep and meaningful relationships with others who are also emotionally mature. It would be tough for a Cancer to date someone who was emotionally closed off and avoidant. Cancerians will easily find like-minded people who want to share their traumas and fanciful dreams in an open format.

Meet Up is a friendly site Cancerians can check out when they're narrowing down which support groups to visit. There are groups for people who want to discuss overcoming heartbreak, dealing with divorce, and the journey of healing. There are also groups for people who want to discuss non-relationship topics such as American history, creative writing, fitness, and goal setting. The options are unlimited.

Leos will meet potential partners at the gym

Leos have occasionally been known to fall in lust before actually falling in love. Although they aren't inherently trying to be shallow or vain, appearances mean a lot to Leos. This is why someone who looks fit and attractive at the gym might easily catch their eye. Co—Star Astrology says Leos are people who love to show off. They add a bit of theatrical flair to everything they do. Leos are charismatic and confident beyond words. When you see a Leo living their best life, it looks natural and effortless from an outsider's perspective. Leos are attracted to people who can match their energy.

When a Leo prioritizes their physical health and wellbeing, it's not surprising to see them spending loads of time at the gym. For this reason, the gym is a place Leos should keep their eyes open for potential partners. Muscle & Fitness adds that it can be annoying to get hit on in the middle of a set, but that doesn't mean you should be completely closed off to the prospect of finding love in a gym setting. 

Leos who care about looking their best and achieving their goals know that whenever they're in the gym, they're surrounded by like-minded individuals who are carving time out of their day to focus on fitness. Leos looking for love should put on a cute matching set and spritz themselves with some fresh-smelling body mist before their next workout just in case.

Virgos will meet potential partners at work

Virgos are logical, analytical, and hard-working people. They can be depended on to show up on time and get all of their obligations handled. Their perfectionism leads them to occasional Friday nights staying late in the office. It's not surprising at all that Virgos would meet their potential partner on the job. Egypt Today says Virgos are the first people to analyze every single thing they peep around them. Nothing really slides by them as they tend to notice everything. They're ambitious and obsessed with setting high standards for themselves. When a Virgo thinks about finding love, they're hopeful about finding someone who matches their level of success or exceeds it. If you don't have any goals in place, Virgos won't waste their time. 

"You spend a tremendous amount of time at work and, if you put people in close proximity, working together, having open, vulnerable conversations, there's a good chance there are going to be romantic relationships," Art Markman, professor of psychology and marketing at the University of Texas at Austin, tells the Harvard Business Review. Virgos are business-minded people who feel better about themselves when they're thriving in the workforce. It makes sense that Virgos would romantically click with someone they work with. Therefore, Virgos should keep an open mind about attending office work parties and joining their co-workers for after-hours drinks. Even if a Virgo knows they aren't super attracted to any of their immediate co-workers, there's always the opportunity to be introduced to mutual colleagues and associates.

Libras will meet potential partners at religious or political venues

Libras think about approaching love in traditional ways compared to other zodiac signs. When it comes to following old-school traditions, it makes sense to seek out romance with someone you know you share political or religious views with. Astrology Zodiac Signs notes that Libras are peaceful, fair, and balanced people. They would prefer not to be alone in life, and partnership is one of their top priorities. Libras heavily lean toward established and conventional customs when it comes to love.

Healthy Framework says meeting someone in a religious venue like a church or cathedral is possible if you're willing to join the right ministries and get involved with church events. You should take your time after service ends to mix and mingle with other people. For Libras who aren't religious at all, political venues are another place to meet potential partners. Sharing the same political views can be a strong basis for a healthy relationship. Becoming affiliated with a political campaign or organization in your local area opens the door for you to meet people who agree with you about laws and regulations. Since Libras are not people who strive for confrontation, they prefer to know they see eye to eye about topics like religion and politics with the person that they're dating from the very beginning.

Scorpios will meet potential partners at the beach

Scorpios are intense lovers who exude high levels of confidence. Meeting someone at the beach would be a breeze for a Scorpio who sets their sights on someone interesting. When you think of the beach, the first thought that comes to mind might be the water, the sand, the sunshine, and the beauty of the great outdoors. The next thought that pops up might be that people are enjoying beach days wearing swimsuits that typically offer minimal coverage. This isn't something that would make a typical Scorpio flinch or bat an eye. says that Mars is one of Scorpio's ruling planets. Keep in mind that Mars is the planet of sex, aggression, anger, war, and animalistic nature. Scorpios are incredibly intense in the world of love because they're filled with a burning passion and a desire to connect with the right person. Scorpios also fall into the water element category along with Cancers and Pisces. They're much less emotional than their two water element buddies though. Nevertheless, finding love near a large body of water like the ocean sounds like the perfect plan for a Scorpio. AnydayGuide says that if you're looking for love at the beach, keep it natural and don't be too obvious. Make eye contact and be sure you're on the same page with someone before laying the flirtation on too thick.

Sagittarians will meet potential partners at their local coffee shop

Sagittarians are consistent, generous, and optimistic. Visiting the local coffee shop each morning for an iced latte and croissant might sound like the best morning routine ever for a hopeful Sagittarius. This fire sign generally enjoys pleasant interactions with baristas and other guests they run into. Astrostyle says Sagittarians are more chill and calm about unexpected changes than other zodiac signs in the lineup. If their favorite coffee shop is out of coconut milk, it's not the end of the world. They'll be open to trying oat milk or almond milk instead. 

The general mood and vibe you'll find inside a coffee shop are cheerful and highly vibrational in the most nonchalant way. But how common is it to fall in love in a coffee shop? According to the New York Post, it's a tale as old as time. Thanks to the rise of work-from-home jobs and remote positions after the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever are taking their laptops to get work done at coffee shops. The ambiance of a coffee shop is nicer than being holed up at home by your lonesome. Even if you don't work from home, you probably know how lovely it is to spend time scrolling on your phone in a plush seat with a frappe in your hand at a coffee shop. If Sagittarians are open to finding love in a coffee shop, anything could happen.

Capricorns will meet potential partners at weddings

Capricorns can appreciate the beauty in watching true love unfold before their eyes. A wedding is a lovely event dedicated to nothing other than true love. Weddings bring together tons of singles who might be on the lookout for a little romance. When you're watching someone you personally know tying the knot with their soulmate, it adds a sense of urgency and desire to your own personal search for a fairytale relationship. Weddings are ideal places for a Capricorn to meet their match. 

Co—Star Astrology says that even though Capricorns don't always express their affections in obvious ways, they're truly sentimental people. Since Capricorns value family, stability, and tradition, weddings are where they'll have higher chances of meeting potential partners. Love is already in the air and on the brain for everyone attending weddings anyway. HuffPost says finding love at weddings is possible if you act strategically. Request a seat at the singles table if you're close enough to the bride or groom to do so. Arrive solo rather than towing a platonic plus one along for the ride. If Capricorns get the chance to showcase their personalities through champagne toasts, fun dance moves, or heartfelt conversation, there's a chance they'll meet their perfect match.

Aquarians will meet potential partners inside bookstores

Aquarians are intellectual beings who require mental stimulation in their relationships. If you don't know anything about history, literature, or current events, you probably won't attract the affection of an Aquarius. Astrology Zodiac Signs describes Aquarians as deep thinkers who prefer focusing on idealistic causes. They seek out relationships with others who aren't shallow or surface-level. Paper-thin connections with an Aquarius simply won't last very long. There needs to be depth and there needs to be mutual willingness to explore floating "what ifs." Where do intellectuals typically enjoy spending most of their time though? Libraries and bookstores, of course.

Future Scopes says you can meet potential partners at libraries if you get a library membership, join library-based groups, and explore library-based events. People who love reading thought-provoking books and learning new things will undoubtedly be around. The same rule applies to bookstores. The more time Aquarians spend flipping through the pages of their favorite novels inside bookstores, the more chance they'll have of meeting their soulmate.

Pisceans will meet potential partners at volunteer groups

Pisceans are incredibly compassionate and thoughtful of others. They love the feeling they get when they're able to help someone else out of a murky situation. Since Pisces are driven by the desire to help others in need, volunteer programs are the best place they can go to meet a special someone on a romantic level. Affirmicious says Pisceans is a water sign that functions on compassion since they're often ruled by their wide range of emotions. Pisceans can easily put themselves in the shoes of others, which makes them some of the most empathetic people ever. 

When Pisceans think of domestic violence victims, the homeless population, or those displaced due to natural disasters, they feel pulled by the heartstrings to help. The Guardian says it's time to ditch dating apps and start thinking about finding love in volunteer programs. Whether you're looking for love or not, volunteer work can super rewarding. It feels good to help other people. It feels amazing to know your actions have positively impacted someone else's outcomes. Finding love would be an added cherry on top for a tenderhearted Pisces.