15 Must-Follow Female-Empowering Instagram Accounts For Daily Inspiration

Social media usage reached an all-time high during the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone was stuck at home scrolling through feeds (via Statista). Slowly but surely, as life is starting to return to normal, social media is still being heavily used by millions of people. Instagram is one of the main places people can tap into to see updates about what's happening in their friends' lives. It's also a hot spot for female empowerment content and there are many thriving accounts that push that narrative. 


Following amazing pages that consistently share helpful content is one of the simplest ways to feel empowered in your own life. According to Resonance Global, we're actively living in an era of digital transformation, filled with rapid changes and major challenges. Instagram pages that empower women to reach for higher goals, never back away from challenges, and manifest their success can provide doses of daily inspiration.


Kathrin Zenkina runs an Instagram page called @ManifestationBabe. She has more than 340,000 followers who trust her solid advice. Her bio describes her as a "self-made multimillionaire mama showing you how to defy all logic and manifest your most unrealistic dreams."


There's no denying the fact that Kathrin has an incredibly motivational story behind her success. She wasn't always a millionaire with such a large following, but once she started practicing Law of Attraction methods in her personal life, she watched everything around her start to rapidly improve. She went from working in sales to running her own company as a life coach with a popular podcast.

Kathrin teaches a MasterClass for anyone who aspires to be as successful as she is someday. She's a proponent of letting go of any limiting beliefs and shooting for the stars, however far away they may feel. One of the things that draw people to Kathrin is how open and honest she is about her personal life. She even shares intimate details about her marriage and about her recent pregnancy journey.



You might consider following @GirlGaze on Instagram if you're hoping for some major motivation in life. The account — with its colorful and aesthetically pleasing posts — has over 304,000 followers. According to its bio, the account "help[s] you hire women and non-binary creatives around the globe with the GIRLGAZE NETWORK." In short, Girl Gaze exists to connect businesses with creative women and non-binary individuals who are looking for tangible opportunities, resources, and visibility. 


The Instagram page also reminds you to love yourself from the inside out. In one post, the caption encourages readers not to hate their bodies. It reminds us to stop body checking, stop weighing ourselves, stop hiding our figures in clothing, stop negative thoughts in their tracks, and stop comparing ourselves to others. According to @GirlGaze, when you truly love yourself, it's easier to succeed in the world of business — especially if you are a creative.


Anita Mae is a life coach who helps people manifest more money in their lives. She empowers women to let go of their scarcity mindsets in order to attract more wealth and abundance. She runs an Instagram page and thriving podcast of the same name: @ManifestingMoneyPodcast. On her page, she posts nuggets of advice and gems of truth that help people get over the hump of their financial struggles so they might ultimately become financially free. 


From Anita's perspective, everyone has a money story. If yours is filled with doubt, fear, and pain, it's time to rewrite your story. Staying on the same negative wavelength and believing money will never easily flow your way will keep you dealing with the same issues on repeat for the rest of your life. It's hard to believe you'll be wealthy one day if you've never felt what true wealth feels like. Her advice is to embody the feelings of a wealthy person so the universe can start to match your energy by bringing wealth your way.


If you're ready to start feeling empowered about money, @LadiesGetPaid on Instagram may be the place for you as it is a page "where women learn to level up and achieve financial freedom." 125,000 followers are already on board. The page is filled to the brim with career advice, job listings, and motivation to keep you on track toward your career and financial goals. 


The job hunt can feel daunting, scary, and exhausting at times. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the many places to apply to or are wondering how many applications you need to send out before you finally hear back from someone, @LadiesGetPaid seeks to encourage your sure-fire success. The page also offers a boot camp service for women who are ready to make a major career change. Women looking to enter the next tax bracket are encouraged to register using the link on their Instagram page in order to get ahead. 


Anyone in need of female empowerment in the form of humorous quotes and memes should give @FemaleCollective a follow. Their entire Instagram page is sprinkled with messages that will make you feel powerful and put a smile on your face at the same time. In one post, the text reads, "It's okay if past feelings show up again and you fall apart after you thought you had everything under control. Healing is a continuous process." That can be interpreted to mean everyone in the world is going through things, whether those things are large or minuscule. Embracing the healing journey is vital if you want to live a fulfilling life.


Another post reads, "Breakups are okay. Being alone is okay. It is not okay going back to a situation where you were not happy, valued, or appreciated." What that means is, returning to toxic situations out of loneliness or the fear that you won't find anything (or anyone) better would be a huge mistake. Sometimes, seeing little reminders like these on an empowering Instagram page can be life-changing.


Being a true girl boss means knowing what you want in life and being strong enough to take action. Women who subscribe to that narrative and love feeling as empowered as possible will discover more to get excited about by following the @GirlBoss Instagram page.


One of their recent posts reminds you to celebrate your progress. Whether you're on a weight loss journey, you're job hunting for a new position, or you're in the process of manifesting a relationship with your soulmate, you should feel proud of yourself and the moves you're making. 

@GirlBoss supports women when it comes to them leveling up and maintaining high amounts of positive energy. The account advises that every move in the right direction is a win, even if it doesn't quite feel like it. Sometimes, reaching a specific goal feels like it's taking absolutely forever. It might even feel like you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. That doesn't mean we should throw in the towel and quit.



One of the easiest and simplest ways to live a fulfilling life is to put your well-being first. It's impossible to pour from an empty cup, which means you always need to fill your cup first. You need to make sure that you're doing good before you try fixing or helping anyone around you. @SoSheSlays is an Instagram page that preaches lifestyle advice to women who want to be empowered from the inside out. 


Their posts act as thoughtful reminders to women who need a little extra encouragement every once in a while. One reads, "Just because you don't see instant results doesn't mean great things aren't on their way." Good things don't always happen overnight. The best things that come in life usually take a while to unravel in the most beautiful way. 

Another post says, "On the days you don't know what to choose, choose yourself, choose self-love." Choosing self-love is more powerful than anyone might realize. Loving yourself and knowing your value gets you much farther in life compared to others who simply shrink into their shells.


Those who are aware of Law of Attraction terminology know exactly what it means to operate on a higher vibration. For those unfamiliar, when you're operating on a high vibration, it's easier for you to attract positive things into your reality. According to @LalahDelia's Instagram bio, the influencer's account is aimed at "helping you vibrate higher daily." At the top of her page, she offers a handful of services including access to her book, her classes, enrollment at her manifestation school, and more. If you're no ready to commit to those, a quick scroll through her Instagram feed is enough to make any woman feel empowered. 


In one post, she says, "A calm mind is how you take your power back." In other words, she's reminding everyone to stay as collected as possible –– no matter how dramatic or terrible a situation might be. In another post, she says, "This is all temporary. Love yourself through it." The bad news about life is that everything is temporary, and the good news about life is that everything is temporary. It's incredibly empowering to realize these things with @LalahDelia as a guide. 


Alison Rachel is the woman behind a super empowering Instagram page called @RecipesForSelfLove. All the images on her feed are filled with loving notes and thoughtful quotes to uplift your current mood. She also makes sure to add inclusive imagery of women who come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. 


In one picture, she added the words, "If one of us can heal, all of us can." It's empowering to know that other women have faced adversity, had their hearts broken, dealt with harsh working conditions, and worse, yet have still been able to heal and come out on top. In another picture, she added the words, "Your essence is beyond what you look like, beyond what you do for a living, and beyond what anyone thinks of you."

There's so much more to each and every one of us aside from how much we weigh on a scale or how much money we earn from a job. The reason @RecipesForSelfLove is such an empowering Instagram page to follow is that it serves up constant reminders of those sentiments.


Women of color can feel empowered and supported when they scroll through @TheGirlMob's Instagram feed. This page is loud and proud when it comes to posting hashtags such as #StopAsianHate and #BlackLivesMatter. With so much divisive negativity in the world right now, it feels good to uncover such a safe space on the internet. @TheGirlMob empowers women by reminding them to check on themselves more often than checking their phones. It might feel tempting to spend the day absorbing social media content on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, but checking on our mental health should always be our top priority. 


Another post on their page encourages women to do at least one nice thing for themselves each day. How empowering is it to promise yourself some sort of gift, treat, or reward for simply existing? You don't have to accomplish something extravagant each day to feel deserving of the best things in life. Call your bestie for a venting session. Buy yourself a Venti-sized latte instead of a Grande. Take a bubble bath with essential oils. Do something nice for yourself daily, and continue feeling like an empowered woman.


How can you become completely drawn to every dream and desire you have in life? @ToBeMagnetic is an Instagram page dedicated to answering that question. If you're feeling stuck in life, they have answers for that. If you're desperate for some sort of clarity, they have answers for that. If you're looking to feel empowered, they have answers for that too. 


One of their posts reads, "Just because a good opportunity comes your way, it doesn't mean you have to take it if it's not what you actually want." Doesn't reading a sentence like that instantly ease any pressure or discomfort you might be carrying? 

Another post says, "Stop shapeshifting to accommodate other people's needs. Anyone who's meant to be in your life won't have to be convinced to stay." It feels like somewhat of a relief to know you can truly be yourself without fearing you might lose someone. If they're genuinely supposed to be part of your life, they'll be there regardless. Empowered women know these things deep within their souls.


The @GirlUpCampaign has an Instagram bio that reads, "Leadership development initiative welcoming girls and youth of all gender identities to advance gender justice worldwide!" Their page is a place that provides some guidance on how to obtain skills such as leadership, strength, and critical thinking. With more than 262,000 followers so far, it's obvious they're doing something right when it comes to empowerment. 


Throughout their feed, you'll notice tons of posts about the leadership course they offer to anyone who wants to develop the necessary qualities that bring about social change. There are ways to overcome being shy and reserved if you feel passionate about speaking up for what's right in the world. The @GirlUpCampaign page also includes a few funny memes from the "Little Miss" era. Some of their posts include "Little Miss first to call out sexism," "Little Miss takes steps to be environmentally cautious," and "Little Miss advocates for free menstrual products."


There might be a negative connotation attached to the "hustler" mentality right now, but that doesn't always have to be the case. Sometimes, claiming to be a hustler means you're willing to do whatever it takes to be a successful human being in your lifetime. It doesn't mean you have to lose sleep or grind all night long to get there. @TheFemaleHustlers is an Instagram page that empowers women to disrupt and dismantle the system.


Why sit quietly like a delicate flower when you can live a life of explosive excitement and abundance? One of their posts says, "You can't talk power moves and life goals around people who don't have the same hunger as you. It'll sound like you're bragging." If people aren't energetically aligned with you when it comes to achieving your aspirations, you don't necessarily have to share any of your personal details with them. This page will remind you of that while pushing you to be your best self. 


Rome wasn't built in a day. In fact, no empires in history were able to come together within a 24-hour timeframe. So, why do we get so frustrated when our dreams don't come to fruition overnight? @GirlsBuildingEmpires is an Instagram page that will empower you to hold onto your aspirations without giving up, even when it feels like your dreams are taking forever to work out in your favor. The feed is filled with advice you'd want to share with your younger self, brutal honesty, and daily mantras.


One of the posts says, "When you want something that really really matters to you, let it go! Say to the universe, 'You know what I want. Give it to me in the path of least resistance." Letting go while trying to manifest a brighter future is one of the most challenging things to do. Often, we want to hold on tightly and figure out how our manifestation will possibly arrive. Instead, we should be trusting that everything will work out without any micromanagement from our end. This Instagram page empowers women to take that step.


If becoming an empowered and beautiful success story all starts within the mind, why aren't we doing more to take control of our thoughts? @BossLadiesMindset is an Instagram page, run by influencer Wendy Porter, that is filled with heartfelt messages and thought-provoking conversation starters. One post says, "Women are no longer meant to sit still and look pretty –– they are meant to lead empires." Porter has proven that staying on track will get you far in life. She's a mentor and seven-figure business owner who clearly knows what she's talking about.


Women have been suppressed by an unfair patriarchal system for centuries. Now, changes are actively being made. Women are stepping up to the plate in terms of academics, entrepreneurship, work promotions, and more. Fighting back against limiting beliefs feels amazing. If you're looking for inspiring stories from a woman who became a millionaire through hard work and dedication, this Instagram page is for you.