Should You Be Wearing Mascara With Your False Lashes?

Despite its efforts, mascara alone doesn't have nearly the same effect as false lashes. Whether it's just adding a few individuals or an entire strip, falsies always add that extra oomph that makes sexy glares across the room more piercing. With all its different shapes and sizes, more thought seems to go into the aesthetic of choice and not so much the application and wear of fake lashes. The truth is that there is a proper way to wear them to create the illusion of a natural yet glamorous look.


There are a few rules to remember when wearing false eyelashes and questions we all have when gluing them on. What is the best way to wear fake lashes, and do you need mascara when wearing them? Believe it or not, mascara has several benefits for your natural lashes, as most modern formulas use moisturizing conditioners and nutrients to enhance hair growth. So, how do they work with fake lashes? Let's find out.

Add a small layer of mascara before applying the falsies

It may be tempting to throw on the first pair of lashes you find with some glue and call it a day, but perfect lashes require a few more intentional steps. Once you pick your lashes, you'll also want to size them to your eye size and shape. Place the lashes along your lash line and see if they need trimming on either end to frame your eye (via MasterClass). If you have smaller eyes, cutting the strips down can be helpful so you don't have edges hanging out on either end.


Once the strips are trimmed and ready, go ahead and pull out your mascara. Yes, you'll need it before the lashes go on. Experts at False Eye Lashes say it's essential to use mascara before applying the falsies for several reasons. Firstly, it will help the fake lashes to adhere better with something sticky to grab onto. Secondly, it will also create a more natural blend between the two. If you have flat or straight lashes, you can also curl them before with a lash curler so that they can blend with long or wispy falsies.

Finish with a top coat

Now that the lashes are already stunting a darker lengthier look, they're ready for their top coat. Take your falsies and apply the strip at the inner indention above the lashes but slightly under the lid. The tiny crease is the area you're aiming for and where the strip should slide in perfectly. If you're applying individuals, the same technique applies, and using tweezers will help with a more precise application. Once the lashes are on and in place, give them a few minutes to dry, and then finish them off with one final coat.


Makeup experts at L'Oréal suggest adding a few more layers of mascara to combine all the hairs for a flawless blend. Very gently, brush together your eyelashes with the falsies allowing each layer to coat all hairs generously. As you continue to apply the mascara, the more seamlessly the two will blend together, and even you won't be able to tell the difference.