What You Need To Know About Libra Season 2022

The universe makes no mistakes, and it seems like a sort of fate that the start of hoodie season and the autumnal equinox also commence Libra season. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, sensuality, charm, and beauty (via Café Astrology). Libras are like the Cher Horowitz of the zodiac. They're always the best dressed and equally want the best for everyone around them in an attempt to restore and maintain balance in the world. Starting at the equinox, a pivotal day where there is equal daylight and nightfall, the Libra archetype is the epitome of balance, a mark of true beauty and grace (via Astrology.com).

Libra season 2022 offers some of the sweetest astrological transits of the year. When the sun is in this sign, we are provided moments to reflect on our love, intimacy, and equilibrium within the self. This year is no different and could be the self-love portal we all need. Mark these dates on your calendar to get the most out of Libra season 2022.

The new moon wants you to love yourself

The day after the sun enters Libra on September 22, Mercury decided it's time to go retrograde. Now more than ever, there is messy, chaotic energy in the air. At this time, six planets are in retrograde, creating what feels like irritable haywire-like energy that we can't seem to grasp (via Today). The universe is stirring a giant cosmic pot and will likely reopen several cans of worms from your past. This time might feel frustrating, foggy, and illusory, but don't forget to trust the process.

On September 25, a glorious new moon made its rounds, and it was arguably one of the best of the year because of the gorgeous opposition Venus is making to Neptune. This is a prime backdrop for self-love intention setting. This energy is about uncovering what profound love can mean. If Mercury retrograde brought back an ex or two, the universe is definitely asking you to re-examine definitions of love. Ask yourself how you are deserving of a better, more authentic love. On September 29, themes of passion deepen even more once Venus enters Libra (via Café Astrology). This is a great time to manifest partnership, but avoid focusing on superficial or ego-driven attachment that drives you to post for an ex or need validation from a lover.

The full moon wants you to prioritize yourself

Come the first week of October, the universe lessens its suffocating grasp and allows Mercury to go direct on the second, along with the asteroid Vesta and Pluto also going direct a few days later (via Café Astrology). During this time, any previous confusion felt should start to dissipate with clarity returning home. Any lessons Mercury assigned to us will now begin to make sense.

On October 9 comes a very fiery and self-empowering Aries full moon to save us from what was a very complex retrograde season. Whereas Libra asks us to be gracious and diplomatic, Aries beckons us to be assertive and self-respecting. After having gone through the trenches of a smokes and mirrors retrograde, this full moon is giving us back our power with an elevated sense of self and love. Take this time to remember who you are, what you deserve, and your actual love values, not just what is available. This is a time to trade imaginary love and comfy delusions for rock-solid understanding and high self-value. This Libra season is not soft and sweet. It wants you to be your higher self.