Nanoblading Vs. Microblading: Which One Is Right For Your Brows?

While many eyebrow trends have come and gone, microblading has grown more in popularity. The technique offers an eyebrow fill-in solution through a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. Even though it is considered a tattoo, microblading takes a different approach, using a hand tool with tiny needles to create strokes that imitate natural eyebrow hairs. It deposits the pigment onto your skin using smaller pigment particles and less depth than a regular tattoo. This technique is meant to look soft as it fades a tone or two over time, creating a natural brow dupe. In fact, this type of cosmetic tattoo lasts up to 18 months (via Cosmopolitan).

However, a new type of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is here. Nanoblading has a similar process to microblading but differs in various ways. The biggest difference is that nanoblading uses a single, fine needle machine, and this cosmetic tattoo lasts about two to three years as it has a deeper pigment deposit. Because of its single-stroke technique, this style is for anyone who may prefer a more natural look over a makeup fill-in look (via Healthline).

Consider your skin type

When choosing whether microblading or nanoblading is best for you, start by considering your skin type — this may be the most essential factor in determining your procedure. Nanoblading is especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin, thick or oily skin, because it causes less bleeding and pain. "The design of the machine used with nano brows tends to cause less trauma to the skin and allows for more precise pressure and controlled movement to create crisp hair strokes," Shaughnessy Otsuji, owner and restorative tattoo artist at Studio Sashiko, tells PopSugar. People who may be prone to allergies are at risk of developing contact dermatitis or other sensitivities with a procedure like microblading (via Art of Beauty).

However, Otsuji says that people with normal to dry skin are better suited for microblading. Additionally, those with tiny to medium pores will respond better to the method. While those with oily skin and bigger pores are better off with nanoblading because extra sebum production may push out the pigment produced from microblading faster, making it fade quicker (via PMUHub).

What is your eyebrow style?

Microblading is often better for those who want to fill in sparse individual hairs. M Beauty Studio recommends microblading for anyone who likes the powdered fill look, especially through darkening and adding more definition to the eyebrows. With this procedure, shading may also affect the resulting look of the eyebrow, if desired. Microblading may also be more suitable for someone who prefers to have a stronger brow shape.

On the other hand, nanoblading focuses on a more natural look with an emphasis on imitating an individual eyebrow hair. According to M Beauty Studio, this is more suited for people who don't usually like putting makeup on their brows or have missing eyebrow hairs, allowing them to change the shape and thickness of their eyebrows.

When making a final decision, be sure to find a professional who is licensed to do cosmetic tattoos. Even though both procedures are temporary, they last anywhere from one to three years — this is why it is vital to research the artist you choose so you know you'll like their work. This person will be your main guide on the best route for your eyebrows, so working with someone you trust is a top priority.