How Does A Scorpio Show Love In Relationships?

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So, you've found yourself falling for the Casanova of the zodiac; and who can blame you, really? Sweet and smooth-talking, it's easy to see why Scorpios have the reputation of being the most flirtatious zodiac sign. However, you don't want to mistake their love of the chase with being indecisive. According to Lisa Stardust, resident astrologer for The Today Show, it's unlikely you'll find a Scorpio that's confused about what they want. Whether it's in their friendships, career, and, yes, their love life –– you can bet that this stubborn water sign is willing to do whatever it takes to prove their desire and devotion.


That all sounds pretty straightforward. Just be a bit flirty, mysterious, and unattainable yourself, and you've got them in the bag. And sure, that might work to get their attention; but keep them interested? That's a much more difficult task. "Even though Scorpio craves deep intimacy with their partners, they also have a very hard time fully trusting them," astrologer Tara Redfield tells Best Life. So, it's likely that while your Scorpio lover might be quick to share personal information or get intimate, they're slower to express themselves romantically. They like to take things slow and really work on learning your preferences. And in return, they expect you to treat their heart and affections with the same respect and admiration.


Scorpios like to make the first move

Scorpio loves a challenge, as well as the flair and excitement that comes along with the early stages of dating. However, they don't date just for the sake of dating and are very selective about who they develop a deeper intimacy with. "Sex, power, and material well–being are perhaps more important to [Scorpio] than to the average individual; you are seldom satisfied with the ordinary; you seek to feel life to the fullest extent," astrologer Sydney Omarr writes in her book "The Astrological Guide to Sex & Love." And while it's true that intimacy and physical touch are big for Scorpio, that's not all they're after. Although it doesn't show itself often, there's a sensitive and romantic side to Scorpio that loves quality time just as much as they do a steamy make–out session.


Once they've settled into something that feels stable and lasting, you can expect them to relax and start to open up more. Vogue astrologer Alice Bell explains it best, pointing out that the intensity that Scorpios show in love never wanes; however, the pageantry and extravagance will become more personalized and sentimental as your relationship blossoms. Although it might take time to coax them out of the shadows, when a Scorpio does let their guard down, it's a sign they truly want the relationship to last a lifetime. The only thing they love more than going all out to impress you is the thrill of winning your affection.

Scorpios are intense and very passionate

The personality of a Scorpio is a tricky one to understand. Despite being a water sign, their planetary co-rulers, Mars and Pluto, give them an intense underlying fire. So despite their attempts to keep it cool, calm, and collected –– there's something burning lurking under the surface. "[Scorpios] have a lot of fire to transmute, which can be intense and difficult for someone that can't match their energy," astrologer Imani Quinn tells Bustle. Speaking of intensity and passion, Scorpios are very direct about their intentions; and their intense intimacy can have people falling for them quickly, but that doesn't necessarily mean the feeling is mutual (yet). They like the chase and tend to chase after people who make them work for their attention.


When they do fall in love, they fall in love completely and can be fiercely possessive. So, don't be surprised if jealousy rears its head in your relationship every now and again. "Jealousy is the most common manifestation of relationship insecurity for Scorpio," astrologer MoonyDan explains in a TikTok. He goes on to explain that Scorpio's ruling planet Pluto is a super deep and intense placement that doesn't necessarily see itself as obsessive. Scorpio is looking for a partner who can give them that same mutual obsession they so willingly pour into building a connection.

Scorpios are brutally honest and deeply loyal

One stereotype that follows Scorpio is that they're too cold and blunt. However, this has less to do with being mean–spirited and more about Scorpio's aversion to frivolous social rules. In her book "Sun Signs," astrologer Linda Goodman explains that Scorpios do not indulge in empty flattery even if it could win them points with an individual or group. Rather, you can trust that they will give the truth of the situation exactly as they see it. "Scorpio is very blunt and to the point and says things others usually wouldn't. So others who aren't used to honesty can see it as "hating" when it's just the truth," Vedic astrologer Courtstrology shared on Twitter. Naturally, with this approach to life, Scorpios tend to attract both fiercely loyal admirers as well as spiteful enemies.


However, for all their prickly personality traits, you can count on a Scorpio to be loyal to you once you've earned their trust. There is no sign more steadfast in their love and devotion than a Scorpio in love. "Don't believe everything you hear about Scorpio's selfishness. Instead, listen to some of the grateful people who have been on the receiving end of his wise counsel and generosity," Goodman writes. This romantic sign will take the time to learn what makes you feel safe and satisfied in a relationship in order to fulfill your wildest fantasies. They'll work hard to win (and keep) your affection, so long as you're committed to doing the same.