The Best Fall 2022 Fashion Trend For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The ever-changing world of fashion doesn't slow down or stop based on what season we're in. During the summer, it makes sense to wear maxi dresses and rompers over your bikini while taking a trip to the beach. During the winter, you'll likely see women layering up with scarves, gloves, and warm clothing made of the fluffiest materials. When spring rolls around, you might look around and see floral mini skirts, short-sleeved V-necks, and ankle-length skinny jeans. What does fashion look like during the season of fall, though? Indy100 labeled fall as the ultimate season when you can truly spruce up the items in your wardrobe. 


If you want to make a serious change when it comes to your closet, fall is the time to do it. Fall is a transitional season between summer and winter, which means you can easily discover clothing that works across the board in different weather patterns. As noted by What', the four zodiac signs that belong to fall are Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. However, there are still eight other zodiac signs born in other seasons to think about, too. The newest fall fashion trends of the year apply to everyone, after all. Now, here are the most noteworthy fall fashion trends that each zodiac sign should consider in 2022.

Corset tops for Aries

When you think of an Aries, one of the first words to come to mind is probably "adventurous." Thought Co. says that Arians are known to seek out adventure, no matter what it takes. For this reason, Arians should think about wearing corset tops as their fall fashion trend for 2022. Erie History says that corset tops once helped change the silhouette and shape of Victorian women in the world of fashion. Corsets are known to slim the figure down in a way that helps create more of an hourglass shape. Corsets also help the visibility of cleavage in a way that creates a sense of desirability and magnetism. 


Corset tops create an endless amount of sex appeal which is why they easily call out to an adventurous Aries individual. If an Aries has the opportunity to try something fresh and new, they are going to take the opportunity and run with it. Arians care about living beautiful lives that are fulfilling and exciting. They'll hop on a plane at any chance they get and introduce themselves to strangers in social settings. All of this being said, if an Aries is about to embark on an intriguing new mission, they probably want to look as stunning as possible while they're doing it. A corset top would ensure that.

Cropped button-ups for Taurus

What does it mean to be a Taurus? Astrostyle uses the word elegant to describe Taurus individuals, and could there be a better descriptor? If elegance comes naturally to Taureans, maintaining a trendy sense of style does as well. Taurus individuals embody elegance with every step they take. Your favorite Taurus likely knows how to move around gracefully, communicate eloquently, and behave in ways that highlight charm, poise, and sophistication. It's easy to point out Taureans in a room based on the smoothness and distinction of their style. The fall fashion trend of 2022 for Taureans would definitely have to be cropped button-ups. 


Sunifty shared rows and rows of images of what a cropped button-up looks like when styled the right way. In one picture, the model is wearing a long-sleeve button-up crop top with a lacy bralette peeking out underneath the top. She's also wearing layered necklaces for a more special result. Ultimately, this is the type of top that can be worn in an office setting or on a date, so it's perfect for this sign.

Trousers for Gemini

According to Astrology Zone, Geminis are incredibly versatile, and while this is a general statement, it definitely applies to their fashion. In other words, they're completely adaptable when it comes to living their best lives and enjoying the world around them, including with their clothing choices. Being versatile is a beneficial trait to have since it means you know how to adapt to ever-changing situations and scenarios. After all, life is filled with highs and lows that really never end.


Because of this, the fashion trend for fall that best suits a Gemini would be trousers worn in more casual settings. You don't always have to save trousers for an in-person meeting at work or school. They can be dressed up or dressed down to meet your desired needs. TikToker @carolinafreixa proved this statement to be true with a variety of trouser outfit ideas. After all, trousers are a versatile piece of clothing because they can be worn with sexy, low-cut tank tops or professional-looking blazers. They can be worn with denim vests or neon cardigans. It really depends on the aesthetic you're going for. Since Geminis are versatile, they can style their trousers in versatile ways as well.

Split-end pants for Cancer

There's a lot more to Cancers aside from their high levels of emotion. Anyone who is familiar with astrology knows that Cancers tend to be very in touch with their feelings. There's a bit more to consider than just that though. describes Cancers as being both creative and resilient. Since Cancers are deeply artsy and dedicated individuals, the fall fashion trend that suits them best in 2022 would be split-end pants. 


For the longest time, many people were convinced that skinny jeans would simply never go out of style. Skinny jeans get tighter and more snug around your calves and ankles. The material stays solid all the way around your ankle with skinny jeans as well. Now, it looks like there's another style of pants that is rising in popularity in place of skinny jeans. Split-end pants are proving themselves to be totally resilient in the world of fashion. Any style of pants that can go head to head against skinny jeans is a big deal. There's something incredibly creative about the way split-end pants visually look, too, making them perfect for Cancers to display their personalities.

Pleated skirts for Leo

Have you ever felt like you were naturally drawn to a Leo? Was there something about them that just simply pulled you in? notes that Leos are known for their magnetism. Their personalities make them completely "magnetic" to anyone who interacts with them. Leos always know how to have fun by turning mundane tasks into enjoyable experiences. They're all about creating fun memories and taking center stage when the moment is right. The fall fashion trend of 2022 for Leos, therefore, would have to be pleated skirts. (Can you really think of anything better for them?)


When you think of pleated skirts, an outdated thought that might come to mind would be the bottom half of a uniform worn by a schoolgirl. These days, pleated skirts go way beyond the campuses of any private school. Petite in Paris notes that pleated skirts are timeless pieces that should be added to everyone's wardrobe. Since they can come in different lengths, colors, and styles, they're perfectly suitable for women of any body type or size. Wearing a pleated skirt as a Leo might just add to your level of confidence by making you even more magnetic than you were before.

Cut-out tops for Virgo

Being a Virgo means you are in alignment with some very impressive personality traits. Astrology Answers describes Virgos as being detail-oriented humans who pay attention to every little thing in every single task they complete. When it comes to business and relationships, Virgos tend to focus on all the tiny things that might come together to create larger results. This applies to their personal lives, including their fashion senses, too. For this reason, cut-out tops are the fall fashion trend of 2022 for Virgos everywhere.


Cut-out tops are as stunning as they are thanks to all the small details that must come together within their design. Each piece of fabric must be laying in the right place on your arms, chest, stomach, and neck for a cut-out top to really make a statement. TikToker @Savvyd2000 tried on a cut-out top with tons of holes placed throughout, showing how cute they can be, and their followers agreed that this style of top is a stunner. True Virgos know how to pull off something as risky as a cut-out top while still looking classy, chic, and well put together. It might be easy for other zodiac signs to go wrong and slip up with something as complex as a cutout top, but not Virgos.

Micro vests for Libra

There are a few things Libras prioritize over everything else in life, and balance is one of them. Libras also care about symmetry when it comes to making things feel even and equal in their lives. Ganesha Speaks reveals that Libras prefer knowing that whatever level of energy they're exerting will undoubtedly return them. It's all about maintaining a healthy level of balance for this sign. Since micro vests add balance and symmetry to any outfit you might conjure up, micro vests are the fall fashion trend for Libras to focus on.


Star Crush labeled Avril Lavigne a pop punk princess for rocking micro vests and other similar tops throughout the earlier years of her career. She made waves wearing micro vests at concerts and in music videos in the early 2000s. The micro vest is back and better than ever in 2022. What's more, TikToker @Glowupu mentioned some of the most popular trends making a comeback this fall, with vests being one of the items on her list! So, mark our words: You will be seeing Libras wearing vests en masse throughout autumn — and even into winter.

Ties for Scorpio

When a Scorpio sets their sights on something (or someone), they'll go to the extreme to turn their dreams into reality. This is one of the reasons Scorpios seem to get ahead in the world of business and finance. When it comes to relationships and friendships, Scorpios try just as hard to create and maintain healthy connections. Cafe Astrology uses the words "determined" and "focused" to describe a Scorpio, and we couldn't agree more.


When you think about people wearing ties, you might imagine someone headed to work inside an office with a suit. You might even imagine someone wearing a full tuxedo. In 2022, ties are back in style as a fashion trend for both men and women. Scorpios mesh well with ties as a fall fashion trend since ties somewhat symbolize what it means to be a determined and focused person. TikToker @Miks_Tiks says ties have made their comeback. She explains that it makes sense to pair them with pleated skirts and oversized button-ups. This could work even better if you have prominent Taurus placements in your natal chart since button-ups are perfect for Taureans this fall.

Cargo skirts for Sagittarius

When Sagittarians think about the plans they have laid out ahead of them for their day, they usually have an optimistic sense of energy and joy. Other signs might start planning the events of their day with feelings of dread or fear. That simply isn't the case with typical Sagittarians. describes Sagittarians as being optimistic and excited about the notion of expansion. They are always ready to grow because there's no need to stay hidden away in a box as a Sagittarius. When it comes to making decisions about fashion, the same rules apply.


The fall fashion trend of 2022 that would look amazing on a Sagittarius is cargo skirts. Cargo skirts are different than pencil skirts or maxi skirts. They have their own special charm since they are way less common to see. What's more, cargo skirts are the perfect combination of comfy and sporty. Since cargo skirts pair well with many different tops, jackets, and cardigans, Sagittarians can't really go wrong, and they'll have endless possibilities for all of their friend outings.

Mule heels for Capricorn explains that Capricorns are both unique and subtle with the way they handle what life tosses their way. Capricorns tend to be successful in their endeavors because of these useful traits. Instead of jumping headfirst into unknown waters, Capricorns make themselves familiar with their surroundings first. Since Capricorns have such a soothing and sensible way about them, mule heels are the fall fashion trend for them in 2022.


A lot of interest in mule heels has recently surged online and on social media. Meet Glimpse says that although mule heels were incredibly popular in the early 2000s, fashionistas and trendsetters are wearing them again now as if they never went away. Mule heels are unique and subtle compared to other heels since they aren't overly tall or aggressive. Mule heels have closed or open heels and open toes, which means you'll want to make sure you have a fresh pedicure before wearing them. Capricorns are sensible enough to understand why mule heels are rising to the top again in 2022. They're both cute and comfortable to wear. What more could a Capricorn ask for?

Leather shorts for Aquarius

It's interesting to note that Aquarians are difficult people to flatter or impress. You really have to give it your best shot if you want to win over the affections of an Aquarius. Astro Sage further explains that Aquarians tend to take their time when it comes to absorbing fresh ideas and new thought processes. In other words, it's way easier to relate to an Aquarius if you're talking about something familiar with them. Your favorite Aquarius is probably self-reliant, optimistic, and clever in most areas of life. They are the type of people who enjoy the comfort of familiarity.


One of the most familiar and classic clothing materials in existence happens to be leather. Leather has been around for ages. It's tried and true. Leather lasts for a long time and remains in good condition. After all, there's a reason leather is so expensive. Leather is a material that the world has grown accustomed to, and it's a material the world is truly familiar with. Since Aquarians love the stability of familiarity, leather shorts are the fall fashion trend for them in 2022. Oktoberfest Haus explains that leather shorts were once worn as bottoms that were easily cleaned after a long day of laborious work. Now, leather shorts are ideal for Aquarians to wear in the fall as a fashion statement.


Lingerie dresses for Pisces

Those who are familiar with zodiac signs already know that Pisceans tend to go with the flow. Sun Signs describes Pisceans as being easygoing, free-spirited, and eager to float through life. We all know that life comes with high points and low points. Pisceans ride those waves as calmly as they possibly can. For these reasons, the fall fashion trend of 2022 that suits Pisces best is lingerie dresses. Lingerie dresses are as easygoing as it gets. There are so many benefits that come along with wearing a lingerie dress aside from the fact that they are beyond fabulous and trendy. Anyone who chooses to wear a dress resembling lingerie will likely get an instant boost of confidence as soon as they leave the house. It's also nice to realize that something pricey you might've reserved for the bedroom can double as something you can wear for a night out on the town.


Typically, lingerie is something you might want to wear behind closed doors and in intimate moments. In 2022, women are wearing lingerie dresses in public underneath their cardigans and blazers. Town & Country explains that women in the 17th century would wear bodices and petticoats out and about without batting an eye. Later on, these pieces of clothing began to be thought of as undergarments. For a while throughout history, women wore them proudly in public. Has 17th-century style made a comeback? It looks like it. Pisceans are the perfect zodiac sign to push lingerie dresses to a whole new level of popularity.