All About The Weird-Girl Aesthetic In Fashion

Clashing textures, colors, accessories, and garments may have been a no-go in the past, but this style is coming in full force today. What Twitter user @kaiageber sparked a conversation about is what you may know as the "weird-girl aesthetic." The user's tweet read, "the weird girl aesthetic. is it anti-fashion? are people trying too hard just to look ugly? does it only work on bella hadid? let's discuss." This mixed-style doesn't just settle onto one era or trend, but rather a mix and match of things one might even consider mismatched. It can look odd, accentuated, and colorful, but that is the beauty of what makes it weird. And yes, Bella Hadid has played a big role in setting this look off.

It's a look that can be considered maximalist fashion with layer upon layer. Fashion trends forecaster and analyst Agus Panzoni, known as TheAlgorythm, says in a TikTok video that there is nothing weird about the weird-girl aesthetic. "The weird girl aesthetic is all about unbounded maximalism," she explains in the video. "Key elements of the look include colorful patterns, mixed textures, and kitschy accessories. It is not anti-fashion, but it comes as a response to the saturation of new aesthetics." In other words, Panzoni believes many people are choosing to incorporate the weird-girl aesthetic into their style because it offers the freedom to do and wear whatever you want without following a new trend every time it comes out.

Inspired by Harajuku

The origins of this trend come from the Harajuku Style from the fashionable Harajuku District in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese Shop describes this look as a conglomerate of many different styles in one, adding that the focus of Harajuku style is community and freedom through "outrageous" fashion. Some view the style as a freedom of expression and others as a form of rebellion against societal rules, often resulting in outfits that feature bold, fun, and wild colors or pieces.

Mix of garments

If you think a couple of pieces of clothing don't look good together, they certainly do under the weird-girl aesthetic. Influencer, jewelry designer, and self-proclaimed "sustainable maximalist" Sara Camposarcone loves mixing and matching different garment styles to create one look. In fact, she can be seen wearing her mother's white wedding gown with big red ribbon embellishments and a pair of blue dress pants underneath the gown, topped off with a matching blazer layered over the dress. She is also wearing a red organza collared long-sleeve top with red and blue striped fingerless gloves. Yellow pointed shoes complete the look.

Colors and patterns

Mixing completely different garments together is only one element of the weird-girl aesthetic, but clashing colors playfully accompany it. This style can also be credited to thrifting. Buying thrifted items means each item is unique, whether in style or color, so combining all the items together really encapsulates what the weird-girl aesthetic is all about. While this aesthetic is possible with muted, neutral tones, colorful is the most popular approach. This can be done through every aspect of the outfit, down to the makeup, nails, or accessories. Sometimes they match, and sometimes they don't, but that's the freedom of this style. Makeup and nail artist Simmone, known as Salty.Simmone on Instagram, rocks a plethora of colors in her hair, outfits, and accessories. In her work, you'll see unique sets of nails and makeup looks in bright pinks, greens, oranges, and more.

Jewelry and accessories

Writer and designer for jewelry company Doll Chunk, Kristen Bateman, fully embodies this aesthetic in her own style. As she incorporates the many elements of the weird-girl aesthetic, unique jewelry is a focus. Her jewelry brand features doll head rings, necklaces, and earrings in a variety of colors, such as bright green or pink. Other styles include an oversized tooth and over-easy eggs. Her chunky and bedazzled accessories are a stand-out accessory for anyone who rocks the pieces. Bateman herself sports her own jewelry paired with bright makeup looks, hair, outfits, and accessories such as an iPod nano as a hair clip.

Shoes galore

The fun doesn't stop at the clothing, and sometimes it is the pair of shoes that can really finish the look. Weird-girl aesthetic shoes are often, as the rest of the outfit, outlandish. Because there are no limits to this style, the shoes can really be just about anything. You may wear a gown, for example, paired with a pair of clogs or even sneakers. Chunky shoes like platform heels or boots are often a part of this style too. Influencer and "Y2K maximalist" Beverly, also known as on TikTok, stacks jewelry, colors, and Y2K pieces to put together her maximalist, colorful looks. In one outfit, she pairs pink and off-white knit leg warmers with chunky, tan-colored platform sneakers.