5 Sleep Music Apps That Will Lull You To A Peaceful Sleep

These days, it seems like good sleep is getting harder and harder to come by. Between long work hours, constant screen time, and worries keeping us up at night, rest can be a long time coming. Even back in 2016, the CDC was ringing alarm bells, reporting in a press release that "more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis." More recently, a 2022 report from the Sleep Foundation reveals that up to 30% of adults deal with chronic insomnia, and nearly half the American population grapples with daytime sleepiness between 3 and 7 times each week.


Long story short? Sleep issues are a widespread problem. So if you find yourself struggling to nod off at night, you're not alone. Fortunately, there's one upside to the pervasiveness of sleep disorders and disruptions; it means that we're constantly developing new tools to ease these symptoms and get better sleep. Among these tools are sleep music apps, which offer soothing audio experiences to help users slide into unconsciousness. Whether you're new to the idea of sleep apps or are looking for a new platform to try, here are five sleep music apps to explore in your quest for deeper rest.


Want to dip your toes into the water of more peaceful rest? BetterSleep is a great option to start with if you're unsure whether sleep music apps are for you, as there's an extensive free version. Built around the increasingly popular chronotype sleep theory, this app makes it a point to offer personalization so that each user can tailor the BetterSleep experience to their unique needs. With audio tools like guided meditations, sleep stories, and customizable soundscapes of white noise, BetterSleep has options for all kinds of sleepers. As the BetterSleep homepage claims, 81% of the app's users report lower stress while a whopping 90% report a noticeable improvement in their sleep quality.


If you find yourself falling head-over-heels in love with BetterSleep's free version, you can also unlock premium content for $59.99 a year — essentially, five bucks a month. Or, you can try the premium subscription on a month-to-month basis for $9.99.


If you're looking for a more extensive sleep app, Slumber is worth considering. Although its free content is limited, the full Slumber app has a lot to offer. As the Slumber site states, it not only boasts calming music and the largest selection of sleep stories in the app store, but this app also offers a variety of other tools to soothe restless sleepers. Its selection includes meditations, soundscapes, ASMR, breathing exercises, visualizations, and even hypnosis.


Still not convinced? Consider this: Slumber has over 15 thousand ratings in the Apple app store, with a strong satisfaction rating of 4.7 stars. One reviewer said, "I absolutely love this app! I did the free version but upgraded to a year's subscription of the premium almost immediately. Already worth every penny." It's clear that many users find Slumber well worth the asking price, which is $7.99 a month or $49.99 a year.


Pzizz may be one of the less recognizable sleep music apps on this list, but it's quickly making a name for itself due to its scientific approach to sleep improvement. Specifically, Pzizz was crafted around a concept known as psychoacoustics, which studies how humans perceive and react to sound frequencies (via Nashville Film Institute).


As the Pzizz website puts it, "We utilize effective psychoacoustic principles to create beautiful dreamscapes that will help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed." In fact, Sports Illustrated Vault reports that Roy Hibbert, a professional basketball player with the Indiana Pacers, relied on Pzizz to get over his chronic insomnia and Ambien use. So even if you feel like you've tried everything to get more rest, including prescription sleep aids, Pzizz may have something new to bring to the table. Get the full experience for $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year.


You know what doesn't help tired parents drift off peacefully? Having a fitful, sleep-deprived child to care for. Fortunately, Sleepiest is ready to help, as its approach is centered around bedtime stories — including a unique sleep app experience geared toward children. Whether they need help at naptime or bedtime, Sleepiest offers kids a gentle way to wind down with peaceful tales that hold their focus while encouraging calm.


Of course, kids aren't the only ones who can enjoy this range of charming bedtime stories. If you miss the deep slumbers of your youth, try tapping into your inner child with Sleepiest as your sleep music app of choice. Plus, Sleepiest also offers restful stories for adults, meditations, and relaxing sleep sounds for all ages.

Sleepiest is $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year. But note: as of this writing, Sleepiest is only available on iOS through the Apple app store. So Android users may need to turn to a different sleep app on this list for help achieving sweeter dreams.


If you've heard of Headspace before, you might be surprised to find it on this list, as it's first and foremost known as a meditation and mindfulness app. But for users who are interested in meditation and would like some sleep benefits on the side, Headspace can deliver. And if you tend to struggle with stress-induced sleep issues like insomnia, this app may help you get to sleep despite anxiety. In fact, the Headspace homepage boldly proclaims that it can help you "catch your breath, relax your mind, and feel 14% less stressed in just 10 days." So for anyone whose brain spends bedtime reliving the day's embarrassing moments instead of drifting off to slumberland, using Headspace may be a good way to redirect your thoughts.


Again, this app is primarily recommended for sleepers who are equally interested in the meditation aspect — especially since much of the sleep-centric content is for paying users only, and can't be fully tested out in the free trial. But if you already love Headspace's tools for meditation, mindfulness, and stress relief, signing up for $12.99 a month or $69.99 annually will open your access to its excellent music and sleepcasts.