What To Know About The October Blood Moon

Spooky season is in full bloom, and one of the year's most potent full moons is first up to kick off the witchy holiday vibes. Every month has both a full moon and a new moon that work together to set energetic lunar tones (via Astrostyle). By consciously working with them, you can reap their powerful benefits by allowing for more self-awareness and growth. October's full moon is known as the Blood Moon because of the turning fall leaves and the blood shed traditionally during hunting season, which lends its other name — the Hunter Moon (via The Almanac). Having just exited a six-planet retrograde in September, this full moon is mic-dropping an inescapable message of reclaiming your power by letting go.


Hanging in Aries, the sign of self-assertiveness, courage, and inspiration, this full moon is beckoning you to step into an emboldened version of yourself. The Universe is priming us for an inevitable period of elevation and transformation as this is the last full moon before eclipse season. But before we get there, we're being asked to let go of who we are not.

Examine your love life

On October 9, at 4:54 am EST, the full moon will peak in Aries while opposing the Sun in Libra (via Café Astrology). Libra season post-retrograde brought us lessons in love, asking us to consider what we value in relationships. With the moon entering Aries, examine what old habits, limiting beliefs, and outdated identities surrounding love are ready to be dropped so you can upgrade your value systems and sense of worth. This energy wants you to develop an unbreakable love of self that isn't afraid to let go of what is no longer serving you. Use this time to detox lack-mentality and fears around receiving love. Aries wants you to remember that love of self is how you manifest further abundance.


Attaining this level of surrender could be met with some friction or resistance. The Aries Full Moon also opposes Venus, furthering any unresolved conflicts and understanding about our relationships. The Universe is not letting up and clearly wants to drive the message home. Any superficial love will not survive during this time. Don't shy away from what tensions float to the surface. Trust yourself to dive deep, as healing is on the other side. Prioritize who you are becoming.

Prioritize self-love

Conjunct to the full moon is Chiron, the wounded healer (via Café Astrology). When Chiron is conjunct to the moon, deep emotional needs need evaluating, expressing, and healing. This is not a time to sweep feelings under the rug. The Universe wants you to dig deep and hold a mirror to the stirrings of your heart. While the two are conjunct, the Wounded Healer will also be retrograding in Libra. If you thought you conquered Mercury retrograde and revisiting old flames, there's possibly still work to be done. Have you truly let go of outdated ideas of love and what you thought you deserved?


This moon is challenging you to expect more for yourself. Now is the time to rewrite old narratives and write a new script. How have you crafted identities that served others, society, and a lesser version of yourself? On this moon, strip it all away, and know the Universe has something magical in store for you if you choose yourself. Those who are strong enough to say goodbye to the past will be rewarded. Love yourself enough to say goodbye to the old you and be given the keys to an abundant future.