Master Libra Style This Fall With These Looks

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Summer is finally over, and leave it to the flirt of the zodiac, Libra, to kick off cuddle season. Most likely, a Libra was voted best dressed of your high school and still posts their lookbooks on Insta. The masters of flirtation and charm, these beauties are the good-looking heartbreakers of the zodiac, and we can learn a lot from them. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, pleasure, money, and elegance, Libras know how to throw together an outfit and will charm the pants off you (via Café Astrology).

Fashion icons that rock this star sign should come as no surprise. Kim K, Cardi B, Doja Cat, Bella Hadid, and Toni Braxton all clock in as femme fatale Libras and make it clear how show-stopping the sign can be. To dress like a Libra means to be effortlessly chic, romantic, yet sexy. So as summer transitions to fall, embody your inner Libra with these five looks.

1. Two-piece co-ords

Nothing says effortlessly chic like a patterned co-ord. It's giving 1995 Cher Horowitz and Dion Davenport and is still an iconic look. What was before a blazer that would stop below the waist, the 2020s have cropped off below the chest. To try this look with the quintessential houndstooth pattern, try Parisian meets L.A.inspired brand Assignment available on Revolve. Their line of 90s throwback co-ords will make you feel like a Chanel girl in baby pinks and blues.

2. Denim dresses

As sweet and demure as a Libra can be, they also know when to pull out streetwear sexy. Denim head-to-toe is making a huge comeback with Y2K memories of Britney and Justin still in our back pocket. Late summer and early fall are great times to pair a denim dress with knee-high boots. London-based brand Jaded London has recently released an early fall collection called the Blueprint that draws inspiration from the early 2000s New York energy. With very accessible prices, their denim selection is some of our favorite of the season. 

3. Tiny purses and shoulder bags

French luxury brand Jacquemus reset the culture in 2019 when they dropped Le Chiquito Mini. Arguably the smallest purse on the market, only big enough to hold your lipgloss and keys, the mini bag is still an accessory favorite. However, if the mini purse feels too tiny, opt for a small shoulder bag like Fossil's baguette bags available on Amazon in over eight colors. Throw this over your shoulder, and you'll feel like Carrie Bradshaw walking down East 73rd. 

4. Layer corsets

Libras love feeling like beauty and charm, and what speaks to goddess energy like a corset? Just because temperatures are going down doesn't mean you have to toss yours back in the closet. This is the season of layering. Pictured at London Fashion Week is British brand Motel Rock's charcoal corset. With its bandeau neckline and pipeline detailing, it gives a flattering shape that emphasizes curves. Top off the look by layering with a cropped jacket or blazer.

5. Chunky patented leather loafers

Once fall strikes, you know you can pull out your leather shoes. This year we're seeing a return of chunky boots and loafers. We can thank Prada for starting the bulky shoe trend after their Monolith Combat Boot release and now its little sister, the Monolith Brushed Leather Loafers. Bulky heavy-bottomed shoes are one of the biggest trends we foresee happening this fall. If you're a fan of the Prada style but need something gentler on the wallet, check out Asos' Miller Chunky Loafers. They're a perfect fit for your two-piece patterned co-ord.