Here's What Neptune Can Show You About Achieving Your Dreams

Despite having a reputation of being the daydreamer of the planets, Neptune can be trickier to deal with than you might expect. The psychic planet of intuition, spirituality, and fantasies, the influence of Neptune in astrology has the power to change how you see the world and your position in it. And although it gets blamed for sweeping people up in a delusional fantasy land, it can also be the place where you truly meet yourself and find your creative power. "Nothing would ever change without that energy of Neptune — that belief that something that isn't right now, can be," June, the astrologer behind Saturn & Honey, shares on her TikTok channel.

As you begin to utilize astrology more and more for manifestation and self-improvement, you'll find yourself discovering truths about your subconscious self and hidden desires. This is thanks to karmic astrology placements like your Neptune. "Manifestation is more than just thinking about something and making it come to life. It's more than just positive thinking," manifestation coach Kathleen Cameron tells Bustle. "Manifestation is a lifestyle. ... Everything you want and need must become part of your everyday life." And even if you're completely new to the world of manifesting and astrology, there's a lot that your birth chart — and specifically, your Neptune placement — can teach you about dreaming big, setting goals, and planning your future.

What does Neptune represent in astrology?

Since Pluto was demoted, Neptune is technically the slowest moving planet in our solar system. In fact, it takes a full 165 years for Neptune to complete its orbit (via NASA). This means it also takes a long time to transit the entire zodiac, spending roughly 14 years in each sign, and large groups of people usually share the same Neptune sign across a generation. In astrology, Neptune is known as the planet of inspiration, dreams, artistry, intuitive gifts, escapism, and the expansion of consciousness. It can show the areas of life where you are dedicated to achieving your greatest heights and accomplishments. But it can also show where your perception of reality is clouded. Neptune represents divine inspiration and unconditional compassion. It is very similar energetically to Venus, but Neptune takes Venus' view of love from personal and romantic to something on a larger, more spiritual scale (via Astrology Zone).

Along with being one of the three generational planets, Neptune is also considered a malefic planet, which is a planet that is known to be challenging and hard to deal with. As astrologers Arielle Guttman and Kenneth Johnson note in their book "Mythic Astrology: Archetypes in the Horoscope," some people tend to view Neptune through rose-colored glasses due to its associations with fantasy and the sea, but this planet has a dark side. Still, Neptune can have its benefits, like providing spiritual fulfillment and open-mindedness. It can even represent fame, which makes it a great placement for manifesting your dreams.

How Neptune influences your dreams and desires

Neptune represents the place where you live your life like the main character. You will find your Neptune placement and its position in your birth chart feed your natural intuition (via When you live your life in accordance with the energy of your Neptune and track the aspects associated with it, you might find things begin to feel more cinematic, creative, and whimsical. It can feel like you're living in a dream. However, it's important to always keep one foot grounded in reality when exploring your Neptune energy. If you lose yourself too far in the clouds, you might find your dreams suddenly slipping through your fingers. It takes both dreaming and tangible effort to build (and keep) your ideal reality.

As astrologer Liz Greene writes in her book "The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption," art, magic, and healing are all closely aligned with one another. Through exploring the astrological significance of your Neptune placement, you can access the power to make something out of nothing and to create words from the inner recesses of your imagination. The lessons shown to you through the position of this placement on your birth chart give you the clarity, self–discipline, and savvy needed to deal with the powerful illusionary influences of Neptune. This is what will allow you to see through the clouds that fog your vision and focus instead on the paths that will bring you closer to your dreams.

What is the importance of Neptune in your birth chart?

Neptune is connected to everything unseen or hidden, which gives this planet a special role in how you manifest your desires. In her book "Twelve Doors to the Soul," astrologer Jane A. Evans explains how the placement of Neptune shows where an individual will constantly strive to grow spiritually and creatively. She goes on to explain that the house in your birth chart where Neptune is located indicates where you have the greatest potential for acting on transcendental influences in order to create your ideal reality. And while this can bring great rewards and gifts to one's life, it's important to educate yourself about Neptune's other influences.

Sometimes, Neptune shows where you can get so caught up in your own dreams and desires that you might fail to see the obstacles or red flags right before you. It can also bring along bouts of isolation and feeling closed off from the social majority. This is especially true for individuals with a strong Neptune placement in their chart. Often, these people will find themselves with overly active imaginations or a different perception of reality. Neptune–ruled people often find themselves being the voice of their generation, specifically in challenging the status quo and shattering collective illusions. But it's important for anyone with heavy Neptune placements to set boundaries and be very selective about who has access to their energy (via Shawty Astrology).