What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Emotional Personality

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Your moon sign represents so much more than just how you express your emotions. It's also a window into how you process your feelings and where you hide from others. In their book "Spiritual Astrology: A Path to Divine Awakening," astrologers Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy explain that your moon sign is the key to your emotional security. It can show you the deepest and most personal of your emotional needs, as well as reveal the path toward gaining your innermost personal fulfillment. It heavily influences your interpersonal relationships, as well as how you intuitively see the world around you. And your moon sign element can highlight additional layers into your inner self and emotions. 

Finding your unique moon sign is as easy as running a copy of your birth chart. "You can find out your sun, moon, and rising — and so much more based on your birth chart, which is a picture of where the planets were in the sky the moment that you were born," astrologer Sofia Adler tells HerCampus. In fact, all you need is your date of birth, the location where you were born, and your time of birth to create your own free birth chart online. Once you know how to find your moon sign, you can learn about how you express your emotions astrologically.

Fire moons: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire signs are known for many things: personality, impulsivity, creativity, and, of course, attitude. And why not? Fire is the symbol of desire and passion; it inspires action and when fire gets too hot to handle, things can get heated. "Fire moons are full of passionate energy and rely on instinct," astrologer Adama Sesay tells Well + Good. "They tend to react first and ask questions later." This means if your moon sign is in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you're likely to act on your instincts and wear your heart on your sleeve. And while it's not a bad thing, it can lead to getting burned if you're not careful.

On the flip side, fire is more passionate and loving than others in a relationship. They're equal parts passionate and brash, and they're someone who craves attention, romance, and freedom. "Fire moons are the most resilient and insulated emotionally. They are much more affected by their inner feelings," explains astrologer Rachael Middleton. They're never content to stay in one place taking orders from others or going through the motions. As the trailblazers of the zodiac, they need to be inspired. Their outlook on life demands action and, when harnessed correctly, can inspire both themselves and their partner to reach new, unexplored adventures in life.

Earth moons: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth signs tend to be stable, measured, and practical in their approach to life. When it comes to matters of the heart, you're not easily swayed. Once you've made up your mind about something (or someone), it's hard to pull you away. "Earth signs are painstakingly aware of the value of time and money," explains astrologer Destiny Jenae' on TikTok. "If they're spending their time or their money on you, they like you." Still, getting your attention isn't easy. You have high standards for yourself and others, so you like to keep everything from the friends you have to the people you date very selective. 

You tend to be the overachievers of the zodiac and that extends to every area of life. Loyalty and comfort are your priority in life and you work hard to let the people you care about know that they're loved. You'll go to the ends of the earth to prove your love through actions and loyalty; however, expressing how you feel with words is harder for you. "You know an Earth sign loves you when they're playful around you," astrologer Danielle Ayoka shared on Twitter. "Taurus Virgo and Capricorn rarely feel safe to just be 'silly' around anybody. It's too vulnerable." It takes someone who helps you feel relaxed for you to let your true personality out. However, when you do find that emotional security, you tend to take the leadership role between you and your partner.

Air moons: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air signs are known for being intellectual, analytical, and full of out–of–the–box ideas. But when it comes to emotions, you're not known for being the overly emotional one. Rather, you like to live life lost deep in your feelings, you like to follow your instincts. "Air signs bring everyone a breath of fresh air when things start to get stale. Like the breeze, you can't quite catch them, and you never know where they'll drop you once they sweep you up. It will almost always be an adventure, though," astrologers The Astro Twins shared with MindBodyGreen. This means you're always chasing after whatever catches your eye in the moment, never content to settle down with one plan or path to success. 

However, expressing your thoughts out loud isn't as simple as just saying what you feel. You like to intellectualize first. As astrologer Aylah Cadwell mentioned on TikTok, air moons tend to be external processors who need to verbalize what is on the mind and on their heart. "They might seem detached at first, but in reality, they just need someone to hear them out without judgment," explains Cadwell. Air signs also require a lot of emotional freedom and freedom in order to truly be content. They're more concerned with living an authentic version of your life than following the guidelines set out by others. And with their moon in one of the air signs, this means that their emotional security and happiness are linked directly to how free they feel to express themselves.

Water moons: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Of all of the zodiac elements, water signs are the most comfortable on the moon. Sensitive, intuitive, and emotionally deep, water signs feel everything and have the ability to feel the shift in the emotion current before others. This allows them to follow their passions and tap into their creativity more easily than some. "For water signs, what motivates them to take action is their emotion. If they feel moved to do something deep in their core, they will do it," TikTok astrologer Astrodim explained to Bustle. So, if your moon is in a water sign, you may use emotion and romanticism to navigate the hectic pace of life over strict logic and planning. You like to go with the flow and follow your gut.

When it comes to relationships, water signs are attuned to frequencies of emotion and often seem to have a built-in radar for reading moods. "Water is the emotional element. It is sensitive, empathetic, and often psychic. It lives in the world of feelings," explains astrologer Daljeet Peterson. "It is compulsive, unconscious, and likes to get deep. It seeks to merge, to be intimate and vulnerable." Having your moon in a water sign is a practice of learning to harness your deep emotions and find balance in the chaos. Often, this is done through building trusting partnerships and friendships where you can feel safe to express your true, deep feelings.