Your Wedding Guest Dress Code For A Fall Wedding

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As we exit one of the hottest summers worldwide, lovers are choosing a cool fall to tie the knot. When the temperature drifts from hot to cold, finding the perfect outfit can be confusing. Is it okay to wear a jacket? Should you layer? Is it too late for spaghetti straps? How casual is too casual, and how dressy is too dressy? There's a lot to consider when you receive a personal invitation to someone's special day. With weddings especially, there are a lot of unspoken rules and sometimes explicit dress codes.

Wedding planners at The Knot recommend never wearing white, and that includes creams — unless, of course, the newlyweds are having an all-white affair. That's reserved for the lucky bride. Being flashy or sparkly is also an implied no-no out of respect for the bride and groom. This day is all about them, but that doesn't mean you can't look fabulous! We break down five fall styles so you can be the wedding guest they were so happy to invite.

The city rooftop wedding

If you're in the city, you'll notice there are more and more casual cocktail weddings. These intimate rooftop parties are for Millennial couples who do not want to splurge on a glamorous event but instead want to prioritize a close-knit cocktail party. This time of year can be a little cool once the sun sets, so opting for a breathable long-sleeve dress that will be comfortable from the kissing ceremony to cocktail hour is ideal. Silk is the perfect fall fabric because it's both cooling and insulating and always looks chic and timeless. To rock the frilled cobalt blue satin dress pictured, head to Asos and grab the gem while it's still available.

The getaway wedding

If you're lucky enough to be invited to a destination wedding, the change in weather is both exciting and confusing when it comes to packing. However, it is possible to nail the fall aesthetic in warm conditions. Work with warm colors like yellows, oranges, and soft reds arranged in floral patterns or embellishments layered across sheer or nude-based dresses. Dress The Population's Audrey Dress in poppy orange paints the perfect picture for any destination wedding where you can be both stylish and classy in the heat.

The ultimate glam wedding

We all have that friend who decided to have the over-the-top glam wedding, and honestly, thank goodness for them! This is your chance to go full-stop glitz. Pull out the diamonds, the feathers, and the platform pumps. Who knows the next chance you'll have to wear something outrageously glamorous? Australian designer Elliatt is known for its modern designs that range from elegant-casual to showstopping and alluring. Their gowns at Revolve are dropping heads with their recent launch of wedding event styling.

The California Beach Wedding

Beachfront weddings can be some of the most romantic, with a sunset backdrop and waves crashing behind bridal kisses. These ceremonies lean towards a casual elegant dress-code range, inviting guests to wear flowy dresses with strappy sandals to walk along sandy beaches. Even during fall weather, coastal weddings tend to stay on the warmer side, allowing you to wear sleek, elongated silk gowns that have been trending year-long. These structured maxi-dresses fit slim around the waist, then open and flare at the bottom, creating a beachy mermaid silhouette perfect next to any ocean. Cop this bombshell satin gown by Lovers and Friends at Revolve

The Garden Wedding

Every year there's a flower-obsessed garden wedding. The bride clearly spent half of her budget on flowers alone, and it shows. This is your chance to be a walking blossom yourself as the fall leaves change colors. During autumn months, opt for blush pinks, pale greens, and deep burgundies. Dress-haven brand Lulus has endless floral satin dresses ready for any estate wedding. This delightful dress is just asking to be photographed at a garden ceremony. This is the perfect dress to catch the bouquet in.