Making Your Own Spiritual Bath Is Actually Really Easy

If you're a fan of intentional living and self-care, then you know there are so many daily rituals taken for granted. The latest meditational practice to gain traction on the web is flower-filled, potion-like, steamy baths that feel like an auric baptism. Opting for a bath over a mediocre shower can already feel like a gift to yourself. So imagine elevating it past relaxation and making it part of your spiritual practice.

The sanctity of spiritual baths dates as far back as Neolithic tribes thousands of years ago. And in 600 B.C., the Turks began using hammams for deep purification of the mind, body, and soul (via Inoki Bathhouse). The Japanese also believed the ritual of baths to be a deeply meditative and holistic practice to cleanse the soul (via Amayori). Now TikTokers are reviving this practice with the hashtag #spiritualbath, which has been used over 30 million times, detailing different herbal cleanses that promise mental clarity, spiritual protection, and even money and abundance. Making these baths is actually incredibly easy, and will help you feel purged from all the worries in the world.

Use bath salts to detox old energies

The goal of any good spiritual bath is to eliminate energetic junk from your auric field. It's not just the water that is helping to purify your body, but also other elements that work to detox your mind and spirit. Salt, in particular, has been used for centuries for protection and purification because of its purported ability to absorb negative energies (via Spiritual Research Foundation). It is also said to draw out toxins and heavy metals from the body while soothing any muscle aches and pains (via Gaia). There are several salts to choose from when making a spiritual bath, including Epsom salts, sea salt, Himalayan salt, and even some iodized salts. Pour your salt of choice into the bathtub first before running any water.

Next, choose essential oils to start concocting the magic you want to build. For example, if you want a more calming, soothing bath, opt for lavender or rose. A 2013 review in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggests that lavender may improve symptoms of restlessness, disturbed sleep, and other somatic complaints. Meanwhile, a review in Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine notes that rose oil has several therapeutic effects and may aid depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction. However, herbalists suggest botanical oils like rosemary, lemon, or sandalwood if your goal is to awaken more awareness and clarity (via Enchanted Aromatics). And if you're looking to bring in abundance, try clove or cinnamon. Once you have your oils, simply pour a few drops over the bath salts so they can be absorbed into the water better. Now you're ready to run your water.

Grab your favorite flowers, candles, and crystals

While your water is running, it's time to start building out the rest of the vibes. You may be thinking, "Shouldn't I add some bubbles?" When doing a spiritual cleanse, it's best to keep things as natural as possible. Instead of loading up with artificial bubble baths and soaps, grab herbs and flowers that will infuse your bath water with all the natural vibes and healing energy you need. According to botanists at Floracopeia, flowers can rejuvenate the psyche and promote holistic well-being due to their powerful aromatherapy benefits. Don't hold back placing all your favorite flower petals into the warm water so it can absorb the flower oils.

And no spiritual ritual is complete without crystals. If you have crystals that need cleansing, now is a great time to give them a dunk in your potion-filled bath water. You can also place them around your bath to elevate the frequencies of your relaxing solo time. Crystals like quartz, smoky quartz, and selenite are great healers and energy cleansers, while stones like kunzite and hematite help to ground your aura (via Well+Good). Now that your bath is ready, take a moment to center yourself, find gratitude for this moment of perfect solitude, and light a candle to solidify your intentions. Your magical vortex of deep purification and energy upliftment awaits.