Try These Face Yoga Exercises For More Sculpted Skin

When jade rollers and gua sha tools hit the scene, more people started realizing they could sculpt their faces in the comfort of their own homes. Why run to the med spa for invasive lifting and tugging procedures when repeated nightly routines can help define cheekbones and chisel jaws? Now, face yoga is gaining popularity as the newest all-natural way to carve face structures while also creating a blood-moving outer glow.

Just like pilates and trips to the gym tone and sculpt the body, face yoga was created to help slim, lift, and beautify by exercising areas that sag and droop over time (via Everyday Health). One study by The New York Times found that the exercises made skin look three times younger when done correctly. Skincare expert Dr. Elsa Jungman recommends the face workout to reduce stress and tension, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone, and create a healthy glow. Try these face yoga exercises at home for a gentle facelift and vibrant skin.

1. Blast the double chin

The fat under the chin can be very stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Due to hereditary reasons, some people also have a less defined jawline or looser skin in the area that can create the appearance of a double chin (via Fit Engine). To better tone this area, sit with your shoulders relaxed and let your head fall back while looking up. Kiss the ceiling and feel as your chin goes up and down. Practice for at least five minutes multiple times a day for a week to start to see results.

2. Sculpt the cheeks

Want bouncy and lifted cheeks? Practice smiling without showing your teeth, and trust your pointer finger and middle finger to do the sculpting for you. Place them at the top of your chin and push them up towards the apples of the cheeks, and rounding up towards the cheekbones. Imagine you are lifting the cheek muscles up towards the sky and out towards the outer edges of the eyes (via Eat This, Not That). On the tenth lift-up, hold for 20 seconds, then repeat five times.

3. Lift the eyebrows

The eyebrows can naturally lower and become droopy over time as we age, and the facial muscles weaken (via Karidis). To give this area a boost, take three fingers and push your brows upwards. With the eyes open, smile and try to pull the brows down for ten seconds. The resistance you feel is strengthening the brow area. Now close your eyes and continue pushing the brows up as the fingers move to the outer corners of the brows. Release and repeat five times.

4. Sharpen the jawline

According to facial exercise experts at Face Yoga, the jaw area can be sculpted, but the right muscle groups need to be activated. There are a few ways to define this area, and one begins with taking the pointer finger and bending it down to reveal the knuckle as our massage tool. Place the knuckles under the chin, and pull the knuckles up the jaw while nodding the head downwards. To further snatch the jawline and bust any chin fat, practice drawing the head backward as if you're a turtle going back into his shell. This exercise strengthens the jaw and neck area while toning chin and neck fat.

5. Treat the frown lines

Because we use our forehead to express so many facial expressions, it's one of the first places we can start to show signs of aging (via Face Yoga Method). To treat this area, place the bottom of your hands over the eyebrows, laying the fingers over the head. With your palms covering the entire forehead, apply pressure with your hands and gently massage the skin out and upwards. While applying pressure, squeeze your eyes while trying to pull the eyebrows down. Your face muscles and hands should provide resistance by pulling up and out. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat five times.