Harness The Power Of The Moon With These Full Moon Rituals

The moon has long been a muse for artists, writers, and, yes, astrologers. And with the rise of astrology in pop culture and on social media, the moon has once again taken center stage as one of the most talked about luminaries in the night sky. But what is a full moon exactly, and how does it influence our collective energy?

For starters, full moons are not rare. Once a month the sun and moon face off in the sky to form a cosmic opposition that places tension on your personal choices. "Full moons are when the sun and the moon are opposite each other," astrologer Indigo Witt tells Elite Daily. When a full moon occurs, the energy of these luminaries opposing each other brings a brief moment of pause, allowing you to take a moment to reassess and reimagine the path you're currently on. It asks you to survey how things are currently going and reminds you to check in with both your head (your sun sign energy) and your heart (your moon sign energy) to ensure they're working in alignment together.

As astrologer Nina Kahn explained in an article for Bustle, the full moon is closely tied to endings and release. So this is an ideal time for focusing on rituals that release negativity and emotion. And since full moons are about ending cycles and closing chapters, your full moon rituals should be personalized toward your dreams and ambitions. To get started, here are five full moon rituals you can try out at home.

Cleanse your mind with a full moon ritual bath

The full moon can bring a lot of unresolved things to the surface. Oftentimes these changes come so quickly that it can feel like cosmic whiplash. In fact, the energetic floodgates that open up during a full moon can be so intense, you could go through what astrologer Elise Entzenberger calls a "full moon hangover" (via Astrology.com). This experience can come with raw emotions and heightened sensitivity, so you may feel tempted to go into hermit mode. If you find yourself emotionally and energetically drained after the monthly full moon, this moon bath ritual is a must.

To set the stage for mental cleansing, spend some time tidying your space and organizing everything. Then indulge in a refreshing ritual moon bath to wash away the stress and worries of the day. There are many moon bath rituals you can try, using carefully selected flowers, herbs, essential oils, and botanical teas to add a luxurious element. For example, MoonBath.com offers a Full Moon Botanical Bath Tea featuring rose, calendula, ginger, and lemon peel. But you can also add these ingredients yourself at home. Don't forget to turn down the lights, turn up your favorite music, and relax with a few scented candles to finish off the mood.

Get insight with full moon journaling

The energy of a full moon does more than just allow you to change course. Everything is in full illumination when the full moon's energy takes effect, which means it's a good time to look at your current situation objectively and decide what no longer serves you (via Goop). It also opens up the portal to the collective's emotional consciousness and shines a light on what has been hidden from you. You should expect a sharp increase in your sensitivity and intuition during the full moon. So if you're looking to tap into your third eye or deepen your connection to the universe, try this full moon journaling ritual out for size.

Inspired by TinyRitual.com, this full moon journaling ritual only requires a few things to get started. Grab a journal and pen, along with your favorite crystals some smudging herbs or incense. Light your incense and repeat your favorite mantra or affirmation as you ground your energy. Once you're feeling ready to begin, open your journal and allow yourself to free–write without judgment. This intuitive journaling exercise will enable what has been hidden in your subconscious to come to the surface, allowing you to reflect on it with the power of the full moon behind you.

Use full moon mantras to clear your to-do list

With the full moon representing the culmination of the lunar cycle, there's no better time to finish up anything that you've been putting off. No, it's not the most fun full moon ritual on the list. But it is the one that will set you up for success if you're willing to do the hard work. "This is a time of releasing, welcoming closure, and allowing things to complete," astrologer and numerologist Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad tells Well+Good. "Creating new beginnings will backfire and won't gain the momentum deserved." Of course, it's easier said than done to finish up a to–do list, especially when the full moon is notorious for being a drag on your energy.

If you're feeling unmotivated to get things done, you can incorporate other full moon rituals like meditations or daily mantras to boost your energy levels and get moving. Creating a positive full moon mantra to incorporate into your routine can remind you to practice mindfulness as you complete projects. Consider expressing gratitude for the tasks you're working on, the good qualities you have that will propel your work forward, and how the moon's energy can help you along the way. Most importantly, remember to write your affirmations from a perspective of success. "You should write your affirmations as if you've already achieved them," Grace McGrath, founder of self-development platform Finding Your Feet, tells Stylist. "Instead of saying, 'I want to be powerful,' you should write, 'I am powerful,' for it to have the most impact." Finally, repeat your mantra to yourself in the days leading up to and following the full moon to keep yourself focused and energized on what you need to accomplish. You've got this!

Gain clarity with a full moon tarot spread

Secrets and shadows are famous for coming to light during full moons, and if you are ready to get vulnerable and raw with how you truly feel, the full moon may offer you great rewards. "In astrology, the moon represents our emotional body and inner world," spiritual thought-leader and author Ruby Warrington told Byrdie. "This often means getting comfortable and confident about owning and honoring your different emotional states, as represented by the [phases of the] moon." So whether you're looking to get a glimpse into how your current circumstances will influence your future or you're just looking for some emotional guidance, a full moon tarot spread might do the trick.

You'll only need a few things to create your own full moon tarot ritual. As suggested by TrustedAstrology.com, a basic three-card spread is a good place for beginners to jump in. Start by grabbing your favorite tarot deck and a question or situation that you'd like clarity around. Shuffle your cards and draw three, placing them each face down. Flip them in order and read the interpretations, with the first card revealing the message at hand, the second card representing what you must release to move forward, and the third card showing the change to come in your future. As for the best time to complete this ritual, tarot reader Mark Macsparrow says you'll want to perform your full moon tarot reading on the exact day of the full moon or within a few days prior (via Medium).

Cleanse your aura by moon bathing

If you've been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders lately, take the opportunity to cleanse your energy under the full moon. "Ancient stargazers planned their life around the cycles of the moon — and even believed that moon gazing helped them attune to the current energy of the moon," astrologer and author Narayana Montufar tells InStyle. Energetically, the full moon allows you the chance to drop your ego and tap into your spiritual side. This ritual is sure to bring up some emotions, so along with your favorite crystals and meditation music, you might wanna bring some tissues.

Moon bathing is exactly what it sounds like, literally sprawling out underneath the night sky so you can soak up the energy of the moonlight. "Moon bathing is the practice of placing oneself under the moon, just as you would when you sunbathe," astrologer and mystic Tashi Dos Santos tells Sunday Riley. "We do this to receive the nourishing rays of the moon light and healing energy that is ever-present when working with the moon and its phases." Not only is this ritual a chance to connect with your emotional side, but it's an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with nature. Amid the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes the best thing you can do is stop, pause, and enjoy what's around you — especially at the full moon.